Make the most of your bottle of gin by exploring some of our favourite gin cocktails. As well as the best gin cocktail recipes, you will find which gin offers the best flavour for each cocktail, the glasses to use and how to garnish your masterpiece perfectly. From the classic G&T to the much-loved negroni, explore how to balance your flavours and create the best gin cocktail every time.

About gin and gin cocktails Gin’s main ingredient is derived from juniper berries but there are many styles, origins and flavours to choose from. In recent years gin has become increasingly popular and rather than just the humble G&T, there are many drink options out there for gin drinkers. Pink gin Pink gin was originally made by adding angostura bitters to clear gin. These days, pink gin is created with the addition of any pink soft fruit to add sweetness and a blush shade - popular choices include strawberries, rhubarb and raspberries. Flavoured gin From rhubarb to lemon sherbert, there is a gin flavour out there for everyone. Although purists may prefer to stick with a more traditional gin, flavoured options mean you can get even more creative when mixing up a cocktail. Sloe gin Sloe gin is red in colour and has a distinctly different flavour to traditional clear gin. It is made predominantly from sloe berries which give the unique colour and flavour. Explore more about your favourite tipple by reading our guide to the best gins you can buy.