Corporate gift review: The Montpelier hamper from Harrods

Corporate gift review: The Montpelier hamper from Harrods

Posted on 13 November 2017 • Written By Millie Milliken

Corporate gift review: The Montpelier hamper from Harrods

Christmas came early when the famous department store’s luxury hamper arrived in the post. Did it make the cut as a dream corporate gift idea? Here’s the answer 

Words Millie Milliken

Harrods hamper Montpelier

You can’t accuse the hamper elves at Harrods of not shopping around. Tuscany, Normandy, Dorset and Yorkshire are just some of the destinations they’ve gone to, to source the 27 items that make up The Montpelier. From store-cupboard staples (marmalade, mustard) to ‘devour on the day’ perishables (hello cheese), here we have £300-worth of the Food Hall’s top-drawer products.

The stand outs

Two words: fudge library. Yes, four kinds of the confectionery are stacked in twos on their own ‘shelf’. Our favourite was the clotted cream version, which comes from one of southern England’s most popular dairies, in Devon. 

The charcuterie selection is also impressive, while the smoked chicken breast with juniper, parsley and rosemary was a surprise hit. The Modena balsamic vinegar is our new go-to for bread dipping. We can’t miss the Cotswold brie: of the three cheeses included it alone will have your client thinking of you on Christmas day.

The only hiccups were not down to taste but to inclusion. Although we’d never turn our noses up at La Cucina spaghetti, without an accompanying sauce it seemed rather incongruous. And two kinds of salami? That doesn’t scream Christmas to us.

Value for money

At £300, The Montpelier sits at the more reasonable side of Harrods’s hamper offering – but by no means reflects it with top products still making the cut. The four bottles of wine (the rioja’s the star drop) make up a sixth of the price alone, while the 454g blue stilton wedge will last far beyond Christmas.  The variety of products mean that condiments, booze, snack food and sweet treats are all covered and the hamper itself is particularly good looking, with faux leather detailing and some Harrods branding that doesn’t smack you in the face.

Who to buy it for

This one’s for that client you want to impress. It’s worth noting that it’s heavy on the meat and the cheese, so while this wouldn’t be one for the veggie or a vegan, that client who always orders the cheese platter over dessert will love it. The more expensive options in the range cater to specific tastes (just confectionary or a huge range of condiments) but the Montpelier covers more of the bases without coming off as a jack-of-all-trades.

Got someone in mind? Click here to contact the Corporate Service at Harrods and get The Montpelier now. Alternatively, other Harrods Christmas hampers range from £35 to £5,000.