From tees to totes: The best restaurant merchandise to buy in London right now

Rep your favourite restaurants with these ultra-cool tees, totes, mugs and more.

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From tees to totes: The best restaurant merchandise to buy in London right now

Fashion has long been one of the most lucid forms of self-expression. As has food, actually. Both offer the beholder a glimpse into who you are, the choices you make, the vibe you want to give off etc etc.  

Restaurants know this. Being a foodie is a way of life, and the places you eat reflect where you choose to spend your time, money and precious energy. However, no longer is it enough to simply go to your favourite restaurants to show your fan-level status. You have to wear them on your sleeve (literally).  


It makes sense, then, that a wealth of restaurants across London have launched online shops and product lines that allow diners to show their loyalty by purchasing branded pieces. More than just another way for restaurants to make some extra cash, selling merchandise is a new way for fans to physically display their love for their favourite eateries.  

Restaurant merch sounds like it could be naff, but it’s not. A ton of London restaurants are showing prowess in more than just their food, launching some seriously stylish merch spanning t-shirts, hoodies, caps and totes. We’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve seen someone sporting one of Yard Sales’s limited-edition t-shirts and thought, ‘damn, that tee looks cool’.  

Whether you’re a wine lover, sandwich fan, coffee drinker or pizza enthusiast, there are an array of London restaurants selling bespoke items so you can show the world exactly where your loyalty lies. Whether it’s a restaurant you’ve been going to for years, or you’re just looking for another way to support your local, don’t just tell them you care. Get it on a t-shirt.  

Have a scroll and discover the best restaurant merch to buy in London right now.  


Lifestyle shot featuring cocktail making kit

What’s on offer?  Grind’s merch collection might be the largest in this list with an extensive range of products designed for coffee lovers. You can purchase everything from Espresso Martini gift sets to keep cups, milk frothers, mugs, books and more. Most of its products are available in its signature powder pink, and make wonderful objects that the recipient will keep for years to come. Its Cold Brew Bottle is a particular favourite, as is its extra-large ice cube tray.  
Buy Grind merchandise

Shop Cuvee 

Tote bag and t shirt

What’s on offer?  Top Cuvee is on a mission to make wine accessible to all by introducing drinkers to fun, trendy and unpretentious bottles free from pesticides and chemicals. It launched Shop Cuvee during the pandemic when its restaurant was forced to close, but these guys are so brilliant at branding, that the shop has lived on ever since. All its products are ultra cool, from printed t-shirts to bright orange tote bags and bespoke posters.  
Buy Shop Cuvee merchandise


T shirt and candle

What’s on offer? BAO's branding is instantly recognisable. That image of the ‘Classic Lonely Man’ scoffing a bao bun has become synonymous with the restaurant, but what you might not know is that co-founder and artist Erchen Chang actually designed the symbol. Her imagery is simultaneously friendly, cute, funny and bold, and you'll often see Londoners clad in tees and totes baring its iconic logos. The products at its shop are constantly changing, but right now, we have our eye on an adorable milk bao candle, and of course one of its Classic Lonely Man t-shirts.  
Buy BAO merchandise

Acme Fire Cult 

Man wearing t shirt and beanies

What’s on offer? Acme Fire Cult is a live-fire concept in Dalston launched by a group of talented chefs on a mission to offer an antidote to typical ‘dude food’ BBQ. Instead, vegetables take centre stage with a focus on organic and micro-seasonal produce, alongside funky ferments and quirky brews from 40FT Brewery next door. It’s a ‘cult’ in the best possible way, and if you want in, we’d recommend starting with some of its rock ‘n’ roll accessories. Pick up one of its t-shirts in collaboration with Jameson Black Barrel, or shop shorts, long sleeve tops and classic beanies.  
Buy Acme Fire Cult merchandise 

Norman’s Cafe

tote bag and egg and chips

What’s on offer? Norman’s Cafe pays homage to a proper British caff with dishes like porridge and jam, sausage, beans and chips, and cheesy beans on toast on the menu. Despite its propensity for beige food, don’t go thinking this is your standard greasy spoon. Founders Elliot Kaye and Richie Hayes both boast fine dining backgrounds, and they channel the same high-performing energy to create properly comforting, perfectly executed dishes here too. Every now and then it launches product drops (Norman’s Drops) with one of the latest being its Grandpa Norman Collection, featuring ‘Jam on Toast’ jumpers and a Grandpa Norman coaster set. It’s sold out for now, but you can still get your hands on one of its classic tote bags.  
Buy Norman’s Cafe merchandise 


tea towel and tea cup

What’s on offer? Everyone’s favourite Bombay-inspired restaurant boasts a huge array of gifts for food and drink lovers. We love its homeware range in particular, which includes various pieces of crockery and tea towels in a bespoke Dishoom Chintz pattern.   
Buy Dishoom merchandise 


cod's head t shirt

What’s on offer? You can now buy Fallow’s most iconic dish - cod’s head with sriracha butter sauce - in a whole new format, this time printed on a t-shirt. It’s designed by graphic artist Stephen Bliss, while the tee itself is made in Manchester from a blend of seaweed and organic cotton. It might seem a little pricier at £45, but there’s a lot of love and care that goes into each one.  
Buy Fallow merchandise 

St John 

pig's head t shirt and ash tray

What’s on offer? St John’s iconic logo – a jumping pig – has been printed onto many wearable items, from canvas bags to t-shirts to aprons. Pick one up to show you're a part of the clan. 
Buy St John merchandise 

Max’s Sandwich Shop 

sandwich t shirts

What’s on offer? Max’s Sandwich Shop’s t-shirts are loud, colourful and totally outrageous, with crazy designs including a giant ham, egg ‘n’ chips sandwich, and a particularly blasphemous print with the slogan ‘Fuck Sourdough’ on the back. If you feel as passionately about sandwiches as Max O’Halley, then you need to buy one of his tees.  
Buy Max’s Sandwich Shop merchandise 

Noble Rot 

art print and tote bag

What’s on offer? From a black and white ‘Rotter’ mug to a tote that reads ‘Sex, Drugs and Pinot Noir’ in bold letters, Noble Rot’s statement merch is made for daring foodies and fashionistas. Personally, we’d go for one of its limited-edition prints. They’re timeless pieces that depict colourful, totally surreal scenes, from ’Drunken Bunnies’ to ‘Alpine Winos’.  
Buy Noble Rot merchandise 

Yard Sale 

printed t shirts

What’s on offer? Yard Sale’s t-shirts are some of the coolest going. These guys collaborate with a huge range of top dogs on their pizzas and merch, from comedian Romesh Ranganathan to fellow restaurants like Top Cuvee and Dom’s Subs. Plus, at £16 a pop, their tees are excellent value too. 
Buy Yard Sale merchandise 


man wearing printed t shirt

What’s on offer? Tom Brown’s Michelin-starred restaurant has been around for quite some time now, serving seafood-focused dishes in a relaxed setting in the centre of Hackney Wick. If you’ve been following Brown’s restaurant since day one, then it’s high time you ordered one of his t-shirts to mark the milestone. The chef has teamed up with Service Works to create a limited-edition tee, featuring a black and white illustration of Cornerstone's bar and address on the back.  
Buy Cornerstone merchandise 

Forza Wine 

t shirt and hoodie

What’s on offer? Rumour has it that Morgan Freeman has one of Forza Wine’s t-shirts – or so their website says. The natural wine bar and restaurant does have some stellar items at its online shop right now, from tees to hoodies and caps. They’re so popular, in fact, that they’re usually sold out, but you can pop them an email to be the first to know when their next big product drop is set to land.  
Buy Forza Wine merchandise 


tote bag

What’s on offer? Ok, so Oranj might not have a huge collection of merch to buy at the moment, but you can still get your hands on a rather funky black and orange tote bag with the word ‘Oranj’ splurged across the front in bubble font. It’s heavy duty too, perfect for lugging all that natural wine home... 
Buy Oranj merchandise 

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