Peach and Basil Old Gin Fashioned

Short and sweet with a kick, a twist on a classic

Peach and Basil Old Gin Fashioned
10 mins preparation,
Serves 1

The Alfred Tennyson, a gastro pub located in Belgravia, share their peachy take an old fashioned.

Find the recipe for their homemade peach and basic syrup here.


50ml Gin (pick one with robust flavours)
20ml Peach & Basil Syrup (15ml if you prefer your old fashioned less sweet)
4 dashes of Angostura Bitters (not necessary but adds a different level to the drink)



Fill a whisky glass with ice


Add the syrup and then the gin and stir to combine


Add a few dashes of bitters and stir a bit more in order to dilute the drink


Once the volume of the drink has lifted up slightly it is ready. Don’t stir too long or you’ll water it down


Garnish with lemon peel (squeeze it gently into the glass to sprinkle it with citrus oils) and a slice of peach

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