Best burgers in London: 22 spots serving brilliant buns

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Best burgers in London: 22 spots serving brilliant buns

It’s hard - nearly impossible - not to get hungry while thinking about burgers. There’s just something about them that makes your mind wander. One reason is that they feel like such a decadent treat. Meat and bread for dinner? Yes, please. The best part is that there is no shortage of amazing burger places in London to choose from. There are classic, all-American-style eateries, where you’d get a cheeseburger, fries and a shake, but there are also more whacky options. The kinds of places that put mac and cheese in the burger, or where the meal comes with a big pot of gravy for dipping.


While burgers may seem simple, there’s a surprising amount going on under the hood (or bun). First and foremost is the beef. It doesn’t just need to be good quality meat. The restaurant needs to also balance the fattiness by grinding together different cuts. Too lean, and the burger will shrink and dry out on the grill. Too fatty, and it’s an oily mess. Similarly, you want a perfectly toasted bun to avoid sogginess, tangy pickles, good quality strong cheese and maybe some homemade sauces. For example, bloody Mary Ketchup or a classic burger sauce.

Sides shouldn’t go unmentioned. The standard for chips has only increased, with many diners coming to expect triple-cooked beef dripping entries, as well as lavish toppings like cheese, bone marrow gravy or pickled chillis. Wings, ribs and the like might make an appearance on larger menus, although smaller places tend to keep it simple.

Below we’ve carefully considered these vital criteria, whilst also including a few wildcards, to come up with an ultimate list of the best burgers in London. For your heart's sake, we suggest maybe not trying to cram these all into one week, but then again if you did we wouldn’t blame you…


The best beef burgers in London

London is spoilt for choice when it comes to beef burgers, so it's no mean feat narrowing it down to just a few favourites; but rest assured, each of the below options offers their own mouth watering taste on this fan favourite.

Double Black Bear, Black Bear Burger

Bacon cheeseburger

Why: Stepping into Black Bear Burger, you're immediately struck by the old-school hip hop blasting from the speakers and the scent of fresh-grilled meat coming from the open kitchen. The sit-down restaurant in Brixton, located within Market Row, aims to serve up delicious, unpretentious burgers from ethical sources. The double Black Bear burger, featuring two dry-aged beef patties, American cheese, smoked bacon, garlic mayo and onion jam, is a perfect blend of salty and sweet, perfected by the crunch from the toasted sesame bun and the crispy bacon. Though the starters and sides are a delight, this burger is definitely the reason to go.
Where: 11-13A Market Row, SW9 8LB
Book now: 
Black Bear Burger

The Blacklock Burger, Blacklock

Blacklock’s Burger

Why: Blacklock is now well-established as a must for meat lovers in the capital. And, with outposts in Soho, Shoreditch, City and Covent Garden, sites aren't hard to come by. But steaks, chops and roasts aside (although they are brilliant), Blacklock has made its once secret-menu burger a regular member of the cast. This chunky double cheeseburger features top-quality beef, melted cheese and a soft bun, but the ace in the hole is the Vermouth-laced caramelised onions, which elevate it to heady heights. As one might expect from such a carnivorous carvery, the chips are cooked in beef dripping and are heavenly.  
Where: 5 Frobisher Passage, E14 4PA; 13 Philpot Lane, EC3M 8AA; 16a Bedford Street, WC2E 9HE; 28-30 Rivington Street, EC2A 3DZ; 24 Great Windmill Street, W1D 7LG
Book now: Blacklock Canary Wharf, Blacklock City, Blacklock Covent Garden, Blacklock Shoreditch, Blacklock Soho

El Chappo, Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip’s El Chappo Burger

Why: Pun lovers, rejoice, Lucky Chip serves up burgers with quite the selection of names. A Kevin Bacon, anyone? The team here have gone to town on The American theme and the atmosphere is all the better for it. Expect loud music, leather booths and illustrated retro-style menus in any of Lucky Chip’s three venues. Burgers are properly squishy, diner-style mouthfuls. Our favourite has to be the El Chappo. This firecracker is made up of an aged beef patty with smoky bacon, roasted jalapenos, blue cheese and aioli. This clever combo makes for spicy and cooling, and rich and tangy mouthfuls, all at once.
Where: Essex Road, N1 8LN
Book now: Lucky Chip at Old Queen's Head 

Bougie Burger, Burger & Beyond

Burger with sauce sesame bun

Why: Slicker than your average, Burger & Beyond serves its wares in Shoreditch, Soho and Borough, where burgers are presented on chic Nordic-style plates. A nice change from the usual, more casual approach of a basket or paper wrap, and a surprise, given that this East London hot spot started life as a queue-inducing market stall. Burger & Beyond offers more variety than most too, with mushroom, chicken, beef and fish options. The Fish Burger is made up of crispy nuggets of line-caught cod, Nashville hot sauce, mukrat lime and herb mayo and crunchy slaw, while their classic Cheeseburger is topped with American cheese, smoky mayo and onions. Our favourite is the Bougie Burger with a signature dry aged beef patty, double American cheese, Steak sauce 2.0, marrownaise and beef fat onions.
Where: Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JE
Book now: Burger & Beyond

The Dalston Dip, Nanny Bill's

Burger with gravy

What: Nanny Bill’s doesn’t do things by halves, and you can expect to see everything from ‘The Hot Box’ with double beef patties and jalapenos, to ‘The Jam’ that comes smothered in bacon jam - but it’s the ‘Dalston Dip’ that’s caught the attention of foodies across the capital. This lip smackingly good burger is cram-packed with double beef patties, mustard glaze, American cheese, caramelised onions and burger sauce, and even comes with a pot of gravy on the side for dipping.
Where: 72-82 St Thomas Street, SE1 3QX
Book now: Nanny Bill’s Vinegar Yard

Swiss Tony, Fat Hippo

Burger with onions and cheese

Why: Fat Hippo has been making waves up north for some time now. The London site finds itself bang in the middle of the ever-changing culinary melting pot that is Shoreditch. All burgers on this menu are fully loaded, and offer a range of flavours from the 'honey monsta' with beef patties AND fried chicken, to a peanut butter and jam option, but the Swiss Tony is the one that's truly stolen our hearts. Double patties, Swiss cheese, smoked bacon, mushrooms, Cajun onion rings and truffle mayo are all squeezed between a toasted brioche bun, creating an explosion of flavour in every mouthful. As if that wasn't enough, it also comes with a free side of your choice (and we'd strongly recommend sampling some of the delicious tater tots). Wash it all down with the 'Irish One', an espresso martini-inspired boozy milkshake. 
Where: Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3EJ
Book now: Fat Hippo

The best smash burgers in London

Smash burgers have quickly taken over the London burger scene, packing all of the flavour without any of the jaw-breaking size. Less is more as far as these are concerned, and there are a few spots across the city that have managed to absolutely nail it.

Smash Burger, Manna

Manna's Smash Burger

Why: Arcade Food Hall offers a number of exciting eateries across it's site, but Manna remains one of the most popular since it's opening due to it's undeniably delicious burgers and fried chicken. The Nashville Hot Chicken Burger is a close second, but if you've nabbed a table in this swanky space, do yourself a favour and order in one of these simple yet effective smash burgers. There are no frills here, just a quality smashed beef patty, cheese, pickles, diced onion and the perfect ratio of mayo, ketchup and mustard. A bite of delicious Americana.
Where: New Oxford Street, WC1A 1DB
Book now: Arcade Food Hall 

Dexter Cheeseburger, Plimsoll

Smash burger with wine glass

What: The smash burger at Plimsoll may well be one of the most notorious burgers in London, and it’s easy to see why after just one bite. A smashed patty is served in a brioche bun with finely diced onion, American cheese, burger sauce, and gherkins, and whilst it may sound simple, each element is perfectly executed which takes it from ordinary to knockout. Although word to the wise, it’s just down the road from the Emirates Stadium so you may want to work your visit around any Arsenal home games as it's hard to get a table at the best of times.
Where: 52 St Thomas's Road, N4 2QQ
Book now: Plimsoll

Smash Burger, Lagom

Burger in napkin

What: Lagom is known for serving quality meat that’s been smoked in house, and is grilled over an open fire - so it comes as no surprise that it knocks out one of the best burgers in the city. A hogget and boar patty is smashed and tucked between a classic bun with some mustard and vinegar slaw. Order it alongside a pint from Hackney Church Brew Co. for the perfect pairing. 
Where: 17 Bohemia Place, E8 1DU
Book now: Lagom

Burger, Supernova

Smash burger with cheese

What: Supernova caused a storm on social media when it first opened, gaining an instant fan base for both its delicious smash burgers, and its instantly recognisable yellow branding. The team here has taken the stress out of decision making by offering a super simple menu of just a burger, fries and an ice cream sandwich - we’ll take the lot, please.
Where: 25 Peter Street, W1F 0AH
Book now: Supernova

The OG Smash, Fat Whyte Slims

Burger with overflowing cheese sauce

What: Whyte Rushen made a name for himself through a number of exciting pop ups in London, and has seen a steady increase in loyal followers ever since. His restaurant Whyte’s opened in Hackney in late 2023, but head there on the weekend for it’s transformation into the burger bar ‘Fat Whyte Slims’. This is a pre-order only situ, so no need to worry about tedious queues - phew!
Where: Unit 3, 143 Mare Street, E8 3RH
Book now: Whyte’s

Motz, Bun & Sum

Burger with cheese and onions

What: Bun & Sum brings LA style smash burgers to London with a menu that covers everything from a classic patty with cheese, to fully loaded options with 5 hour smoked rib and honey. If you’re going all in then be sure to try out the ‘Bow Dip’ with two smashed patties, American cheese, 12 hour smoked brisket, and a pot of beef gravy for dipping; there's a reason these burgers are being plastered all over our Instagram feeds.
Where: Unit 4, Bow Triangle Business Centre, Eleanor Street, E3 4UR
Book now: Bun & Sum

Double Cheeseburger, Bleecker

Double cheese burger and fries

Why: Sometimes a concise menu is a sign of a confident cook and we think Bleecker Burger nails it here. Offering up proper dirty burgers, the selection spans just six options, five beef and one veggie. If we had to choose our favourite it would be the double cheeseburger – made up of double beef patties, American cheese, onion and sauce. Like many greats before it, Bleecker was born from a food truck, and that commitment to small-scale and quality has remained despite the permanent residences now. The rare-breed, pasture-fed beef comes from small, UK farms. The meat is then dry-aged for that intense beefy flavour before being lovingly topped with a few well-thought-out ingredients.
Where: 16 Bloomberg Arcade, EC4N 8AR
Book now: 
Bleecker Burger

The best chicken burgers in London

We love a beef burger as much as the next person but sometimes the stomach pines for some crispy fried chicken, and thankfully London is not short of tasty treats to indulge this fantasy.

Nashville Hot Chicken Bun, Manna

Fried chicken burger

What: We know Manna can produce a decent smash burger, but did you know the fried chicken burger is up there with the best as well? The Nashville Hot Chicken Bun includes a cayenne-dipped fried chicken, Manna hot spice, American cheese, Manna sauce, lettuce and pickles, alongside some cooling house sauce. If spice isn't your thing, there's also plenty of other options from a simple crispy chicken and mayo to BBQ sauce and creamy slaw, but one thing we can guarantee you - they're all finger-licking good.
Where: 103-105 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1DB
Book now: Arcade Food Hall

The OG, Butchies

Loaded fried chicken burgers bun

What: If you’re after some quality buttermilk fried chicken, Butchies has got you covered. Each piece has been sourced from halal approved suppliers in South Yorkshire, and comes coated in an ultra crunchy batter to give the perfect texture in contrast against the soft, pillowy bun. You can choose from buffalo flavours, burgers filled with guac, chipotle mayo and bacon, and even chicken smothered in a cheese dripping, but if you prefer to keep things simple, The OG is the way to go with it's 'OG' sauce and house pickles, letting the chicken speak for itself.
Where: 22 Rivington Street, EC2A 3DY
Book now: Butchies Shoreditch

Hot Honey, Twenty Ft Fried Chicken

Honey chicken burger

What: 20FT Fried Chicken comes from the brains behind Black Bear Burger, so it’s no surprise that the chicken burgers are first class too. The classic option comes with golden crispy chicken, house sauce, pickles and shredded iceberg, but it’s the hot honey option we can’t get enough of. Adding a hit of sweetness and spice, it really is the whole package. If that's not quite enough to satisfy your fried chicken needs, be sure to try the buffalo and blue cheese wings - they're epic.
Where: 9 Holles Street, W1G 0DB
Book now: Twenty Ft Fried Chicken

Buffalo, Other Side Fried

Chicken burger and sauce fries

What: Other Side Fried is a Brixton staple, and has been serving locals some of the best fried chicken in the capital since 2014. Whilst the chicken wings are not to be scoffed at, it’s the burgers we’re really interested in, and the buffalo option in particular; there’s hot sauce, ranch, lettuce and pickles alongside crispy golden chicken. The team here are all about 'dirty done proper', and we couldn't describe it better ourselves.
Where: 3 Atlantic Road, SW9 8HX
Book now: Other Side Fried

Chicken Burger, Bake Street

Fried chicken cayenne dip burger

What: Bake Street is a charming neighbourhood cafe in Hackney that just so happens to do one of the best chicken burgers in London. With the Nashville Hot Chicken bun, you can expect a substantial piece of cayenne-dipped chicken wedged between a brioche bun with American cheese and iceberg lettuce. If you’ve got room be sure to check out the dessert selection before you head out, the pastry offerings are equally as tempting.
Where: 58 Evering Road, N16 7SR
Book now: Bake Street

The best vegan burgers in London

Bacon Plant 2.0, Honest Burgers

Bacon burger vegan

What: Honest Burgers are are one of the biggest burger chains in London, and are proof that not all chain restaurants fall victim to compromising quality for quantity. It gained loyal followers for it's classic beef burgers, but the vegan offerings are also worth shouting about. You can choose from southern fried fritters and teriyaki style buns, but it's the bacon plant 2.0 that's stolen our hearts. Expect meaty and cheesy flavours without any of the guilt, from ingredients like bacon dust shoestring fries, Applewood vegan cheese, and of course the Beyond Meat patty.
Where: 4 Market Place, W1W 8AD; 4a Meard Street, W1F 0EF
Book now: Honest Burgers Oxford Circus, Honest Burgers Soho

Mushroom Raclette, Burger & Beyond

Mushroom raclette patty

What: Burger & Beyond are not messing around when it comes to vegan burgers, with this draw droppingly good meat alternative tempting even the biggest of carnivores. The panko crusted mushroom patty takes centre stage, and is topped with melted vegan raclette, caramelised onion, green leaves and a vegan ranch sauce. This popular eatery has various locations across the capital, so you're never far from this delicious plant based treat.
Where: 10 Old Compton Street, W1D 4TF; Arch 231, Borough Yards, SE1 9FJ
Book now: Burger & Beyond Soho, Burger & Beyond Borough Yards

Smash Burger, Neat

vegan smash burger with onions

What: Neat is known for more than just it’s delicious burgers, with it also gaining traction for it’s high profile founder - F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton. The mission at Neat is to use whole ingredients, cook everything from scratch and therefore create something that’s better for both people's health, and the environment. The patties here are made from ingredients like oyster mushroom, pea protein, chickpeas, mung beans, white onion and quinoa; healthy and delicious, what more could you want?
Where: 33 Old Compton Street, W1D 5JU
Book now: Neat

Cheezeburger Taco, Club Mexicana

Cheeseburger taco

What: Club Mexicana describes itself as ‘100% vegan 100% bangin’, and we’d have to agree. This one may not be the most authentic burger on the list, but we figured the incredible flavours made it a worthy contender. There’s ground ‘beef’, queso, white onion, gherkin, burger sauce, shredded lettuce, chipotle ketchup and crispy shallots, all encased in a corn tortilla.
Where: Kingly Court, W1B 5PW
Book now: Club Mexicana Soho

Well, there you have it. As we said at the top, we don't recommend you try everything on the list in a week (you would probably be too full to try anyway). If you wanted a more indepth look at some of the individual categories, why not start by taking a look at our list of best vegan burgers in London. Alternatively you might want to turn your attention to fried chicken, for which we've also scoured the city for our top picks and popped them into a feature for best fried chicken in London

Before we go, it's only fair to shout out the most overlooked element of the burger - the bun. It's the key to a good burger, and some amazing London bakeries are working their magic to help house delicious patties. They also use their powers to make London's very best sandwiches, so be sure to check that out if you're tired of burgers but want something similar. 

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