11 of the best Christmas baking kits: gingerbread, cakes, and brownies galore

If you're looking for some fuss-free, delicious baked goods this Christmas, here are some of the best baking kits on the market to make your dreams come true

Updated on 29 November 2022

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11 of the best Christmas baking kits: gingerbread, cakes, and brownies galore

We're here to petition for Christmas baking kits. Picture the scene: it’s a drizzly December weekend and you don’t feel like venturing outside. The family can’t decide on what Christmas film to watch, so you’ve all just taken to busying yourselves around the house in a kind of sullen silence. If you’re looking for something to break the ice, a fun activity to cure boredom, entertain the kids on their Christmas break for more than ten minutes, or maybe you’re just really craving some delicious homemade baked goods, then it might be time to whip out your apron and get baking.

Now don’t get us wrong, baking can be stressful. Weighing all of your ingredients out accurately, sourcing all your ingredients in the first place, and, of course, the dreaded mountain of washing up that always appears after a baking marathon, are all things that could (very validly) put you off doing any baking in the festive season.

But fear not, there’s a helpful and delicious trend out there that will ease the chaos of home baking: baking kits!


Small businesses, large supermarkets, and old favourites alike have all dabbled in the baking kit market this year, giving you a plethora of gorgeous – and very convenient – kits to choose from. There are all sorts of baked goods up for grabs: biscuits, cakes, doughnuts, brownies. And what they all have in common is that they are all adorably Christmas themed.

Just pour the dry ingredients provided into a bowl, add in some fresh ones, give it a mix, and pop it in the oven – it really is that easy! Some even give you the baked goods ready to just decorate - pure bliss. 

Whether you’re after some stocking fillers, table centerpieces, or you just really fancy a Christmas jumper shaped biscuit with fair-isle icing piped on, take a look at our guide to the best Christmas baking kits out there, and get your festive bake on.

Shuk Festive Babka

festive babka

What: Babka is one of those things that is just a bit too tedious to make from scratch. That's where Middle-Eastern market stall Shuk's Christmas babka kit comes in, which includes ready-made dough, a baking mould and all the fillings ready to go. Roll out your dough to a large rectangle, then top with brandy creme patissiere, mincemeat and pannetone cookie crumble, before rolling into a long sausage and twisting into its recognisable shape (note that this part is messy!). You'll need to plan ahead if you want to enjoy a slice for elevenses, as it takes one to two hours to prove. Finish with a drizzle of vanilla syrup and you have the perfect Christmas treat. 
How much: £24 at Shuk

M&S Santa’s Little Bakers Treat Bag

What: It’s undeniable that Marks and Spencer's Christmas food is expert level, and this treat bag is no exception. There are all sorts included, kitting you out to bake the whole way through the festive season. Open up your Santa sack and you’ll find baking kits for Snowman cupcakes, gingerbread baubles, cinnamon rolls, and a gingerbread house, as well as Winter Wonderland sprinkles, and a hot chocolate stirrer trio – this one is very much a bumper Christmas baking kit! If you’re sending it as a gift, you can choose to add a personalised message for an extra sentimental touch.
How much: £30 at Marks and Spencer

Baked In Gingerbread House Kit

What: Are you even baking at Christmas time if you don’t make a gingerbread house at least once? We don’t think so… Assembling and decorating a gingerbread house is always such a fun activity, and you can really be creative with your work. A completed gingerbread house makes both a gorgeous centerpiece and a very tasty treat, so it’s win-win. This one includes the ingredients you’ll need to make the gingerbread and the icing, a piping bag, templates to make your house, sweets to decorate, and a step-by-step recipe.
How much: £9.99 at Baked In

Bottled Baking Co Santa’s Winter Wondercake Mix in a Bottle

What: The Bottled Baking Co houses all manner of baking kits in its signature and very aesthetically pleasing bottles, including this Santa’s Winter Wondercake Mix, which can be used to make around 16 Christmas cupcakes (you can also opt for the Gingerbread Brownie mix!). Just pour the ingredients into a bowl, add eggs and butter, and you’ve got your cake mixture. Good to know: the bottle is also reusable, just wash it out and it can be repurposed for whatever you wish.
How much: £10.99 at The Bottled Baking Co

Craft & Crumb Christmas Jumper Biscuit Baking Kit

What: These kits from Craft & Crumb can be used to make the most adorable Christmas jumper shaped gingerbread biscuits, by just adding a little honey and butter to the gingerbread mix. There’s enough to make about 15 biscuits, meaning the whole family can get involved in the baking and, most importantly, the decorating. Don’t fret if you can’t get your biscuits to look as perfect as those in the picture – it’s the taking part (and certainly the tasting) that counts… Craft & Crumb also include a cute little Christmas tree decorating craft activity in your kit, so the fun can continue long after you’ve eaten all your gingerbread! Good to know: you can use code SQUARE10 to get a discount across the whole site!
How much: £22 at Craft & Crumb

Katie Bakes Christmas Baking Set

What: Katie Bakes specialises in artisan baking mix gift sets, in which you’ll receive your ingredients, as well as a bowl, glass jar, and spatula, all tied up with a ribbon. You’ve got choice when it comes to your baked goods, with kits to make chocolate brownies, spotty dotty cookies, cranberry and white chocolate cookies, or double chocolate chip cookies – maybe the most difficult choice you’ll have to make throughout the festive season. If you’re sending the kit as a gift, you can add on a personalised message at no additional cost.
How much: £27.95 at Katie Bakes

Honeywell Bakes Christmas Doughnut Baking Kit

What: Doughnuts might not be the first thing you think when you hear the word ‘Christmas’, but these cuties from Honeywell Bakes are gorgeously festive. The kit includes all the dry ingredients you need, you just have to add the fresh ones, and you also get a silicone doughnut tin to help you out with that tricky doughnut shape. One of these kits makes six doughnuts, and they can be kept in your cupboard for up to six months, which is good to know (though we can’t imagine a scenario in which they’d last that long in our cupboards…).
How much: £22 at Honeywell Bakes

Lakeland Gluten-Free Christmas Gingerbread House

What: Dietary requirements don’t just go out of the window at Christmas time, so we’ve popped this one on our list so those of you that need gluten-free aren’t left out of the Christmas baking festivities. This one from Lakeland is gorgeous, and you only need to add butter, syrup, and water, so it’s also nice and easy to make. If you need gluten-free, or if you’ve got guests with special dietary requirements coming round this Christmas, and you want to make sure everyone can join in with the fun of baking (and eating!), Lakeland is coming to the rescue.
How much: £9.99 at Lakeland

The Original Cake Pop Company Christmas Cake Pop Baking Kit

What: Cake pops are always a fun alternative to your usual treats, and The Original Cake Pop Company has a Christmas edition of its famed cake pop kits. This kit has everything you need to make 12 Christmas cake pops, including step-by-step instructions, your ingredients, 12 lollipop sticks, and a drying block to make the process of cake-pop decorating that little bit easier. Cake pops are always fun to eat, and they make a cute little stocking filler, too, so this kit is the ideal purchase this Christmas.
How much: £19.99 at The Original Cake Pop Company

The Very Happy Belly Co Reindeer Brownies Baking Kit

What: This kit makes a really adorable and unique set of reindeer brownies, which you can cut up into the perfect little slices to share around. Each kit makes a 20cm round brownie set, with decorations for six reindeer. If you opt for gift wrapping, the recipient will receive a hand written note and gift tag alongside the brownie kit, all wrapped up in brown wrapping paper and red twine – the perfect homemade gift.
How much: £17.95 at The Very Happy Belly Co

Cake or Death Gingerbread People

What: Cake or Death do some pretty adorable baked goods, and this Christmas you can also purchase a gingerbread people home baking kit, to help you recreate the magic yourself. It's pretty simple: all you have to do is roll out the dough, cut your shapes, and bake. All of Cake or Death's products are vegan, including the gingerbread dough, so this one is ideal if you're catering to varied dietary requirements this Christmas.
How much: £15 at Cake or Death

If you’re interested in making your Christmas dinner a little less chaotic this year, take a look at our guide to the best Christmas dinner delivery boxes in 2022.

Words by: Cara Rogers

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