The best Christmas party themes: spruce up your party with these festive ideas

Make your party stand out from the crowd with our list of top Christmas party themes

Updated on 20 September 2022

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The best Christmas party themes: spruce up your party with these festive ideas

If there’s one thing that can bring the office together, it’s the staff Christmas party. Christmas parties can sometimes be regarded as something trivial or unnecessary, but they play an essential role in boosting team morale. They're a great way to acknowledge all the hard work and achievements of you and your colleagues throughout the year, as well as giving you the opportunity to socialise outside of the work environment. It’s also a fun chance to unleash your creativity with decorations and entertainment, and yes, a theme.


The most appropriate and well-delivered themes will have you and your colleagues Instagramming their way through the evening. There are many advantages to having a themed party: as well as making planning easier and setting the mood of the party, it makes the party a truly memorable experience. A theme tends to help larger events flow more smoothly by providing inspiration for everything from decoration to entertainment to venue.  

There are a few important things to bear in mind when choosing your theme. Firstly budget; if money is no object, then you may want to operate for a more glitzy, large-scale affair complete with entertainment; however, if money is tight, there are plenty of themes that can be done well on a tight budget. Then it’s time to think about the personality of your company. Are they a fun-loving, shot-drinking bunch or would they prefer a seated black-tie affair? Establishing this is key to planning a party that everyone will enjoy. Finally, it’s important to consider where the party will be held - will the venue marry with the theme? If you need to decorate the venue yourself, where will your source your decorations from? 

This may sound a little overwhelming, but luckily, we’re here to help. Check out our roundup of the top Christmas party themes to really make your Christmas do stand out from the crowd.  

Christmas Jumpers

It’s time to dig out your scratchy old Christmas jumpers - the uglier the better! Guests are required to wear the most horrible, extra Christmas jumper they can find, and if they refuse, don't be afraid to get creative with forfeits. 

A Christmas jumper party is all about embracing the tackiness, so go wild with decorations - we're talking tinsel, garlands, fairy lights and plenty of embarrassing props like reindeer ears. 


Roll up, roll up! A circus-themed Christmas bash is an amazing way to inject some energy into your event. More suitable for those on a slightly larger budget, the entertainment choices are absolutely crucial here. Take your pick between sword swallowers, fire eaters, clowns, trapeze artists- however, we would suggest drawing a line at elephants. 

Your venue choice is also important. Why not make your life easier by opting for a venue that already comes with suitable decor and in-house circus entertainment such as Circus? If you fancy going all out, check out the Bloomsbury Big Top, who have a team of on-hand events organise to help you plan your event. 

Christmas Murder Mystery

We all love the chance to bust out our acting chops, and what better opportunity than a murder mystery party? We're all familiar with the surprises and thrills of the traditional murder mystery party, so it's time to upgrade with some festive twists - think a seasonal murder weapon, intricate costumes and snow-based intrigue. There's an abundance of Christmas murder mystery scripts online, so there'll be no difficulty finding the one that's best suited to you. 

When committing to the bit, it's always best to make sure you're staying clear of 'normal' people (i.e. people not in your party) - check out some private dining rooms so you can hide your nefarious intentions. 

Winter Wonderland 

Why mess with a classic? It may seem like the Winter Wonderland theme has been done to death, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  

It begins, of course, with the decorations and lighting - think snow-crusted trees draped in twinkling decorations, blue and white uplighting, lots of tinsel, fairy lights, and maybe even a fake snow machine. Picking a blank-canvas venue is the best way to make your decorations truly shine.


100 years on from the original roaring 20s, it's time to celebrate the 21st century roaring 20s! Be prepared to get creative with decorations - we recommend lots of gold, sparkles, feathers, beads and coupe glasses. No matter where you decide to hold your event, dressing up is a must, so encourage your guests to bust out the black tie, sequins and feather boas. A little party never killed nobody!

Masquerade Ball 

A masquerade ball is a great way to create a sense of glamour, mystique and elegance at your Christmas party. These Christmas events tend to be rather smart affairs, so it’s best to remind your colleagues to come black-tie and ball gowns, as well as reminding them to bring a mask of course (anything from the elegant to the down-right weird). 

Christmas Movies 

Who doesn’t love a Christmas movie? From ‘Elf’ to ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to ‘Jingle All the Way’, there’s no shortage of feel-good festive flicks.  

There are a few different ways you could approach a Christmas movie-themed party, which makes it all the more fun. Costume parties aren’t just for Halloween - you could ask your guests to dress as their favourite characters from their favourite Christmas movie. Alternatively, decide on a Christmas movie between yourselves and you can plan your festive do based solely on that. No matter your preferences, it’s bound to be a box office hit.

For an added touch, book a venue with a screen so you can play Christmas movies in the background of your event - the four big screens and three HD TVs at The Latchmere will give you an experience nothing short of cinematic. 

If you’ve been tasked with planning the office Christmas party, check out our party planning checklist for a rundown of things to consider when you're prepping for the big day. 

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