Heathrow restaurants: where to eat before boarding your flight

Plan ahead and avoid pre-flight stress with our guide on where to eat at each of the Heathrow terminals

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Heathrow restaurants: where to eat before boarding your flight

Did you know that before Heathrow was turned into an airport, it was a small farm village? Or that since 2015 there has been no Terminal 1 just 2 to 5? These are just a few fun facts about the airport, so why not pull them out to tell your family and friends next time you happen to be sat at Heathrow waiting to board a flight. While you wait, chances are you’ll want to explore the food options your terminal has to offer and thankfully there are lots of places you can go to fill the time.

There is something about airport restaurants, which no matter how standard or upmarket they are make them just a little bit more exciting than your regular high-street restaurants. Maybe it’s because of the already present excitement from your upcoming holiday, or because they are open at weird hours and you can have a pint or a bowl of ramen at nine in the morning if you really want to. No-one truly knows where the allure comes from, but everyone loves an airport restaurant. To help you plan where you are going to eat in advance, we’ve put together a list of all the best places to eat at each of the Heathrow terminals before you jet off on your holiday.

We've separated this article by terminals so click on the one you're flying from to figure out what dining options there are:

Pret a Manger

A chain that you will see in almost every terminal of every airport in the UK, you just can’t go wrong with a Pret. If it’s breakfast you’re after, the selection of pastries, porridge, berry pots and breakfast sandwiches will keep you going all day. Similarly, its huge selection of salads, soups and sandwiches are great to eat before your flight or are available to take on board with you.

Where: After security 

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar

For those of you who feel like splashing the cash before a flight, Caviar House and Prunier offers some of the world’s best caviar and Balik smoked salmon. With caviar ranging from £60 to £870, depending on which variety and how much you go for, this restaurant isn’t for the casual diner. If it’s the salmon you are after, you’ll find it incorporated into lots of dishes including ones on the breakfast menu. There is also lots of other fishy dishes to float your boat, too. 

Where: After security 

Restaurants in Heathrow Terminal 2

Heston's The Perfectionists’ Café

Created by Heston Blumenthal, although you won’t find anything too weird or wacky on this menu, you will find all of Britain’s favourite dishes. From traditional brunch menus to tikka masala and fish finger butties, you can order pretty much every British classic off this extensive menu and get your last taste of the culture before jetting off and trying a new cuisine.
Where: After security 
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Fast food doesn’t have a reputation for being the healthiest kind of food. Leon, however, has crushed this stereotype by creating tasty dishes, ready in minutes that also happen to be nutritious. Choose from grilled wraps with halloumi or fish fingers, salads, rice boxes and its now-famous GFC gluten-free chicken nuggets. Since everything comes in boxes, you can even take it on your flight with you. Ideal if you aren’t one for plane food.
Where: After security
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Yo! Sushi 

At Yo! Sushi you don’t have to mess around with menus, wait for your order to be taken and then wait again for it to be cooked. Instead, you can just take whatever looks good off the conveyor belt. From sushi to sashimi to katsu curries, you’ll find it all on the belt. In case what you want isn’t there, however, you can always order it off the menu and have it cooked right in front of you. The takeaway boxes are also ideal for longer flights.
Where: After security 
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Restaurants in Heathrow Terminal 3


Fusing together American and Italian cuisine, Spuntino serves up burgers and hearty breakfast dishes all in a trendy industrial-looking restaurant. On the menu, you can expect to find spicy jackfruit burgers, truffled eggs on toast and mac 'n' cheese. The Italian influence comes from its sourdough pizzas, and the cocktail menu is a great way to kick off your holiday, no matter where you are going. 
Where: After security
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The Curator

Known for its innovative artisan cocktails, craft beers and extensive champagne and wine collections, those more concerned about drinking at the airport will appreciate The Curator. If you’re after a meal too, it has an extensive menu full of British classics to choose from. Diners can get stuck into the likes of bacon steak, burgers, and beer-battered cod - hearty meals that are sure to fill you up before a flight.  

Where: After security  

Restaurants in Heathrow Terminal 4

The Commission

Using seasonal ingredients, dine in style at this modern minimalist restaurant, perfect for healthy and filling meals, cocktails and breakfast dishes. You’ll find Baja fish tacos, tandoori monkfish curry and a crispy duck salad. To wash it all down, the botanical-blends bar menu is full of all the classics including Aperol Spritz, Martinis and Bloody Marys - what better way to start a holiday.
Where: After security
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The Prince of Wales

Filled with the cosy familiarity of your favourite local pub, Prince of Wales is the perfect spot to wait for your gate to open. With all the pub classics, burgers and pizzas on the menu, this pub really understands the definition of warm British comfort food, exactly want you want before hopping on an air-conned plane abroad.
Where: After security
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Restaurants in Heathrow Terminal 5

Fortnum & Mason

Sit back and relax at the Fortnum and Mason champagne bar. With a huge selection of drinks to choose from and a heavily seafood-influenced menu, why not indulge in Champagne and caviar before your flight? In true Fortnum and Mason fashion, you can even get hamperling to take on your flight with you if the plane food doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Where: After security 

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

Gordon Ramsay’s heavily Asian-influenced restaurant offers up the likes of sushi and noodle dishes as well as Indian curries, british classics and Peruvian-inspired treats for good measure. It may sound like a lot of different things to process but there is nothing better than choice, especially when you have a whole family to please. Kids can enjoy the ‘Tilly’s treats’ menu too.

Where: After security 

Pilots Bar & Kitchen

This vintage 1950s style décor is inspired by old-school planes and airport décor. Expect to find classic American and British dishes from burgers to salads and fish and chips - it’s got all the hearty dishes you could want in a menu. Go for a club sandwich or chilli con carne, or for something lighter before your flight, its pilot and Caesar salad is a good choice too.  

Where: After security  


If it's takeaway sushi you’re after, you can’t get a better place than Itsu. With small and handy sushi boxes, rice bowls and hot soups, you can get something quick and easy to eat before you fly, or take it on board with you. Offering up a wide range of different types of sushi including crab California rolls, avocado maki and tuna dragon rolls, you have lots to choose from. If sushi isn’t your thing, choose from different flavours of gyoza instead - they make a great in-flight snack.

Where: After security  


Everyone’s favourite casual Japanese dining restaurant has come to terminal 5 with all the classic dishes we know and love, including a host of ramens, katsu curries and donburi bowls. The thing that makes airport Wagamama so unique, however, is the breakfast menu that isn’t available at any of its regular restaurants. Try the okonomiyaki omelette with bacon, chicken and prawns, or for the hard-core Katsu lovers out there, the sausage katsu stack with Japanese mayonnaise, poached eggs and spinach is well worth a try. 

Where: After security 

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