Classic Margarita with a spicy twist

Classic Margarita with a spicy twist
3 mins preparation,

The iconic Margarita serve has become the third most popular cocktail globally, according to the Bacardi Trends Report 2024, and it remains a firm favourite for bars and restaurants across the UK. Its three simple ingredients keep cocktail lovers coming back to more, but it's also a drink that boasts versatility. Here we try it with an added spicy twist which shows off the PATRON Tequila wonderfully. 


50ml PATRÓN Silver
25ml Fresh lime juice
20ml Premium Orange Liqueur (eg Cointreau)
5ml Agave syrup
1x Lime wedge for garnish



Combine liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously with ice and shake for eight seconds


Remove your glass from the freezer


Strain into your favourite glass (on the rocks or straight up) and garnish with a lime wedge


Add slices of red chilli (to taste) to the shaker and fine strain to create the spicy twist


Salty Rim

Optional: wet half of your glass rim with a lime wedge, dip into sea salt and place in the freezer.

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