Espresso Martini

We have the perfect espresso martini recipe that you can create at home

Espresso Martini
3 mins preparation,
Serves 4

The Espresso Martini has well and truly taken the country by storm over the last couple of years and the cocktail has now become a staple on almost every bar menu around. It truly looks the part, but it’s a breeze to make at home, too.  And it's both good as a pre or a pick-me-up late in the evening.


2tbsp sugar syrup
200ml vodka
100ml freshly brewed espresso coffee
100ml Kahlua
Coffee beans, to garnish



Pour the syrup, vodka, coffee and Kahlua into a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice


Shake until the shaker feels ice cold and you can see the mixture frothing


Strain into chilled glasses and garnish carefully with some coffee beans

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