If you haven’t noticed from all those pictures on Facebook of teens in family cars filled to the brim with suitcases, it’s freshers season. While we may have already graduated, there’s nothing wrong with eating (and occasionally drinking) like we’re 18 again. After all, with payday over a week away, we could all do with some bargains.

Words: Eamonn Crowe

Madame D's London city restaurant bar

If you want to dine like a student, check out our list of cheap eats in London (cheap doesn’t mean bad by the way!), including Madame D’s in Spitalfields (above) and Zia Lucia in Holloway (below).

Zia Lucia north London restaurant pizza Italian

You can also drink like a fresher (although we accept no responsibility for resulting hangovers) at some of these late night bars in the capital.

This article was published 20 September 2017