23 of the best lobster restaurants in London

We could have been shellfish and kept this lobster-related knowledge to ourselves, but we like you guys too much

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23 of the best lobster restaurants in London

Lobster is, without a doubt, quite the luxury. This crustacean has a reputation for being pretty pricy and can demand the top-spot on any one of the poshest menus across London. This exclusivity might be part of its appeal, but we have to admit, we are quite fond of a lobster or two ourselves when we’re feeling like we really deserve a treat.

If you’re looking for the best lobster restaurant in London, dare we suggest there a few, not just a single one. And we’d also be so bold as to suggest working your way through all of them – so that you get the full shellfish experience, you understand. From a casual relaxed affair there’s Burger & Lobster where £20 will get you a delicious pile of this lovely stuff or you could go all out and dine on the fantastical lobster Wellington at Claridge’s.

The beauty of our round up of the best lobster restaurants in London is that there isn’t a bad choice, if you book one of these beauties we’d be pretty confident in saying you’re going to have a good time (unless the company is under par, but for that we can’t be held responsible).


What: Native lobster cocktail, lobster bisque or whole lobster
Why: At over 275 years old, Wiltons is thought to be London’s oldest restaurant. Having started as a shellfish-mongers, it comes as little surprise that the restaurant champions lobster in all forms – you could have three courses of the stuff here. Start with a decadent lobster cocktail, before moving onto your soup course in the form of lobster bisque and then finishing up with a main of grilled, Newburg or Thermidor lobster.
Where: 55 Jermyn Street, SW1Y 6LX
How much: Lobster cocktail, £38; Lobster bisque, £14; Lobster (grilled, Newburg of thermidor), £70

Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill

What: Lobster bisque, grilled lobster, lobster thermidor, lobster spaghetti, lobster tempura, cold lobster with mayonnaise
Why: With a whole section on its menu dedicated to lobster, you know Bentley’s takes its crustacea seriously. To start you could plump for a lobster bisque, but what we’re all here for is the main event really isn’t it? In this arena you’re able to choose between native lobster either grilled or served thermidor, or else tossed through spaghetti, cooked in a tempura batter or served cold with mayonnaise. Whatever iteration you choose, you can rely on the lobster being as fresh as possible, yielding sweet chunks of meat.
Where: 11-15 Swallow Street, W1B 4DG
How much: Lobster bisque, £13.50; half lobster, £28; whole lobster, £56; lobster spaghetti, £26; lobster tempura, £28; cold lobster with mayonnaise, £28


What: Lobster thermidor, lobster mayonnaise or grilled lobster with garlic butter
Why: Scott’s is a high-end seafood specialist with a Champagne and oyster bar in Mayfair that happily includes a whole lobster section on their menu for when your cravings strike. Choose between all the usual suspects: thermidor, grilled etc. The grilled option has the benefit of coming dripping in garlic butter with a few vegetables on the side to make you feel slightly better about your indulgence.
Where: 20 Mount Street, W1K 2HE
How much: lobster thermidor, £24 (half); lobster mayonnaise, £23 (half); grilled lobster, £24 (half)

Siren, The Goring Hotel

What: Lobster and pea tart, plus various specials throughout the year
Why: With a kitchen run by legendary seafood chef Nathen Outlaw, Siren was only ever going to serve up some of the best lobster in town. Interestingly Outlaw has chosen to serve his lobster as a starter only, in a fresh presentation of sweet meat and peas encased in butter pastry. The results are a light but still luxurious start to your meal. Prices are punchy, but for a special occasion this is the spot for seafood lovers.
Where: 15 Beeston Place, SW1W 0JW
How much: Lobster and pea tart, £22

The Grand Duchess

What: Battered lobster with chip shop curry sauce and angel hair fries or the surf and turf
Why: The Grand Duchess is a restaurant like no other, being in fact a boat all safely moored up on Grand Union Canal in Paddington. Serving up deliciously fresh seafood (they claim to have over 90% of their fish delivered daily from Cornwall), the team here have taken a typically high-end ingredient and given it an egalitarian makeover. Some might think it sacrilegious to serve up lobster in batter with curry sauce, we, however, think it’s genius. There’s also a sharing surf and turf option, which sees half a Cornish lobster served alongside a 700g wing rib steak, watercress and chips.
Where: Sheldon Square, W2 6DL
How much: Battered lobster with chip shop curry sauce and angel hair fries, £30; surf and turf, £75 (to share)

Burger & Lobster

What: Lobster croquettes, grilled lobster, steamed lobster, lobster salad, burger and lobster combo, or a lobster roll
Why: Burger & Lobster made it entirely possible to take a notion for this high-end ingredient and have that craving satiated for the reasonable sum of £20, and for that we’ll be eternally grateful. The restaurant’s famous lemon and butter sauce is dangerous and can accompany their various sizes of lobster – pick from between 1½lb to their daily ‘giant’ lobster. Elsewhere on the menu you can choose a beef burger to be accompanied by half a lobster, or a classic lobster roll packed with chilled meat and mayo.
Where: Various locations, although the original is in Mayfair
How much: Lobster croquettes, £4.25; grilled lobster, from £24; steamed lobster, from £34; lobster salad, £18; burger and lobster combo, £18; lobster roll, £20

Big Easy

What: Big Easy Original half lobster, lobster rolls, surf and turf, or lobster mac ‘n’ cheese
Why: Big Easy champion affordable lobster for all, dedicating a whole section of their menu to this delicious shellfish. Their signature lobster is steamed whole and served with garlic butter, of you can choose to have the same meat tossed through an indulgent mac ‘n’ cheese or stuffed into a roll. All of the above are served with chips and salad. And if you’d like to go one better there’s a 200g fillet steak that comes accompanied by half a lobster for all-out indulgence.
Where: Various locations across London
How much: Big Easy Original half lobster, £19.50; lobster rolls, from £18; lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, £20; surf ‘n’ turf, £34.50

Royal China Club

What: Crispy lobster dumplings with herbs and garlic
Why: If visiting the Royal China Club for dim sum you’ll be well rewarded with its version of a lobster snack. Succulent meat is combined with punchy herbs and garlic and used as the filling for a small dumpling, giving the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Despite being Royal China Club’s only lobster option, it’s a good one, and elsewhere on the menu you can sample other extremely good dim sum options like their steamed Wagyu mince beef balls or their chef’s special: A pan fried duck bun.
Where: 40-42 Baker Street, W1U 7AJ
How much: Crispy lobster dumplings, £11.80

The Foyer and Reading Room, Claridge’s

What: Cornish lobster risotto with truffle sauce or lobster Wellington
Why: If you’re going to do indulgence then you’re just as well going all-out, and it doesn’t get much more decadent that dining in Claridge’s Foyer. The all-day menu here features two lobster dishes. First up is a rich and creamy risotto flavoured with shellfish stock and topped with sweet lobster meat. Elsewhere is the lobster Wellington, which has become somewhat of a signature dish. Wrapped snuggly in puff pastry and served with sauce Americaine (a rich tomato, brandy and seafood sauce), green salad and truffle fries, this mammoth dish serves two and makes quite the Instagram fodder.
Where: 49 Brook Street, W1K 4HW
How much: Cornish lobster risotto with truffle sauce, £47; or lobster Wellington £86 (for two)

Kerridge’s Bar & Grill

What: Glazed omelette ‘lobster thermidor’
Why: Despite his recent flurry of TV programmes focusing on diets, Tom Kerridge is known first and foremost for loving rich ingredients and his lobster offering is no exception. At his London restaurant housed in the Corinthia Hotel London Kerridge dishes up a bubbling glazed lobster omelette that is loosely built on the flavour blocks of a traditional thermidor serving. At over £30 for a starter, this isn’t for the faint of heart, but for a special celebratory treat it really sets the tone for a night of indulgence.
Where: 10 Northumberland Avenue, WC2N 5AE
How much: Glazed omelette ‘lobster thermidor’, £34.50

The Ritz

What: Lobster A La Nage with bronze fennel or native lobster with broad beans and lemon verbena
Why: If you’re going to go all out there is no better venue to do so at than The Ritz. This high-end hotel regularly serves the rich and famous, so of course they have lobster on both the starter and main sections of the menu. To start choose a richly-flavoured soup A La Nage accompanied by sweet morsels of lobster meat, or relinquish all self-control and plump for a main of this descendant seafood, accompanied by bright broad beans and refreshing lemon. As the menu here changes with the season it’s worth checking what’s on offer before you visit, but you can nearly guarantee there’s likely to be a little lobster hiding somewhere.
Where: 150 Piccadilly, W1J 9BR
How much: Lobster A La Nage with bronze fennel, £34; native lobster with broad beans and lemon verbena, £54

45 Jermyn St. 

What: Lobster Spaghetti
Why: This highly-Instagrammable hot-spot not only offers up old-school glamorous surroundings to celebrate, but also dishes up a decadent lobster dish. At first the £55 price tag might seem punchy, but as it’s for two people this is actually one of the more affordable lobster options in our round up (believe it or not, this stuff doesn’t come cheap). For added theatre this rich shellfish spaghetti dish is flambéed tableside and is sure to impress your dinner companion.
Where: 45 Jermyn St. St. James's, SW1 6DN
How much: Lobster Spaghetti, £55 for two

Bob Bob Ricard 

What: Lobster, crab and shrimp pelmeni or lobster mac ‘n’ cheese
Why: When a restaurant has a ‘press for Champagne’ button you know it’s going to deal in the finer things in life. Enter, Bob Bob Ricard. The restaurant has a couple of lobster options on its menu including a Russian dumpling starter in its lobster, crab and shrimp pelmeni which are served with salmon roe for that added hit of the high-life, while there is also a crowd-pleasing main of lobster mac ‘n’ cheese. We’d suggest that an evening of both wouldn’t be beyond us, but it might be beyond our budget. However, at lunchtime you can get 20% off the main menu – where there’s a will there’s a way.
Where: 1 Upper James Street, W1F 9DF
How much: Lobster, crab and shrimp pelmeni, £17.50; lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, £29.50


What: Black tagliolini with lobster
Why: American-owned Sette has brought a piece of New York City with it to its exclusive London location within the Bulgari Hotel. The lobster offering is an Italian dish that sees thin pieces of pasta tossed through a tomato and basil sauce studded with that precious lobster meat, before being topped off with spicy basil breadcrumbs for a little extra texture and flavour. Carb fans will be pleased to know that as well as the pasta being made in-house, there’s also a daily bread basket of homemade goodies for diners to indulge in.
Where: Ground Floor, 4 Knightsbridge Green, SW1X 7QA
How much: Black tagliolini with lobster, £28


What: Butter poached lobster with peanut sauce
Why: Celebrity chef Monica Galetti is known for her love of high-end ingredients, and sources the very best elements for her dishes. Her lobster creation marries sweet, mild meat with a creamy coconut-rich sauce and heritage carrots. The price point here might seem high but Mere is the type of restaurant where you get an amuse bouche thrown in and a waiter almost entirely to yourself, so what we’re saying is despite the price-point we think it’s worth it. The menu changes regularly so it might be worth checking before your visit to see what’s on offer.
Where: 74 Charlotte Street, W1T 4QH
How much: Butter poached lobster with peanut sauce, £40

BOB’s Lobster

What: An entire menu dedicated to lobster
Why: If you’re after a lobster restaurant in London then you can’t get much better than heading to BOB’s, which loves the stuff enough to dedicate its entire offering to the crustacean. There are plates of lobster bisque, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, lobster rolls and also lobster tails for purists, which are roasted in white wine, butter and herbs. If your love of seafood knows no bounds you might also be keen to know that there’s an oyster happy house Monday-Friday between 4-6pm where you can get your paws on those slippy little suckers for just a £1 a pop.
Where: Unit 71 St Thomas Street, SE1 3QX
How much: Dishes start from £8 for lobster bisque and go up to £22 for a lobster tail


What: Native lobster or surf ‘n’ turf
Why: Primarily known for its steak, Hawksmoor also does a good line in lobster. They try and punt the same serve three times on the menu (in the starter, main and side sections) but for that we can forgive them given the proper handling of this ingredient they offer. Simply grilled and served with just garlic butter for company, we think this is one of the best ways you can eat lobster. Elsewhere you can choose a 300g fillet steak to come topped with a shining crown of lobster.
Where: Various locations across London
How much: Native lobster, £7/100g; surf ‘n’ turf, £60

Bibendum Oyster Bar

What: Whole lobster, lobster roll and fries or grilled native lobster with tarragon butter
Why: This beautiful oyster bar is housed in the old Michelin building in Chelsea and is decked out with art deco mosaics and large arched windows. Enjoy a large seafood platter, which includes ½ lobster or treat yourself to a full one from the iced display for £45, which will come served with homemade mayonnaise and lemon. For something hot you can’t beat a lobster roll, packed with juicy pieces of lobster and accompanied by fries, or a whole lobster grilled until just cooked and slathered with tarragon butter.
Where: Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, SW3 6RD
How much: Whole lobster, £45; lobster roll, £29; grilled native lobster with tarragon butter, £48 (whole)


What: Lobster giouvetsi
Why: If you’ve tried all the various usual incarnations of lobster dinners then you may be on the hunt for something a little more unusual. Here, Meraki provides. This high-end Greek restaurant serves up a whole lobster giouvetsi style, which is a traditional dish made from orzo pasta in a tomato sauce. Rich and indulgent, this is one of those meals that will stay with you for a long time afterwards, and happily Meraki have a great wine list that helps to round off your experience. Cheers to that.
Where: 80-82 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 7QT
How much: Lobster giouvetsi, £72 for two

China Tang 

What: Lobster noodles
Why: Located in the Dorchester Hotel, China Tang was one of the original fine dining Chinese spots in London. In keeping with its address, the restaurant serves up a whole host of luxurious dishes and has a whole section just for its lobster noodles. The shellfish is always at market price, so it’s a bit of a gamble cost-wise, but if you can take the risk then you’ll be rewarded with a choice of having your lobster steamed and served with glass noodles, stir-fried with ginger and spring onions, tossed through black bean sauce or having it coated in XO sauce and served with crispy noodles.
Where: 53 Park Lane, W1K 1QA
How much: Market price

Laurent at Hotel Café Royal

What: Crispy lobster sushi roll
Why: Somehow there’s nothing more indulgent than spending time in a fancy hotel, and thankfully at 5-star Hotel Café Royal they also conveniently serve lobster to elevate your experience to the next level. Instead of going for the standard grilled option the in-house restaurant Laurent has plumped for a sushi serve, which combines the meat with celery, spring onion, yuzu tartar, old bay seasoning and tobiko fish roe.
Where: 68 Regent Street, W1B 4DY
How much: Crispy Lobster Sushi Roll, £19 for 8 pieces


What: Keralan lime lobster
Why: This chic restaurant in Marylebone is named after a small hill town in India and serves up Southern-influenced food. One of Ooty's most popular serves is a warming Keralan lime lobster dish which is served with shellfish charu, bisque squid ink idli and a chutney spoon. To go with your lobster you can choose from various sides, from steamed rice to tadka daal.
Where: 66-70 Baker Street, W1U 7DJ
How much: Keralan lime lobster, £33

Mele e Pere

What: Lobster Gratin
Why: Finding a good independent Italian can be hard in the sea of chains, but Mele e Pere is a family-run light in the dark. This modest-sounding restaurant makes all its own pasta, gelato and breads and, while we’re at it, it serves up a great lobster dish too. Lobster is served alongside mild cauliflower and macaroni to let the shellfish be the star of the show.
Where: 46 Brewer Street, W1F 9TF
How much: Lobster Gratin, £22

If you’re a seafood fan would we be okay to suspect you also like oysters? If we’ve hit the nail on the head then you’re going to love our round up of the best places to get oysters in London.