Best gin advent calendars 2024: 12 options to get you in the Christmas spirit

From affordable calendars to refillable options, discover the best gin advent calendars to buy in 2024. Let the merriment be-GIN!

Updated on 22 November 2023 • Written By Ellie Donnell

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Best gin advent calendars 2024: 12 options to get you in the Christmas spirit

Whoever came up with gin advent calendars was a genius, we’re calling it.

Many believe advent calendars are a childhood pastime, that made eating chocolate every day before school an acceptable ritual. But grown-ups want daily December treats, too! And that’s where these strictly adults-only boozy advent calendars come in. We’ve swapped chocolate for miniature bottles of booze and rounded up the best gin advent calendars to buy in 2024, including affordable, refillable, premium and exclusively pink offerings. With so many different types on the market, this decision could be one of the hardest you make all season and you don’t want to get it wrong. 

Now, we don’t have anything against a classic Dairy Milk chocolate advent calendar, but in a world where gin-filled calendars exist, it would be rude not to make the most of the opportunity to drink G&Ts all month. 


We aren’t of course suggesting that you down a bottle of this popular spirit before you head off to work, but wouldn’t it be nice to have it to look forward to when you come home after a long day? Alternatively, you could save them up to enjoy on a Friday night or weekend, if that’s not considered cheating (or even if it is)? For real gin-lovers, lots of these calendars are packed with numerous different gins, making it easy to discover lots of exciting flavours, or even a new brand altogether.

You’d be surprised how many options there are out there, with a number of different distilleries all trying their hand at creating the ultimate advent calendar. With most of them costing a fair bit more than a standard chocolate calendar, it’s extra important to be completely sure of what you’re buying beforehand. So, to help out, we’ve put together a list of the best gin advent calendars for 2024, so you can weigh up the pros and cons of each one before you decide.

Drinks by the Dram Craft Gin Advent Calendar

Box of gin and drink

What: Attention all gin lovers - we may have found your perfect advent calendar? This boujie offering from Drinks by the Dram includes 24 hand-picked, wax-sealed drams of gin, all of which are different and span a range of small-scale gin producers. Indulge in brands you know, and discover labels you don’t, with a wide spectrum of gins on offer. Alongside classic offerings, there are plenty of interesting flavour combinations to get excited about too, including persian lime and orange blossom, grapefruit and pomelo, yuzu, and Jaffa cake gin.
How much: £69.95
Where to buy: Drinks By The Dram

The Gin to My Tonic 12 Days of Gin-mas Advent Calendar

Gin and tonic calendar

What it includes: 12 x 5cl bottles of gin
Why: This chic cream and gold advent calendar will help you countdown the 12 days to Christmas in style. Open the various doors to reveal a mixture of traditional or seasonal gins produced by a range of premium gin distilleries and boasting floral, festive, and citrus notes.
How much: £50
Buy the 12 Days of Gin-mas Advent Calendar

Craft Gin Club 25 Gins of Christmas Advent Calendar

Craft gin advent calendar

What it includes: 25 x 5cl bottles of craft gin
This is the only advent calendar on our list to contain 25 gins, which means the gin-filled fun runs all the way until Christmas Day! Packed full of everything from classic London dry gins, to some more unusual bottles, you’ll be sure to discover something new with this calendar.
How much: £94.95
Buy Craft Gin Club's 25 Gins of Christmas Advent Calendar

Virgin Wines Gin Advent Calendar

What it includes: 24 x 50cl bottles of gin
Why: You might not expect Virgin Wines to offer a gin advent calendar given its name, but once you’ve tried this box of treats you won’t be complaining. This year, you can expect to discover 24 superb gins from both award-winning producers and lesser-known boutique craft gins. So, in short, there is something to please everyone.
How much: £99.99
Buy the Virgin Wines Gin Advent Calendar

Fever-Tree Advent Calendar

Fevertree advent calendar

What it includes: 12 x 50ml hand-picked gins and 12 x 50ml Fever-Tree mixers
Why: Behold the ultimate G&T advent calendar! Everyone's favourite tonic water has created this beautiful treat for you to countdown the days until Christmas with. Inside are 12 perfect gin and tonic pairings, including a selection of Fever-Tree premium mixers alongside craft mini gins, for the perfect drink. Botanical mixers include its popular Mediterranean Tonic Water, Spanish Clementine Tonic and Elderflower Tonic, while gins are provided by the likes of Sipsmith, Hendricks, Chase. 
How much: £65
Buy the Fever-Tree Advent Calendar

The Wine Box 24 Days of Christmas Gin Advent Calendar 

What it includes: 24 x 5cl miniature gins 
Why: 24 different gins from the likes of Whitley Neill, Berkshire Botanical, Liverpool Gin, City of London and Aber Falls are what you can expect to find in this sleek calendar. It even includes a cocktail recipe book for some inspiring ideas on how to use each bottle, if you just can’t face another G&T.   
How much: £70 
Buy 24 Days of Christmas Gin Advent Calendar 

Halewood 12 Gins of Christmas Advent Calendar 

12 days of Christmas gin

What it includes: 12 x 5cl miniature gins 
Why: Available for less than 40 quid, this highly-reviewed offering contains 12 5cl bottles of gin, a slightly more manageable number if the thought of 24 days of gin seems a little overkill. Discover traditional dry gins, elderflower, rhubarb and ginger and raspberry flavours inside. 
How much: £39.98
Buy the Halewood 12 Gins of Christmas Advent Calendar 

Blue Tree Gin Advent Calendar 

Blue tree gin advent calendar

What it includes: 24 x 5cl miniature bottles of craft gin 
Why: This advent calendar is a great option for those who have grown tired of standard dry gin. With flavours such as blood orange, lemon drizzle, cherry Bakewell and Victoria sponge cake, they’re sure to add a little bit of sparkle to your festive tipple this year. 
How much: £69.99 
Buy the Blue Tree Gin Advent Calendar 

Drinks by the Dram Premium Gin Advent Calendar

What it includes: 24 x 3cl drams of premium gin
If there’s one thing that the Premium Gin advent calendar assures you, it’s quality. From the cute little wax-sealed drams that hide behind each door, to the variety of truly special gins inside them, you won’t be disappointed if you decide to go with this calendar. Whether you’re buying it as a gift for a gin-obsessed friend, or are treating yourself, the mixture of simple old-school gins with some more modern, flavoured concoctions, is sure to go down a treat. You also have a choice of designs to pick from, including Winter Wonderland and Art Deco.
How much: £89.95
Buy The Premium Gin Advent Calendar

That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar

Unique gin advent calendar

What it includes: 24 x 3cl drams of That Boutique-y Gin Company gin
We know aesthetic isn't everything when it comes to an advent calendar, but everything from the Christmassy picture on the front of this calendar, to the labels on the drams inside, is lovely to look at and very on-brand for That Boutique-y Gin company. Combined with the fact that every juniper-based treat inside is made by the company itself, ranging from louche lemon to squeezed yuzu, this affordable calendar is pretty irresistible.
How much: £59.95
Buy That Boutique-y Gin Company's Advent Calendar

Gin Filled Giant Advent Christmas Cracker

What it includes: 24 x 5cl bottles of gin
Why: An advent calendar that doubles up as a Christmas decoration? We’ll take it! This giant decorative cracker contains 24 different gins and gin liqueurs to sample in the run-up to Christmas, including plenty of recognisable brands such as Whitley Neill, Edinburgh Gin, Warners, Malfy and The Lakes.
How much: £159.95
Buy the Gin Filled Giant Advent Christmas Cracker

Gin O'Clock Refillable Advent Calendar

What it includes: 12 x 50ml bottles of gin
Why: Unlike most calendars, this one is refillable, which means you can have a gin calendar every year for the rest of your life, should you wish. When you first get this calendar though, you’ll be happy to know that it comes fully stocked with a range of flavoured gins. All stored in a neat little clock (which actually works), simply extract each gin from its little window on the appropriate day. There are fun little gin-based sayings beneath each one, too, like 'Let the evening be-gin'!
How much: £114.95
Buy the Gin O'Clock Refillable Advent Calendar

Is Aldi doing a gin advent calendar this year? 

While Aldi has, in the past, brought out a gin advent calendar over the Christmas period, there has been no such news about it launching a gin advent calendar for 2024. Of course, if this changes, we’ll be updating our guide accordingly. However, word on the grape vine is that it is bringing out a wine advent calendar instead this year... which is a close second if you ask us. 

How much do gin advent calendars cost? 

Because gin advent calendars usually contain at least 12 miniature bottles of, well, gin, they tend to be a little pricier than your standard chocolate-filled offering. The advent calendars in this list range between £8.99 and £160, but we’d say the average price for a gin advent calendar is around £80. 

Rather keep the festive build-up booze-free? Check out our guide to the best chocolate advent calendars for 2024 instead. 

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