London’s best vegan restaurants

London’s best vegan restaurants

Posted on 11 January 2018 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

London’s best vegan restaurants

Whether you’re on a plant-based diet for Veganuary, or a vegan looking for somewhere to eat, Londoners aren’t exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to decent vegan restaurants. Fortunately, that’s quickly changing, and there is an increasing number of vegan restaurants where you don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you’ve given up animal products.

Wulf & Lamb London restaurant vegan

A small but mighty crop of vegan restaurants have opened their doors in London recently, including Wulf & Lamb which serves vegan mac ‘n’ cheese (above), while others were ahead of the curve and opened a few years back, such as meat and alcohol free Redemption (below).

Redemption bar London restaurant chain

To get your next plant-based fix, take a look at our selection of vegan restaurants in London. Whether you’re a full-time vegan, a ‘flexitarian’ or a carnivore looking for something different, these restaurants are sure to leave you full and satisfied.

Or if you’re not ready to fully commit to veganism, take a bite out of our pick of vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in London.