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Booking a conference centre

Whether you are hosting a ticketed event that you want to drive interest in or you are booking a conference space for an internal gathering, finding the conference venue that suits your needs, your budget and your taste can be tricky. At SquareMeal we have taken the hard work out of finding the right conference centre or space for you.

If you are planning a conference then take a look at our booking advice below - and don't forget our free concierge service is always here to help you narrow down your search.


Have you thought about the location you need for your conference? Are you looking for a centre in a major city or do you want something more rural? Think about where your delegates will be travelling from and what they will expect from the event.


If you have some set requirements to be able to deliver talks and presentations then you want to make sure your chosen conference centre can fulfill your needs. Make a list of must-haves to narrow your search.


Do you have other factors to consider? Do you need an on-site restaurant or accommodation nearby? Check out the facilities offered and make sure it is in-line with what you need.


You want to choose a conference venue that suits the style of your event. Are you looking for something impressive and full of grandeur? Or do you want something slick with all the latest technologies? Consider your brand, your event and the impression you want to make on your delegates.


It can be difficult to know your exact numbers when you book your conference space but you will have a rough idea. Make sure your chosen location is suitable for the number of delegates you are expecting.


Have you set a budget? It’s the quickest and easiest way to eliminate spaces from your shortlist and also means you are in no danger of falling in love with a conference space that is out of your price range.

Have you considered our free concierge service?

With more than 30 years experience in venues, restaurants and conferences, we are the experts when it comes to finding the right conference venue. Our concierge service is free of charge and is perfect for you if you simply don’t have time to find the right space or you want some insider info on the best conference venues local to you. Let us know what you are looking for and we will draw up a shortlist of locations and costs to suit your requirements – and it’s free!

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