The Grand Tea

The Grand Tea
10 mins preparation,
Serves 4

For an afternoon tea party with a twist try this refreshing punch that combines citrus juices with Earl Grey tea. Make it in advance and add ice when your guests arrive. To make your punch last for longer use a big ice block, made by freezing water in an empty ice cream tub. This will melt more slowly than individual ice cubes. 


120ml Grand Marnier
120ml Tanqueray gin infused with Earl Grey Tea*
60ml Earl Grey and raspberry syrup**
80ml orange juice
100ml fresh lemon juice



Put all of the ingredients in a punch bowl and stir thoroughly to mix


Add ice to start the dilution


Garnish with raspberries, orange and lemon slices and mint


Serve into punch cups 


Serves 4


*Making the gin infusion

To make this, infuse a bottle of Tanqueray with 4 Earl Grey teabags and leave to stand for 10 minutes


**Making the syrup

To make this, muddle a punnet of fresh raspberries, add 250g sugar, half a litre of hot water and 2 Earl Grey teabags. Leave to infuse until flavoured to taste and strain before using

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