Cocktail recipes are a wonderful thing to have in your culinary armoury. If you can make a frozen margherita or a pina colada on a hot day you’ll put yourself in prime position for most popular person in many a situation, and during the long cold winter months there’s nothing like a glass of something cheery to lift the spirits.

We’ve gathered together our some of the best cocktail recipes from the UK’s top restaurants, chefs and drinks brands to bring you a curated collection of tried and tested drinks. As with any drink recipe, the key to success here is to start with the very best ingredients. Typically, a classic cocktail only combines a handful of flavours, so you want each and every one to be able to carry its own weight, and carry it well. Touches like using fresh citrus juice rather than pre-bottled stuff will make all the difference. Another small tweak you can do when making one of our most popular cocktail recipes is to make your own sugar syrup. Simply combine equal measures of water and sugar, bring to the boil until the sugar has dissolved, remove from the heat and cool. Making it yourself means you can flex with the recipe, using brown sugar or honey instead of caster sugar, for instance, to get a richer flavour where required.

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Once you’ve mastered a few drink recipes it’s time to take things up a notch and concentrate on presentation. Serving your cocktails in specialist barware or adding a unique garnish will make it seem extra fancy. If you’re looking to make your cocktails look pretty without committing too much spend to it, why not make themed ice cubes? Simply add a little garnish – whether that’s a few berries, some citrus zest or a couple of mint leaves – to an ice cube tray, cover with water and freeze. This simple trick makes any old cocktail recipe seem expertly executed.

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