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Christmas party planning

If you are planning a Christmas party then don’t miss our simple guide on how to plan to perfection.

Start Christmas party planning early

Start Christmas party planning early

The earlier you start to plan your Christmas party the better. By planning early you will have your choice of venues and it’s likely that your guests will also have more free dates in their diaries. If you are planning for a particularly large group then ensure you start to search for your venue in late spring or early summer. However, if you have left it late then don’t despair, as long as you are willing to compromise on a few details then you should still be able to find something – perhaps even at a discounted price.

Plan your budget

Think about what is important for your Christmas party – will your guests be expecting plenty to drink? An impressive venue? Delicious food? Probably all of the above! Whether you are working on a small budget or a large budget, the main point is that you have a budget in mind. We would suggest starting by listing out your non-negotiables – those things that you really want to include in your Christmas party – that will give you a base to work from and then everything else you add is a bonus.

Plan your budget
Consider your guests

Consider your guests

When you choose your Christmas party venue think about your guests, what are they expecting from the Christmas party? Have you covered it? Also think about whether it is easy to find. If not then you might want to include more specific directions on your invitations or think about providing transport to and from the venue. Also think about the impact of attending – if it’s a midweek party then you may want to be kind to your staff and offer them a later start to work the next day.

Think of a theme

You don’t need to go overboard with a theme but it helps to have an idea of how you want your Christmas party to look. You could keep things traditional and go with a festive colour scheme, alternatively you might want to go for something unique such as an immersive experience of a hit tv-show or movie. You can use this theme to inspire your invitations, your decor and your menu.

Think of a theme
The little extras

The little extras

Sometimes it’s the little personal touches that people remember so think about those little added extras that won’t blow your budget but could help to make your Christmas party extra special. This could be favours on the tables, cocktails named after your staff or even a mini awards ceremony to acknowledge some special achievements from throughout the year. If your team is fairly small then it could also be a great excuse to do a fun team building exercise.

Our top tips for making your Christmas party a success

   Be inclusive

You want everyone to enjoy your Christmas party so try and consider that you could have different age ranges and personality types that could all want something different. You can’t please everyone but you can do your best to offer variety – for example if you are creating a party atmosphere then consider having somewhere quiet for less raucous guests.

   Give your guests plenty of notice

You don’t need to have all those finer details sorted before you invite your guests and Christmas is a busy time so get in there early. A simple email with a save the date will ensure your party is booked into everyone’s diaries.

   Consider the music

If you are hiring a DJ for your Christmas party then think about the type of music you will play. Traditional Christmas party songs and chart music is likely to be your best bet for pleasing the masses.

   Think about the menu

You don’t have to go for a traditional Christmas dinner – think about your team and what they would enjoy. Also make sure you ask about dietary requirements in plenty of time.

   Make use of the events team

Are you booking a venue with a dedicated events team? Make use of them – they are the professionals after all! They will be able to advise you on everything from the decor to timings.