Best burgers in London: Where to find the finest buns money can buy

Warning, graphic burger imagery follows

Updated on 12 June 2019 • Written By Rosie Conroy

Best burgers in London: Where to find the finest buns money can buy

In our not so humble opinion there are a few things that have to be taken into consideration when voting for the best burger in London. Number one has to be the type of patty – is the meat high quality? Does it include enough fat to ensure it doesn’t dry out and shrink while it cooks? Are you able to order it to your liking? A close second has to be does it come with fries (because nobody, to our knowledge, ever wants a burger sans frites)? And lastly are all the bits that really make a burger great carefully thought through?  The sauce, salads and pickles. 

Below we’ve weighed up all of these particularly passionate debate topics to come up with the ultimate list of the best burgers in London.


Honest Burger’s Tribute Burger

Like plenty of now-popular London chains Honest Burger began in Brixton Village, back when they were one of just a handful of small start-ups offering a limited menu to hungry South Londoners. From there they’ve grown to be a favourite of plenty of punters thanks to their juicy patties and ever-changing specials. The key to their burgers is that they chop their beef, rather than mince it. It’s this technique that ensures a melt-in-the-mouth texture. Additionally they combine rib cap with chuck steak for the perfect balance of lean and fatty meat. Our favourite has to be the Tribute – beef patty, crispy bacon, melted American cheese, proper burger sauce, French’s mustard, tangy pickles, zingy onions and crisp lettuce, all sandwiched into a toasted brioche bun. 

Average price of a burger: £10

Area in London: Various locations all over London

Are sides included? Yes, happily homemade rosemary fries are served up alongside every burger, and are included in the price


Mother Flipper’s Dirty Barbie burger

You’re going to have to be dynamic to score yourself one of the best burgers in London as these guys are only on offer over the weekend, at three different markets across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Your perseverance will pay off however, when you’re holding that chuck steak burger, cooked medium, between a brioche bun, with homemade sauces squidging out from between the layers. Favourites include the Dirty Barbie (double patty, caramelised onions, candied bacon and barbecue sauce heaven) and the Bacon Swiss (candied bacon, onion rings, barbecue sauce, melted Swiss cheese, cooling ranch mayo, crisp lettuce and the tang of pickles. Hello). The Mother Flipper team fairly regularly do pop ups and residencies too, so keep an eye out for those, burger fans.

Average price of a burger: £9

Area in London: Fridays you’ll find Mother Flipper at Kerb Food market in West India Key. Saturdays they’re at Brockley Market, and Sundays they can be found at Victoria park

Are sides included? No sides are included with the burgers, but fries and Korean chicken wings can be added at an additional cost if you wish


Patty&Bun’s Ari Gold burger

With pared back interiors and fast, efficient service Patty&Bun offer a fun, relaxed atmosphere with pretty good, and eclectic, playlists to boot (which handily you can access on Spotify). Burgers are given the treatment they deserve here. Meat is sourced from small-scale free-range and organic farms. The cheese used comes from Neal’s Yard who specialise in British and Irish cheeses. And the all-important (but often neglected) buns are the work of Bread Ahead, an artisan bakery with its roots in London. There is joy to be found in their offers, too, with regular £5 burger deals and student discounts. Our favourite burger has to be the Ari Gold, a classic for a reason. Toppings include cheese, lettuce, tomato, picked onions, ketchup and an addictive smoky mayo. Forgive us for going on a bit here, but Patty&Bun also do veggie burgers really well. Instead of offering one alternative they offer an incredible cheese fritter as a swap to their standard beef patties, allowing vegetarians to enjoy the same toppings (hold the bacon) as their meat-eating counterparts.

Average price of a burger: £9

Area in London: Various locations all over London

Are sides included? No, but there is quite a large sides menu which includes chips at £3, as well as coleslaw, beef nuggets, chicken wings and cheese balls


Lucky Chip’s El Chappo burger

Pun lovers, rejoice, Lucky Chip serve up burgers with quite the selection of names. A Kevin Bacon, anyone? The team here have gone to town on The American theme and the atmosphere is all the better for it. Expect loud music, leather booths and illustrated retro-style menus in any of Lucky Chip’s three venues. Burgers are properly squishy, diner style mouthfuls. Our favourite has to be the El Chappo. This firecracker is made up of an aged beef patty with smoky bacon, roasted jalapenos, blue cheese and aioli. This clever combo makes for spicy and cooling and rich and tangy mouthfuls, all at once. 

Average price of a burger: £10

Area in London: You can find Lucky Chip’s three restaurants in Tottenham, Islington and Kilburn

Are sides included? Sadly, no. Fries are from £3.25 and the other extras are quite the varied bunch  – tater tots, padron peppers, buffalo cauliflower and a sausage board to name a few


Burger & Beyond’s Cheeseburger

Slicker than your average, Burger & Beyond serve their wares in a moody Shoreditch dining room, with burgers presented on chic Nordic-style plates. A nice change from the usual, more casual approach of a basket or paper wrap, and a surprise given that this East London hot spot started out life as a queue-inducing market stall. Burger & Beyond offer more variety than most too, with mushroom, chicken, beef and fish options. The fish burger is made up of crispy nuggets of line-caught cod, Nashville hot sauce, kaffir lime and herb mayo and a crunchy slaw, while their classic cheeseburger is topped with American cheese, smoky mayo and onions. Something for everyone, except pickle lovers, there’s none of that here.

Average price of a burger: £12.50

Area in London: Shoreditch for the restaurant and Camden for street food

Are sides included? No sides come as standards. Fries are from £4 and other extras include blue cheese and bacon salad and truffle tots


Meat Liquors Dead Hippie burger

Sometimes you just want a good dose of good old-fashion grease when it comes to a burger and Meat Liquor nail that satisfyingly so. Food is served on paper-lined metal trays and portions are impressive with patties doubled up as standard. There are multiple vegetarian and vegan options, making group dining easy, and chicken burgers to boot. Our favourite from the beef section, which if we’re not mistaken is probably why you’re here, is the Dead Hippie. Double beef patties, brushed with French’s mustard and grilled until caramelised then topped with Dead Hippie sauce (a sort of tangy, Thousand Island mayo), lettuce, cheese, pickles and American-style minced white onions. Really good. For the savvy among us most of the Meat Liquor restaurants run good lunch deals – at last check £10 got you any burger, fries and a soft drink.

Average price of a burger: £9

Area in London: Although some are named different things (Meat Mission and Meat Market) there are various locations across London and even one in Leeds

Are sides included? No, but the sides are worth a try. A menu with upwards of six different chip options is our kind of place. And don’t skimp on the fried pickles with blue cheese, they’re really quite something


Bleecker Burger’s Blue Burger

Sometimes a concise menu is a sign of a confident cook and we think Bleecker Burger nail it here. Offering up proper dirty burgers, their selection spans just six options, five beef and one veggie. If we had to choose our favourite would be the Blue burger – made up of double beef patties, blue cheese, onion and sauce. As many greats before it Bleecker was born from a food truck, and that commitment to small-scale and quality has remained despite the permanent residences now. Beef comes from rare-breed, pasture-fed animals that come from small, UK farms. Meat is then dry aged for that intense beefy flavour before being lovingly topped with a few well thought-out ingredients.

Average price of a burger: £8

Area in London: Bleecker Burger permanent sites can be found in Spitalfields Market, Victoria and the Bloomberg Arcade

Are sides included? No, but there are five kinds of fries to choose from (angry fries being a favourite – topped with both hot and blue cheese sauces). These start at £3


Hawksmoor’s Big Matt

Hawksmoor might not strictly be a burger restaurant, but they certainly understand how to cook a piece of really high-quality meat well and that translates to a pretty good patty. Although burgers are only available from the bar menu, you get more bang for your buck with a burger, compared with the restaurant’s steak menu, which is a happy result. Plump for the bar and choose between a Kimchi, Hawksmoor, or our personal favourite, The Big Matt (a valiant attempt at trying to reproduce a high-end Big Mac). Additionally, the kimchi is a cult classic, and for good reason. Tangy, spiced Korean pickle with soft slow-cooked short rib all piled onto a cheeseburger is something pretty special.

Average price of a burger: £15

Area in London: There are Hawksmoor restaurants at various locations over London.  

Are sides included? Yes, one side is included with every burger. Choose from triple cooked chips, beef dripping fires or English lettuce and herb salad.


CoqFighter’s  Honey Ginger Buffalo burger

Modestly labelled by Coqfighter themselves as ‘breathtakingly beautiful’ burgers, it’s hard to disagree. These Insta-worthy creations deliver more than just looks, where so many others fail. All of the burgers on offer are made up of crispy fried chicken (because nobody really wants a dry piece of breast meat, grilled, do they?) squished into a sesame bun. There are only three chicken burgers to choose from, but our favourite has to be the Honey Ginger Buffalo. Crispy fried thighs, honey ginger buffalo sauce, smoked garlic mayo and house pickles. We think you’d be hard pressed to find a more satisfyingly salty and sweet combo this side of the M1.

Average price of a burger: All burgers are £9

Area in London: Shoreditch, Croydon and Soho (opening 2019)

Are sides included? Another one bites the dust, not a side in sight. Fries start from £3 and are sprinkled with dashi and smoked paprika salt

Le Bun's Le Royale at the Sebright Arms

Le Bun not only do a good line in beef burgers, they also serve up southern fried chicken numbers and a vegan sandwich to boot (that they swear 'even the security guards love'. Laiden with all sorts of toppings, from American cheese and crispy bacon to truffle mayo and confit beef fat onions, these are not burgers for the faint of heart. Our favourite has to be the Le Royale, which is made up of an aged beef patty, double American cheese, bone marrow big mac sauce, pickles and those confit beef fat onions. If it's not dribbling down your chin, you're not doing it right. 

Average price of a burger: £11

Area in London: Sebright Arms, 34 Coate Street, London, E29AG

Are sides included? Sides aren't included but there are a few different options to pick from - homemade pickles, hot wings, mac 'n' cheese and more. The portions on the sides are massive, so definitely worth sharing between some pals. 

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