The best takeaway London: 28 of the city's top restaurants that do food delivery near you

Whatever the reason, treating yourself to a takeaway is one of life's great pleasures, and these are the best restaurants that do delivery food in London for when you fancy hanging up your chef's hat for the night

Updated on 21 October 2021 • Written By Rosie Conroy

The best takeaway London: 28 of the  city's top restaurants that do food delivery near you

We’ve all asked Google those four hallowed words before: “food delivery near me”. Usually, when you’re at the point of typing such a plea into a search engine you want your food fix fast. Maybe you’re not feeling great and the thought of making a meal is filling you with dread, or maybe it’s a special occasion that you forgot to organise early and want to celebrate in the best way (with tons of food, in case there was any doubt). Whatever the reason happens to be for you looking for takeaway near you – even if that’s just that it’s Tuesday – then we’re here to help.

In our round up of the best restaurants in London where you can order food online from, we’ve covered all the favourites. From delicious fish and chips through to Indian feasts, whatever you fancy the takeaway options in the capital are seemingly endless.


While the food delivery scene in London has always been far-reaching, it truly exploded after the first Coronavirus lockdown with lots of restaurants who traditionally stuck to dine-in services branching out to include takeaways in their offering, while they had to close the doors to their dining rooms. This small silver lining of the pandemic has meant that the best takeaway in London has had a serious upgrade. Where once you might have found one good food delivery service in amongst a sea of average eats in your area, now you can enjoy chef-made takeaway from the comfort of your own couch from a whole plethora of places near you.

To make things simple we’ve categorised the best food delivery London has to offer into the most commonly called upon takeaways. Take your pick of jumping to the perfect section for you by clicking on one of the titles below – from Chinese and pizza to fancy fine dining deliveries.

If you have a favourite takeaway in London, let us know. You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email. We always do our best to keep our lists updated, so we’d love to hear from you if you have a great recommendation.

Best pizza takeaway restaurants in London

Pizza is a great unifier, it’s the kind of food that is so often cited as a favourite meal that we’re shocked if ever we’re faced with someone who doesn’t like it. The majority of the masses love this delicious doughy delight, with everyone having their own preferred topping combo. Whether you’re a straight up margherita lover or favour something more exotic, these are the best pizza takeaway restaurants in London to get a slice of the good life from.

Pizza Pilgrims takeaway delivery

With locations scattered across London, you’d be hard pressed to find an inch of the capital that Pizza Pilgrims doesn’t cover. The secret to this pizza joint’s success is the simple, pared back pizzas that focus on the best ingredients, handled with care. There’s a relatively short delivery menu from these guys, but it’s a good one – expect combinations like mushroom and truffle, cheese, tomato and basil as well as an all-out eight cheese pizza which includes Parmesan, smoked provola, ricotta and more. Don’t forget to add crust dippers to the menu for a delicious pot of something to dunk your final bites into.
Where they deliver: There are Pizza Pilgrims locations in Camden, Victoria, Westfield, The City, London Bridge, Soho, Carnaby Street, Exmouth Market, Covent Garden, Shoreditch and West India Key – so it’s safe to say the delivery area is pretty much the entirety of London.
Order on: Deliveroo

Franco Manca

If you’ve yet to try a Franco Manca then were not sure where you’ve been for the past five years, but there’s no time for chastising, now’s the moment to right your wrongs, seize the day and get a pizza on speed dial. These pizzas have sourdough bases and just a handful of topping choices that play up to popular tastes with combos like ham and mushroom or pepperoni and cheese on offer. From around £7 per pizza, not only is Franco Manca some pretty delicious dough, it’s also a really affordable takeaway pizza option in London.
Where they deliver: With branches literally all over London and the suburbs, this pizza is available pretty much wherever you need it.
Order on: Deliveroo and Uber Eats

ASAP Pizza

Setup by the team behind Flor and Lyle’s, this is some pretty posh pizza made in a New York style using heritage British grains. Unusual high-end ingredients like ‘nduja sauce, Sicilian oregano, caciocavallo and red pesto elevate this restaurant’s takeaway options to make its pizzas something really special. We love the white pizzas which swap out the tomato base to hero ingredients like brown butter or Jerusalem artichokes for a bit of an upgrade to your typical Friday night feast. Don’t skip out on the sides which include bundles or burrata with fennel pollen, or the single dessert which is a mouth-watering tiramisu.
Where they deliver: ASAP Pizza is located at Borough Market, and delivers in the surrounding areas so if you’re in Bermondsey, Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, Camberwell and Oval, as well as Borough, London Bridge, Waterloo, Lambeth, Kennington and Elephant and Castle you should be good to go (although sometimes the delivery areas shrink with demand). It’s also worth noting that ASAP Pizza also only offers its pizza for delivery on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and all day at the weekends.
Order on: Slerp and Deliveroo

Napoli Gang

Holding themselves to the highest standards, the team begin Napoli Gang hail produce as king, sourcing amazing ingredients directly from Italy. This is a brand that knows how to make a cult-offering, having launched restaurants Gloria and Circolo Popolare in the last couple of years in the capital, which are always queued out the doors thanks to over the top menus and beautiful interiors. Skip the queues and order pizza to your sofa from the list of quirkily named pies from Napoli Gang which include the Elizabeth Regina II – a classic in disguise that combines mushrooms with ham, cheese, herbs and olives. With burrata and arancini on the sides menu there’s a full feast available and make sure to leave room for dessert too – the XXL lemon meringue pie is legendary and makes for some serious Instagram fodder.
Where they deliver: If you’re in Wandsworth, Shoreditch, Fitzrovia, Kentish Town and Bethnal Green then it’s good news, there are Napoli Gang branches near you.
Order on: Uber Eats

L’antica Pizzeria da Michele

Hailing from Naples itself (and having been featured in Eat, Pray Love no less), L’antica Pizzeria da Michele is known for its simple menu and rustic charm. All the classics are present and correct – like the the Marinaras and Marghertias – plus if you fancy extending your feast there are also a few pasta choices to pick from.
Where they deliver: With shops in both Soho and Baker Street you’ll be able to order from L’antica Pizzeria da Michele if you live in central or north west London.
Order on: Uber Eats and Deliveroo

The Chelsea Lodge X Sugoi JPN and Arepita Sliders

Live in a household full of fussy eaters? Allow us to introduce The Chelsea Lodge’s new collaboration with street food brands Sugoi JPN and Arepita Sliders, which has taken ‘covering all bases’ to new levels and lets you choose between three different concepts (or you can try all of them). The usually Italian-leaning Chelsea Lodge menu features pizzas topped with seafood or truffle and Pancetta, but you can now pair them with the likes of Nori tacos stuffed with a fusion of Japanese-Latin fillings or South American-style arepita sliders filled with chicken, beef or a vegan alternative. It’s essentially like getting food from three different restaurants, but all through one simple order - dreamy.
Where they deliver: The Chelsea Lodge delivers to addresses within a 2.5 mile radius, but collection is also available
Order on: Deliveroo (Available Wednesday to Sunday)

Best Indian takeaway restaurants in London

Us Brits can’t get enough of a good takeaway curry, and luckily for us Londoners we’ve got some of the best in the business at our fingertips. The beauty of Indian food is that it’s so far-reaching, so whatever you fancy there should be something to suit your mood. From healthy vegan dishes to rich, buttery curries and everything in between, these are some of the places we turn to time and time again to get out Indian takeaway hit in London.


Once reserved for those who had the determination to wait out a two-hour long queue, Dishoom is now a much more attainable goal. The infamous mini chain is delivering its signature Indian plates via Deliveroo. Loyal fans will note that there is a somewhat shortened menu available for delivery, but luckily the edit includes the black dhal (which comes with its very own cult following) and the buttery chicken biryani. Little extras like parcelled up fresh garnishes of coriander and ginger elevate this Indian takeaway to new levels.
Where they deliver: There are Dishoom restaurants in King’s Cross, Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Carnaby Street and Kensington so this Indian takeaway covers most of London, and if your postcode isn’t within the delivery zones then you can always order one of Dishoom’s DIY restaurant kits to make the house special from home – a bacon naan.
Order on: Deliveroo.


Famed for its Anglo-Indian small plates, Kricket has a seriously tasty takeout menu that will keep you ordering on a regular basis. Our favourite is the rich butter chicken and the samosa chaat which combines chickpeas with tangy tamarind yogurt and chutneys for a really delicious way to start your meal. We love the ‘feast’ option which gives you a main, a rice, poppadoms, chutney and raita for £15 for one person, or add two starters and make it a feast for two for £30.
Where they deliver: Kricket has restaurants in Soho, White City and Brixton so it covers central, west and south west London.
Order on: Deliveroo


The thing we love about Motu is that it doesn’t disregard the UK’s love of a good Indian takeaway, and as such has included a whole host of tried-and-tested favourites on its menu. This is the brainchild of the Sethi family, who also happen to own Michelin-starred Gymkhana and Trisha (so let’s just say, they know their stuff). Affordable set menus mean you can try plenty of dishes without breaking the bank. As an example, the box for two includes two mains, poppadoms, dal, rice, naan breads, raita and chutney for the grand total of £29. Main options include a rich curry-leaf spiked prawn moilee curry and a fragrant lamb biryani.
Where they deliver: Motu Indian Kitchen doesn’t have restaurants, just delivery kitchens across London. With spots in Battersea, Canary Wharf, Islington, Swiss Cottage, Whitechapel, Crouch End and Bermondsey, this is a far-reaching Indian delivery option in London.
Order on: Deliveroo


For special occasions Mayfair Indian restaurant Benares gives you fine-dining takeaway. We think that this level of cookery demands the full three-course experience. Start with veggie samosas or a classic aloo tikki chaat, before moving onto mains like tandoor mixed platters, a Kasmiri style lamb rogan josh or a vegan chickpea dish simmered with black cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. There is a full line up of sides which include homemade breads, chutneys and sundries, while desserts include a classic gulab jamun or a chocolate walnut brownie. If you want to go all out there’s even a tasting menu for two for £120, which includes a huge amount of food.
Where they deliver: Benares is based in Mayfair but delivers privately across quite a large swathe of London (just be ready for the price tag). if you’re lucky enough to be a Mayfair resident then you can order on all major delivery platforms.
Order on: With Benares directly or on Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Order Swift or Supper


Okay, Hoppers isn’t quite an Indian takeaway, but it is a pretty damn tasty alternative. As one of the first modern Sri Lankan restaurants on London’s dining scene it makes – unsurprisingly – really delicious hoppers as well as a whole plethora of tasty small plates, curries and sides, sometimes featuring unusual ingredients. On Hoppers’ takeaway menu you can sample a bit of everything by plumping for the Taste of Hoppers menu (there’s a choice of both a meat iteration and a veggie one). The meat version includes lamb roti, chicken kari, dal, pilau rice, roti and sambols – just make sure to add some string hoppers on the side for the full experience.
Where they deliver: Hoppers has restaurants in Marylebone, King’s Cross and Soho – so delivery zones cover north, central and west London.
Order on: Slerp and Deliveroo

Best Taiwanese and Chinese takeaway restaurants in London

There is nothing, and we mean nothing, that will satisfy a Chinese takeaway craving other than a table laden with piles of fried rice, roasted meats and saucy stir fries – oh, and don’t forget the prawn crackers. Whether you’re after the hit of a quick Chinese takeaway spread or are looking for something decidedly more elegant, our pick of the best spots in London will have what you need.

Rice Error

Chances are you’ve already heard of Bao, the cult restaurant group headed up by Shing Tat Chung, his wife Erchen Chang, and his sister Wai Ting Chung which is now backed by JKS (owners of award winning restaurants like Gymkhana, Lyle’s and Hoppers). The team’s perennially popular Taiwanese food has won itself legions of fans and has since launched a spinoff sister site called Rice Error, the brand’s takeaway option. From Rice Error you can expect rice boxes topped with all kinds of good stuff – think cha shao confit pork belly or prawn kimchi fried rice. Fried chicken and bao add ons are available, and there’s a kids’ menu and dessert too. Rice Error also regularly runs special series with guest chefs – with recent menus having been dreamed up by high profile names such as Fuchsia Dunlop, Margot Henderson, Ixta Belfrage and Lisa Lov who created their own toppings.
Where they deliver: Hackney, central and Southwark
Order on: Slerp


For an extra special evening why not go all out with a Michelin-starred Chinese takeaway and order from one of the best in the business: Hakkasan. Having partnered with delivery service Supper, the restaurant now offers discerning Londoners a taste of the good life, without even having to get out of their PJs. The benefit of ordering from a premium service is that your food comes hot and fresh, and with things like crispy duck on the menu that means preserving that all-important crunch. Elsewhere there are luxurious touches – like caviar sprinkled over mixed colourful dim sum and truffle adorning the juicy roast meats – and perfectly cooked crunchy seasonal veggies to bring freshness amongst the otherwise rich plates.
Where they deliver: Hakkasan covers most of central London with its delivery service.
Order on: Supper

Good Earth Chinese

A stalwart on the scene, Good Earth brings you all the classic Chinese dishes you love without a hint of greasiness, and more importantly with super fresh ingredients that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed by salt and stodge. There’s usually quite a wait at weekends to get your grub, so make sure to place an order early. We love the super crispy salt and chilli squid that is covered in a moreish garlic, chilli and spring onion mixture as well as the veggie Singapore noodles that bring that signature curry spicing to the mix. Classics include all the favourites like sweet and sour, satay and black bean – so you shouldn’t be stuck for your go-to serve here if you like to stay within your comfort zone.
Where they deliver: Good Earth has spots in Knightsbridge, Battersea and Wandsworth Common so covers a good amount of west and south west London.
Order on: Order directly or on Just Eat

Park Chinois

Dripping in decadence, the takeaway menu from Park Chinois is every bit as luxurious as the restaurant’s signature over the top interiors. Kick things off with a whole crispy duck or go all-in with one of the three choices of caviar (although you’ll have to have a spare £100-300 spare for that). Mains include Wagyu beef, Iberico pork, black cod, lobster and king crab. Classic enthusiasts will appreciate dishes like sweet and sour pork and black pepper beef, while vegetarians are well catered for by way of a large dedicated section on the menu.
Where they deliver: Within a 2.5-mile delivery zone Mayfair, Marylebone, Fitzrovia and St James, plus Chelsea and South Kensington if you order on Supper. Alternatively, if you’re outside of the restaurant’s range, they allow you to arrange your own courier, to collect on your behalf.
Order on: Deliveroo or Supper

Four Seasons

Commonly cited as one of Chinatown’s best Chinese restaurants, a takeaway from Four Seasons will never disappoint. The pick of the menu here is the roasted duck which is done in house for perfectly plump meat with that beautifully crisp, salty skin. Other highlights include intensely savoury chilli and salt squid that comes all gnarled and covered in garlic or the Singapore noodles which are tossed through with prawns, char siu pork and veggies for an addictive serving.
Where they deliver: Four Seasons has restaurants in Queensway and China Town, so covers much of central and west London.
Order on: Deliveroo and Hungry Panda

Imperial Treasure

With a sibling Shanghai restaurant which holds two Michelin stars, it’s safe to say Imperial Treasure comes from solid stock. Deftly handled classics include delicate dim sum and mains like a juicy lemon chicken or some of the best fried rice we’ve had in a long time. As you might expect, this isn’t the cheapest Chinese takeaway in London with a set menu from two starting at £90, but for a special occasion we think it’s well worth the splurge.
Where they deliver: Imperial Treasure is in St James’s, so delivery is focused on central London.
Order on: Deliveroo

Best fish and chips takeaway restaurants in London

Fish and chips may as well be the UK’s national dish. This classic British grub combines soft flaky fish with the crunch of golden batter, plus loads of crispy chips which should – in our opinion – be near drowned in salt and vinegar. On the side you can usually take your pick from tasty additions like tartare sauce, mushy peas or pickled onions. Ready to tuck into some of the good stuff? These are some of the best fish and chip takeaways in London.


This legendary family-run fish and chip shop might have multiple venues now, but at each outlet the ethos remains the same: top-class fish and chips served with a smile. With a dedicated fishmonger in the team, you can expect the freshest fare and expert handling resulting in combinations like a classic cod and chips or something more adventurous such as calamari, scampi or even a seafood platter. With starters, puds and kids’ meals, too there’s truly something for everyone here.
Where they deliver: With outlets in Soho, Spitalfields and Camden, Poppies does takeaway for the good people of central, east and north London.
Order on: Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat

Sutton & Sons

This award-winning chip shop has been on the scene for nearly twenty years and you can certainly taste the team’s carefully honed craft which they’ve developed over their time, perfecting some of London’s best fish and chips. Fish is delivered to each shop from day boats, and all the chips are cut by hand for a delicious finish that is as close to homemade as you can get without whipping out a fryer yourself.
Where they deliver: With restaurants in Islington, Hackney and Stoke Newington, Sutton & Sons is one for the lucky north east Londoners among us.
Order on: Deliveroo

Golden Union

Quintessentially British, Golden Union in Soho brings its signature no frills approach to fried food. Everything here is cooked to order, so you know you’re getting a fresh supper, and the fish is brought in daily and sourced sustainably from UK waters. The secret to the team’s success is that they change their oil every day for tasty, fresh portions of everything from cod and haddock through to scampi and fish bites. Battered halloumi, homemade pies and chicken butties complete the line-up for those looking for something a little more adventurous.
Where they deliver: With their shop in Soho, Golden Union deliver in central London only.
Order on: Deliveroo

The Laughing Halibut

If you’re after a proper old-school experience, then look no further than The Laughing Halibut. This small shop throws out piles of golden chips and perfectly battered fish for a traditional teatime treat. The classics like cod and haddock are present and correct, but you can also pump for more unusual options like halibut, skate and cod’s roe should you prefer. The house special is a mixed platter which includes chips, salad, scampi, onion rings, calamari and cod bites for the grand total of £10.25 – the beige dream, right?
Where they deliver: If you want a taste of these goods, you’ll have to do the dirty work yourself and pick up your fish supper straight from their door, as they don’t do delivery. The shop is in Westminster, so handy for central Londoners.
Order on: Directly from the shop

The Fryer’s Delight

This fish and chip shop immediately feels like an institution thanks to the retro Formica-topped tables and the loyal fans that snake out the door come weekday lunchtimes. The multiple awards the team have won doesn’t seem to have given this chippie any delusions of grandeur, and the menu remains reassuringly familiar. Pick from the classics like plaice, haddock and cod (all cooked in organic oil, may we add) and then complete your meal with sides such as a buttered roll, pickled onions or a tub of good old curry sauce.
Where they deliver: Located in Holborn, The Fryer's Delight is another chip shop which focuses on delivering its wares across central London.
Order on: Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo

Best fine dining takeaway restaurants in London

Okay, we see you, looking to impress. For those of us who prefer something altogether higher end we’ve put together this quick-fire guide on the best fine-dining restaurants that offer takeaway options. These quick, clever solutions to a delicious dinner allow you to up the ante on your usual meal delivery, bringing you fully formed menus that are ready to plate and enjoy for that wonderful restaurant experience at your own kitchen table.

Casa Calavera

There’s something so satisfyingly smug about ordering a takeaway that is fresh and fragrant. From the team behind Michelin starred Hakkasan comes Casa Calavera, a delivery-only kitchen serving up vibrant Mexican food. Think smoky grilled corn on the cob, citrus-laced guacamole with colourful corn chips, spiced sweet potato wedges and the headline slot: the tacos. These are packed with fresh ingredients ranging from achiote chicken to grilled yellowtail. Not forgetting pud, the team (in collaboration with Jennifer Earle) has developed a sweet quesadillas and we can confirm that chocolate stuffed, grilled wraps served with cream and fruit coulis are a stroke of genius.
Where they deliver: Central London
Order on: Deliveroo or UberEats

Le Comptoir Robuchon

In response to the second lockdown Le Comptoir Robuchon began delivering its signature high-end food for lucky Londoners. The restaurant endorses the legacy of chef Joël Robuchon – who held the accolade of the most Michelin starred chef in the world at one point. Menu highlights include ‘Le Thon’, a smoked tuna tart with avocado guacamole and citrus dressing, ‘Le Poireau’, a smoked leek dish with mimosa eggs and Shitake mushroom and ‘Le Burger’, which combines beef with foie gras and peppers.
Where they deliver: Le Comptoir Robuchon finds its home in Mayfair and offers delivery within roughly a 2.5 mile radius of the restaurant.
Order on: Supper and Deliveroo


Opening to critical claim in potentially the worst year for hospitality businesses ever, Fallow has thrived against the odds thanks to a menu of truly delicious dishes. Here you’ll find plates that pay homage to often underused ingredients that are sourced from small scale -suppliers. Crispy sweet and salty deep-fried corn ribs are a must while the perfectly cooked dairy cow burgers are the ideal dirty dinner when served up with a side of fries covered in a rich umami kombu seasoning. It’s also worth noting that Fallow sells bottles of its own Siracha sauce which we recommend adding to your basket when in stock – future you will thank you when you’re pouring it over everything you eat from that point on.
Where they deliver: Fallow is in Mayfair and delivers via Supper to the surrounding postcodes.
Order on: Supper


What could be more indulgent than a dinner delivery from Claridge’s? The hotel’s Davies and Brook restaurant has stepped up to the plate (if you’ll pardon the pun) to bring hungry Londoners a taste of the good life. The menu is so distinctly decadent that it’s almost comical, with cocktails, wine, caviar and truffles taking up most of the space on the page. If it’s a more substantial meal you’re after there is also the choice between a full roast chicken dinner which serves four and some fried chicken. In the former kit you’ll get a brioche, truffle and fois gras stuffed bird ready for roasting plus sides like baked butternut squash with seaweed and brown butter, plus an apple tart for pud. Our favourite, though, is the aforementioned CFC (yep, that’s Claridge’s Fried Chicken) box which is a menu for one that includes incredible fried chicken, broad bean hummus with pickled beets, potato salad, house rolls and pear and white chocolate with custard and crumble for afters.
Where they deliver: Claridge’s delivery area covers much of the central London zones.
Order on: Slerp

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

Some high-end fare loses its appeal in takeaway format, but one wonderfully indulgent dinner that does travel well is shellfish when left in the hands of chef Richard Corrigan. Order one of the hampers to be delivered a full seafood platter which includes soda bread, seaweed butter, oysters, smoked salmon and more, or go for something hot with the cook-at-home fish pie. Other treats include a ready-to-serve dressed crab or a rich lobster and langoustines cocktail.
Where they deliver: All of London and Greater London
Order on: Directly with Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

Adam Handling Hame

Adam Handling’s food is knowing for being playful and seasonally led, and the chef’s ‘hame’ menu brings a taste of his restaurants to your own dining table. Set menus include a Sunday lunch (complete with the house signature sourdough and chicken butter), a ‘Dine in Style for 2’ and a ‘Who are you trying to impress’ banquet which includes wagyu, lobster, beef Wellington, tarte tatin, a whole truffled Tunworth cheese and a bottle of Own Label English sparkling wine – the perfect treat for a special occasion. If you don’t fancy all the bells and whistles there is also a substantial a la carte menu which includes things such as fried chicken, beef and caviar tartare and mushroom agnolotti with parsley and garlic.
Where they deliver: Hame delivers nationwide
Order on: Directly with Adam Handling restaurants

Fancy having a go at making your own meals? These are our favourite DIY restaurant meal kits to try.