Aldi Christmas food 2024: Our top picks

We've rounded up our top picks of the Aldi Christmas selection this year, including Billionaire's cheesecake, a Wagyu picanha joint and award-winning malt whisky...

Updated on 12 October 2023 • Written By Pete Dreyer

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Aldi Christmas food 2024: Our top picks

This year, there are more brilliant Christmas menus and offerings than we can count. Marks and Spencers’ Christmas food is back, while the best Christmas hampers are bigger and boujier than ever. But what about those of us on a budget? Yes, M&S has some great stuff, but it certainly isn’t cheap. That’s why this year, we’ve expanded our content to include a guide to Aldi’s Christmas food offering. Aldi is officially the UK’s cheapest supermarket but seems to do an impressive job of maintaining quality, especially come December. That’s why we’ve made this handy guide to Aldi Christmas 2023.


If you’re thinking cheap Christmas food means dry turkey and floppy vegetables, think again. This year, you’ll find some surprisingly elevated entries, including scallops gratinated in their own shells, glazed salmon sides and an incredibly boujie peppercorn-encrusted Wagyu picanha beef joint. All of the food is available for click and collect, so all you have to do is pop your favourites in the basket and hit order now. The shop then loads all the items into trays ready for you to pick up, and orders can be changed for free until 11.50 pm the night before. Perfect for when that relative suddenly decides they’re vegan.

If you ask us, no Christmas is complete without a little tipple. That’s why we’ve thrown in some delicious drinks to wash down your festive feast. Start off with a bottle of great-value Prosecco, before sipping on a Baileys alternative that’s just as good and costs half as much. Finally, enjoy an award-winning 5 year old blended malt whisky, or one of Aldi's exciting new range of bottled cocktails. So, without further preamble, have a browse of the list and click the ones you like. Please note, some of the below products are brand new this year, so might not be available to order just yet.


The best Aldi Christmas starters

Given the feast ahead, starters might seem like overkill. But when else in the year do we get a whole day to eat this much food? Tuck into these tasty nibbles before your meal or serve them alongside the mains.

NEW: Lemon and Mascarpone Canapés

What: What’s not to love about lemon and creamy Mascarpone? These luxurious little canape starters bring something timeless and classy to the table to amuse your bouche for the festivities ahead. Smoked and cooked salmon hides underneath the lemon-flecked Mascarpone cream - delicious. These are available from 19 December.
How much: £3.49

NEW: Specially Selected Scallop Gratins

What: With Christmas diners abandoning turkey with each passing year, Aldi is going big on Christmas seafood in 2023. Some of our favourite items from the new range are these tasty scallop gratins, with Coquilles St. Jacques served in a creamy sauce with a gratin top. There are also salmon mornay and scallop, prawn and Champagne versions, and all are available from 6 November.
How much: £3.99

NEW: Specially Selected Pork, Maple & Chestnut Chipolatas Wrapped in Bacon

What: Aldi has a whole range of pig in blanket options available this year (not surprising as pigs in blankets are objectively the best part of Christmas). These lux pork, maple and chestnut chipolatas are among our new faves, and that’s all before they get wrapped in smoked streaky bacon. Available 7 December.
How much: £3.19

NEW: Giant Yorkshire Pudding Pig in Blanket

What: What’s better than a pig in a blanket? A pig in a blanket in another blanket, that’s what. Aldi’s popular giant Yorkshire pudding is back, complete with a giant pig in blanket to go inside - it’s like a big festive Cumberland sausage! You can get your hands on this from 14 December onwards.
How much: £4.99

The best Aldi Christmas mains

On to the main event! Here are four hearty options that are guaranteed to impress your guests. Most of them are ready to pop straight in the oven, making for a less stressful day and prompt start time for eating.

British Turkey Crown

What: Great for smaller gatherings and breast meat fans, Aldi offers a few different turkey crown options. The Large British Turkey Crown (£20.19) clocks in between 2.4-2.8kg, whilst the Small British Turkey Crown (£14.99) is between 1.5-1.9kg. There's also a Specially Selected Stuffed Turkey Crown (£24.99, 1.8kg) which hits a nice middle ground and makes an attractive festive table centrepiece!
How much: £19.99
Buy now: British Turkey Crown

NEW: Specially Selected Crackling Gammon Joint (Bone-in)

What: If you're going down the alternative Christmas main route, this beautiful bone-in gammon joint could be the one. With crunchy crackling and brown sugar glaze, it's juicy, sweet, salty, tangy, and it looks a treat in the middle of the table. This one goes on sale on 8 December. 
How much: £18.99

NEW: Maple & Clementine Glaze Side of Salmon

What: Another brand new option this year, Aldi’s going big on seafood - particularly salmon, which is available in various cures and glazes. A side of salmon makes a lovely showstopper for Christmas lunch, and this maple and clementine glazed version caught our eye, though the orange and lemon option also sounds delightful. Available from 19 December.
How much: £11.99

NEW: Specially Selected British Peppercorn Crusted Wagyu Picanha

What: If you’re really out to impress this Christmas, just imagine your guests faces when you plonk this hefty pepper-crusted Wagyu picanha on the table. The picanha is a Brazilian beef cut beloved for its tenderness and flavour, and the fragrant, peppery crust elevates that to new levels. Serves 4-6 and available from 19 December.
How much: £24.99

NEW: Specially Selected Vegan Festive Wreath

What: Aldi has made sure that there’s plenty of choice for vegan and plant-based customers this year all across the board from canapes to mains and desserts. Back by popular demand is the award-winning vegan festive wreath, made from a mix of butternut squash, cranberries, chestnuts and pumpkin seeds. Candied orange slices and a mulled wine glaze are a nice finishing touch. On sale from 19 December.
How much: £4.99

Partridge In A Pear Tree Wellingtons

What: Is this the ultimate festive main? It’s certainly up there. These partridge Wellingtons we're massively popular last yar and they're back again for 2023. Boneless partridge breasts have been stuffed with pork and pear stuffing then wrapped in buttery puff pastry. Cut into the crisp outer layer and enjoy the meaty goodness within - heavenly!
How much: £9.99
Buy now: Partridge In A Pear Tree Wellingtons

The best Aldi Christmas desserts

Sweet treats are one of the best things about Christmas each year. Aldi has some brilliant creations, all at highly agreeable prices (the panettone is a particularly good bargain).

NEW: Specially Selected Billionaire’s Cheesecake

What: Over the last few years we’ve seen cheesecakes ascend in popularity, becoming a recognised part of the Christmas dessert spread. This year, Aldi’s novelty cheesecakes come in a few different forms - there’s a classic vanilla with chocolate reindeer on top, a chocolate cheesecake, and this beautiful Billionaire’s cheesecake which combines chocolate ganache, caramel sauce, cocoa dusting and of course, creamy cheesecake filling. Who says no to that? All are available from 19 December.
How much: £8.99

NEW: Double Chocolate Semi-Freddo Igloo

What: This one is a great crowd pleaser for kids and adults alike - a cute white chocolate igloo, packed with semifreddo mousse and chewy meringue inside. How could we not mention our little milk chocolate penguin pal too.
How much: £6.99

Holly Lane Cuthbert Mini Rolls

What: Caterpillar cake-related lawsuits aside, we all love a mini roll-type cake. Cuthbert - or to use his full name, chocolate sponge filled with vanilla flavour filling enrobed in milk chocolate and finished with edible decorations - has got some festive additions this year and we’re here for it.
How much: £1.79
Buy now: Holly Lane Cuthbert Mini Rolls

NEW: Holly Lane Iced Mince Pies

aldi's iced mince pies

What: Aldi's mince pie range has doubled up this year, including the classic and much-loved Holly Lane Deep Filled Mince Pies (£1.25 for 6) as well as the new Holly Lane Iced Mince Pies (£1.39 for 6) which feature the same crumbly short crust pastry, topped off with a bit of icing.
How much: £1.39
Buy now: Holly Lane Iced Mince Pies

24-Month Matured Christmas Pudding

What: What’s better than a Christmas pudding? One that’s been maturing for two years, of course! This particular one is packed with vine fruits, cider, brandy, cognac and almonds, making for a showstopping festive dessert. You can even pop it in the microwave too.
How much: £4.49
Buy now: 24-Month Matured Christmas Pudding

The best Aldi Christmas drinks

If you haven't sampled Aldi's wine selection then you've been missing out. Here are our favourite festive tipples for this year, including bubbly, Irish cream, Scotch and even a wine advent calendar.

NEW: 5-Year-Old Blended Malt Whisky

What: Aldi’s spirits and wines are fast gaining a reputation as some of the most reliable and well-priced in the business, and this year it’s the whisky that is coming to the fore. This 5 year old blended malt number scooped a silver medal at this year’s International Spirits Challenge, and has subtle notes of dry hay, mint and citrus, backed by rich malt flavours. Available from 6 November.
How much: £18.99

NEW: Ruby Reserve Port

What: If there’s one time you get to break out the port, it’s Christmas. This ruby reserve bottle is just what you want from your tipple on Christmas day, with plenty of juicy red fruit. You’ll find this in stores from 6 November.
How much: £8.99

NEW: Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

What: As well as spirits, Aldi is here with the bottled Christmas cocktails for 2023, with options that include a tropical martini, a margarita and this sweet and salty espresso martini. Vodka, coffee and salted caramel, this is guaranteed to provide the caffeine hit you need when that late afternoon, post-lunch slump comes along. Available 6 November.
How much: £9.99

Prosecco Superiore Millesimato

What: It’s not a party without something bubbly! This award-winning Prosecco is the perfect balance between price and quality, comfortably on the right side of a tenner. There are pink varieties too if that’s more your thing.
How much: £8.99
Buy now: Prosecco Superiore Millesimato

Ballycastle Irish Country Cream

What: Clocking in at less than a fiver, this boozy, creamy number is the perfect festive drink. The Ballycastle Irish Country Cream blends booze, chocolate and vanilla for a winning combo, perfect for cocktails or poured straight over ice (or coffee, perhaps for Boxing Day).
How much: £4.49
Buy now: Ballycastle Irish Country Cream

When is Aldi Christmas food available?

Some of the food on this list is available to order now. However, some newer additions - particularly the new chilled items - will go into store at various times in November and December. Check on the Aldi Christmas food page to find out the exact dates for each product. 

How does Aldi click and collect work?

Having selected your food and preferred store, the team will do the rest for you. All you have to do is head to your selected shop on collection day and the staff will load your order straight into your car for you. Orders can be changed until 11:50 pm the night before and the pickers are trained to choose the freshest options. The food will be placed in your boot in compostable tray liners, making it super easy to take your purchases inside. 

It’s Christmas menus galore right now, so be sure to check out our guide to this year’s Costa festive menu too.

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