Classic Martini

Discover how to make the perfect Martini cocktail - always stirred and never shaken (sorry James)

Classic Martini
5 mins preparation,

Unlike James Bond would have you think, the classic Martini is actually best served stirred and not shaken. It can be made with gin or vodka and is a relatively easy cocktail to make, so long as you get the balance of the ingredients just right. Explore our recipe for the Classic Martini cocktail.


4tbsp dry vermouth
240ml gin or vodka
Olive or lemon peel, to garnish



Either stir your choice of gin or vodka together with the vermouth and add with a little ice in a cocktail shaker


Strain it into a chilled Martini glass and serve with your choice of either an olive in the bottom of the glass or a lemon twist hanging on the side of the glass

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