Korean BBQ London: 16 of the best restaurants to try

From bulgogi to bossam, this list has everything you need

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Korean BBQ London: 16 of the best restaurants to try

The demand for great Korean food in London is only growing. One reason is that lots of the best fried chicken in London is Korean. Another is that Korean restaurants are great for group dining and celebrations. But perhaps the biggest reason of all is Korean barbecue (K-BBQ).


For the uninitiated, Korean barbecue (or gogi-gui) is about cooking at the table, often as a group. The restaurant supplies delicious cuts of marinated meat such as beef or pork, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables and more, then you cook it yourself on a charcoal or gas grill set into the table. While summer tends to be peak British barbecue season, you can get your smoky meats any time of the year at these authentic eateries. There's no need to worry about the weather playing ball either, as all of the cooking is done inside.

The meats come in a variety of cuts, such as bulgogi (thin slices of sirloin or tenderloin) which are very popular and can be flavoured with a variety of marinades among the likes of soy, garlic, and chilli. Another crowd-pleaser, which you may see often on Korean menus, is galbi, which is short rib, served bone-in.

The Korean BBQ is a must-try experience. It is a fun and unique dining experience, especially if you’ve got a hankering for barbecued meat.

We’ve done the hard part and sourced the best Korean BBQ London has to offer, so all you have to do is mosey on down to one of these great Korean restaurants and have yourself a meat-feast. We have gone the extra mile and even covered the best restaurants in ‘Little Korea’, otherwise known as New Malden. So, whether you’re just looking for some London eateries or are willing to travel a bit further afield for your fix, we’ve got something for everyone.


The best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Central London

From authentic Korean BBQ experiences to restaurants that put a contemporary spin on the meat-focused feast, London is home to many Korean BBQ menus of various sizes and styles. Here are some of our favourites

Gogi Korean Bar & Grill, Marble Arch

Why: Gogi means meat in Korean, and this BBQ hotspot certainly delivers on that promise with a fantastic range of meats on offer. Expect everything from classic bulgogi (thinly sliced marinated beef) to spicy soy chicken. You’ll probably want to get one of the platters to share, plus it also does grilled seafood. As usual, the meat is prepared at the table and then wrapped in lettuce. Vegans and veggies are well-catered for too, with plenty of kimchi, jap chae (glass noodles with mixed veg and soy sauce), vegetable dumplings and pancakes and more. The bibimbap os also great here, served in a traditional dolsot (earthware pot).
Where: 451 Edgware Road, London, W2 1TH
Book now: Gogi

SuperStar BBQ, Covent Garden

Why: Get your fill of barbecue goodness at this Korean food haven in central, where you can order grilled meats for lunch and dinner with SuperStar’s set menus, or individually order dishes. The offering is indulgent with beef, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, and vegetables for you to grill on the table. Plus, SuperStar has got some great sides such as jap chae, spicy rice cakes, and kimchi pancakes. The drinks match the food perfectly with options like Korean beer, plum tea and most importantly, soju. 
Where: 4 Central Street, Giles Piazza, WC2H 8AH
Book now: SuperStar BBQ

Yori, various locations

Why: There are a number of Yoris peppered across London (Fulham, Wimbledon, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Ealing and Clapham Junction) so chances are you have one close by. Select your weapon of choice, including multiple different cuts of beef, marinated ribs, pork belly and king prawns, as well as extras like sweet and sour spring onion salad. For a non-BBQ option, try the kimchi jjigae - a spicy stew made with kimchi, pork and tofu. 
Where: Various locations
Book now: Yori Covent Garden

Yanji, Bethnal Green

Why: East London spot Yanji really is for diehard Korean BBQ lovers. While there are less adventurous options like kimchi fried rice or pork bao, we recommend you go all out here. Try the chicken heart or gizzard, pig intestine or squid legs, each grilled to perfection on a skewer. Starters include dumplings, Korean fried chicken and edamame so everyone is well-catered for. 
Where: 153 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG
Book now: Yanji

Jumak39, Picadilly Circus

Why: Jumak39 near Piccadilly Circus occupies two floors, the ground floor housing a casual restaurant where diners can feast on Japanese and Korean dishes, while downstairs is a cosy Korean-style pub to start (or end) the night. From Korean BBQ to sushi and sashimi trays, bento boxes, udon noodles and hot pots, the choice is (very nearly) endless at Jumak39. 
Where: 39 Panton Street, London, SW1Y 4EA 
Book now: Jumak39

Asadal, Holborn

Why: Hidden near Holborn station, this Korean restaurant ticks all the boxes for authenticity, with its extensive menu of barbecue classics with all the bulgogi options, plus the choice of rib eye, ox tongue, and sirloin steak. Punters have praised Asadal for its good value lunch boxes and set menus too. Definitely try the Sujeonggwa, a cinnamon punch specialty, while the red bean ice cream will help you round off your feast.
Where: 227 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7DA
Book now: Asadal

Daebak, Vauxhall

Why: Daebak has got a hearty menu of Korean dishes from fried chicken to jjigae. The restaurant also does a wonderful beef bulgogi with mixed vegetables – making this one a great all-rounder, so you can have your fix of BBQ and get some bibimbap too. There are plenty of set menus to choose from, each offering a selection for either individuals or groups (perfect for when it's too hard to decide on just one dish to have). 
Where: 316-318 Kennington Lane, London, SE11 5HY
Book now: Daebak

Dotori, Finsbury Park

Why: This Japanese-Korean restaurant is a delightful gem in North London. The menu is divided into Korean and Japanese dishes, rather than a fusion of the two. Dotori is great for punters who love bibimbap and Korean BBQ in equal measure, as you can have both in one. The bulgogi bibimbap features thinly sliced beef marinated in pear and soy over a warm bowl of seasoned veggies, gochujang chilli, and rice. More adventurous diners should try the gul twigim - deep-fried oysters in a fruity sauce. Finish with matcha mochi ice cream for the full experience.
Where: 3 Stroud Green Road, London, N4 2DQ
Book now: Dotori

Jihwaja, Vauxhall

Why: Jihwaja offers modernity and value for money with a concise menu of Korean BBQ dishes. Feast your eyes - and stomach - on the restaurant’s take on beef bulgogi, spicy pork belly, buldak spicy chicken, and beef galbi (beef short ribs). The meat is marinated in chilli, honey, garlic, and sesame oil to create a well-rounded flavour journey with a spicy kick, and is served with seaweed rice balls. What's unique about Jihwaja, however, is that it also does karaoke. 
Where: 353 Kennington Lane, London, SE11 5QY
Book now: Jihwaja

Kimchee, Camden

Why: Kimchee is a chic Korean eatery that offers all the classic dishes, plus some niche specialities. The restaurant’s charcoal grill section features hearty cuts of bulgogi and galbi marinated in a rich blend of ginger, dark soy, and garlic, while the beef tongue benefits from a delicious flavouring of cumin, sesame oil, and red chilli powder. The meat selection might be the best on this list, with multiple different cuts of wagyu, Iberico pork and even ox tongue.
Where: 2 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG
Book now: Kimchee Camden

Koba, Fitzrovia

Why: Koba elegantly merges casual BBQ fare with a stunningly decorated restaurant, to create a contemporary take on Korean barbecue. Koba is all about high-quality grilled meats and promoting Korean dining culture with an enticing menu of specialities. The BBQ special is a great option for punters, with soy beef bulgogi and spicy chicken served up with dumplings and rice. All of the other dishes also have a BBQ element to them too, from the dubbab to the dosirak. The grilled mackerel is also not to be missed.
Where: 11 Rathbone Street, London, W1T 1NA
Book now: Koba

Olle, Chinatown

Why: Olle's over the top window display might put you off, but step inside, and the friendly staff will guide you through everything, including how much to order and when. Try the seafood pajeon, an eggy seafood pancake packed with spring onion and shellfish. From there, you could also opt for one of the stews, although they might not leave much room for BBQ. Slices of bulgogi, galbi and pork belly are a must, with wagyu cuts also available for those looking to splurge. The best financial option is one of the generous selections, which features meat, seafood and mushrooms, as well as a selection of dips for a very reasonable price point. 
Where: 86-88 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 6NH
Book now: Olle

Jinjuu, Soho

Why: Jinjuu takes elements of Korean food and fuses it with globally-inspired flavours to create an eclectic menu with a contemporary edge. The bulgogi beef fillet arrives with chimichurri, truffle-seaweed, and a soy glaze – a trio of sauces you didn’t know you needed. The braised beef short ribs, grilled lamb cutlets, and pork belly are all wonderful renditions of traditional dishes, with a high-class flourish and excellently sourced ingredients. Don't miss the signature fried chicken (or cauliflower), which comes with a choice of sauces including black garlic aioli, gochujang and honey mustard.
Where: 15 Kingly Street, London, W1B 5PS
Book now: Jinjuu

The best Korean BBQ Restaurants in New Malden

For true Korean BBQ lovers, go the extra mile and head to New Malden to check out these K-Town hotspots. The area is home to the largest population of Koreans in the UK; it’s often called ‘Little Korea’, so you can expect some properly authentic fare.

Jin Go Gae, New Malden

Why: Jin Go Gae offers an extensive menu of BBQ dishes, from succulent pork ribs to marbled cuts of beef, duck bulgogi, and fresh squid marinated in sweet soy. You will definitely need to share here, as there is also a seafood platter and some veggie options too. Jin Go Gae also does charcoal and stove lid grills, for diners who want more options for how the meat is cooked.  
Where: 272 Burlington Road, London, KT3 4NL
Book now: Jin Go Gae

Han Bar & Restaurant

Why: This restaurant is decorated with traditional Korean pavilions; the rustic-chic interior is a delight for the eyes as much as the authentic food is. You’ll see the tables inlaid with grills for cooking up the meats and once you see the menu, you’ll want to get sizzling. The meats are the typical offerings: beef ribs, ribeyes, bulgogi, and more. For afters, you can do some karaoke for a fully authentic experience. 
Where: Apex Tower, 1 High Street, KT3 4DQ
Book now: Han Bar & Restaurant


Why: K-Town has been around for a couple of decades and is a go-to for buffet-style all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue. Have fun cooking the meat at the table, and if you’ve got room for more, the restaurant does a great bibimbap. K-Town strives to be authentic and is quite popular for being great value for money. Be warned though, there are often queues and extremely long waits, but many say it's well worth it. 
Where: 8-12 Coombe Road, London, KT3 4QE
Book now: K-Town

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