14 alcohol gifts to get the party started

Pop your party hat on and gift some of these boozy delights to your pals, clients and co-workers

Updated on 01 September 2022

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14 alcohol gifts to get the party started

It’s getting to that time of year again, the time when you have to start thinking about the best way to thank your clients and co-workers for the past year in the form of Christmas gifts. Now when it comes to big clients, we recommend something a little fancier and maybe a bit more expensive, anything to keep them in good graces after all. But for smaller clients (or even friends and family), or co-workers, you just can’t go wrong with boozy gifts. If anything they might be appreciated more.

With so many different alcohol products on the market, it can be tricky to pick the best ones to give. We’ve put together a list of the best bottles of booze to give, and also the best alcohol themed and flavoured gifts so the recipients really will be surprised when they get delivered to them.  

Not only will these products make for great gifts, but you can also order extra and incorporate them into your next Christmas party. That way, everyone on your 'nice' list will get a treat.

Alcohol kit gifts

Getting bottled wine, beer or spirits at Christmas is great, but if you want to gift something a little more substantial this Christmas why not give over a alcoholic kit of some kind. From brew your own beers, to gin hampers that come with pretty cups, you can make any alcohol gift special by adding something a little extra (or in this case just buying something quirky, because thankfully all the extras are included).

Harvey Nichols Champagne Hat Box 

Why: Nothing says decadence more than Champagne, but why not put a fun twist on it? Gift this Harvey Nichols Champagne Hat Box, featuring four 200ml bottles with two different own-brand varieties to choose from (it even comes complete with straws) – great for sharing. 
Price: £45
More info: harveynichols.com

Sipsmith’s Gin Mule Hamper  

Why: For all the gin lovers, gift this set of two copper cups and a 700ml bottle of Sipsmith’s signature gin, ideal for making all the gin cocktails imaginable, and super pretty, too. You can upgrade to a range of sizes and number of cups, depending on how generous you’re feeling. 
Price: From £85
More info: 

Nosy Wine Club Subscription  

Why: Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Nosy Wine Club picks out three bottles from around the world and sends them straight to your client’s door every month. Get them hooked by gifting the first box and surprise them with what could become their new favourite wines. 
Price: First box £55
More info: nosywineclub.com 

Home Brewtique Basic Starter kit

Why: There is nothing trendier at the moment than craft beer, so why not gift someone something interactive this year. This make your own kit will make drinking the end result even more satisfying and if you make it as a team activity you might not need to leave the office for work drinks in the future.
How much: From £35
More info: homebrewtique.com

Men’s Society Whiskey Cooling Stones

Why: Every whisky connoisseur knows that drinking whisky with ice in it changes its complex taste. So what is the solution to cold whisky that still taste like it should when it’s in the bottle? Cool stones. These nifty things are a great gift idea for your whisky loving clients. Get the perfect cool drink without compromising the taste.    
How much: £15
More info: menssociety.com

Handcrafted Gin or Vodka Drinks Box Portable Mini Bar

Why: If you feel like personalising this year’s gift, choose between vodka or gin and send over a portable mini bar, which is ideal to be used in and around the office as well as during a sunny winter day picnic. Alternatively it can be saved to look forward to in the summer. Coming with 10 bottles of Fever Tree tonic, glasses, a small knife and chopping board and you choice of spirit, this gift won’t disappoint.
How much: £205
More info:

Bottled booze alcohol gifts

If you plan on keeping things simple with the gifting this year, you can’t go wrong with a simple bottle of the good stuff. There are still ways to make it exciting too. From stunning bottles, to luxury infused spirits and quirky tinnies, who said classic had to be boring?  

Jameson Black Barrel 700ml

Why: A more recent entry from the world's favourite Irish whiskey makers, Black Barrel is the perfect gift for any whiskey lover. With a nose of fudge and butterscotch, notes of nuts and spice and a rich, woody finish, this bottle is an instant classic. The barrels have been double charred, but the spirit has also spent some time in American oak and sherry casks too, all of which creates a brilliant richness and smoothness.
Price: £36.00
More info: waitrose.com 

L’Orbe Caviar Vodka 200ml  

Why: Perhaps the most stylish bottle on this page, this caviar-infused vodka has been expertly crafted to incorporate the most glamourous of food pairings into one bottle. Best enjoyed neat with seafood, why not stack this stunning-looking bottle on the table as part of a fishy starter at this year’s Christmas do, or incorporate the salty drink into some cocktails for the evening? 
Price: £49.50
More info: sohowine.co.uk 

Kopparberg Premium Strawberry and Lime Gin 700ml

Why: Combining the flavours we all know and love from Kopparberg ciders into gin instead, pimp out your G&Ts with the Kopparberg Premium strawberry and Lime flavoured gin. This makes for a great cheap and cheerful client gift but works equally as well for after work drinks in the office before you head to your Christmas party.
Price: £19.00
More info: drinkstation.co.uk

Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Brut NV 750ml 

Why: Nothing says celebration quite like Champagne, so treat your staff or clients to this brut with subtle vanilla and brioche aromas before dinner or at the office before heading out. It’s also great with seafood, so alternatively, you can stock it for a fishy supper. 
How much: £42
More info: waitrosecellar.com  

Tequila Clase Azul Plata Reposado tequila 700ml 

Why: The bottle alone is enough to make anyone swoon, but its contents isn’t bad either. Tequila isn’t typically associated with Christmas, but this pretty bottle is the ideal client gift this festive season and is sure to be kept long after it’s been emptied. 
How much: £160
More info: selfridges.com 

Glenfiddich Winter Storm 700ml  

Why: With sweet undertones reminiscent of tropical fruits and an ice-wine-cask finish, splash out a little with this whisky for your favourite client. This limited edition 21-year-old malt also comes in a snow-white bottle making it look aptly Christmassy and undeniable handsome.  
How much: £199
More info: masterofmalt.com

Nice Pale Rosé 250ml 

Why: We know this doesn't technically count as bottled, but canned wine is on the rise, making for a slightly more glamorous look than beer tinnies. Ideal for a party on the move, or a casual do in the office, this super-fresh and sweet-tasting wine is best enjoyed chilled. We know any client that recieves a crate of this stuff will be both surprised and thrilled in equal measure. 
Price: £2.80 per can
More info: nice-drink.co.uk

Zubrówka Bison Grass Vodka

Why: Get your client in the cocktail making mood with this quality bottle of Bison Grass vodka. With a bland of hand-placed bison grass in each bottle to enhance the flavour, this smooth and aromatic flavoured vodka will be a welcome gift to vodka connoisseurs and expert cocktail drinkers alike.
Price: £20
More info: waitrose.com

Russian Standard Vodka 

Why: When it comes to gifting vodka, you can’t get more classic than a bottle of Russian Standard Vodka. Using the finest natural ingredients that make it silky smooth, this vodka can be sipped neat or used to make some festive cocktails.
Price: £20
More info: amazon.co.uk

Edible alcohol gifts

Combining two of life’s biggest pleasures, food and alcohol, whoever is on the receiving end of an edible alcohol gift is bound to be delighted, and with so many to choose from we have put together a list of the most fun and luxurious ones we could find.

Joe & Seph’s Gin & Tonic Popcorn

Why: This witty take on the classic gin and tonic gives you the much-loved mix in the form of popcorn. You could try it as a garnish for G&Ts but it also works as the perfect desk snack during the festive season and beyond. With so many other flavours to choose from too, you can have endless amounts of popcorn all Christmas long.
Price: £4
More info: joeandsephs.co.uk

Pimp Your Prosecco Gift Set

Why: As if Prosecco isn’t already exciting enough, you can now add colour, shimmer and edible bubbles to your drink. Not only is this a super fun and interactive gift, but it’s unbelievably Instagrammable too and gets more entertaining the tipsier you get.   
How much: £17.99
More info: popaball.co.uk

Fortnum and Mason Chocolate Liqueur Selection Box

Why: There is something about receiving a gift from Fortnum and Mason that feels like no other. The unmistakeable eau de nil green packaging is enough to make even the least festive of people excited. So imagine the delight on you client's face when they receive Chocolate Liqueurs from this iconic London food store. You’ll be put in their good books for the rest of the year we can assure you.
How much: £45
More info: fortnumandmason.com

Charbonnel et Walker Milk Marc De Champagne Truffles

Why: Rest assured, anyone who receives a box of these in the post will forever put you in their good graces. These Champagne-flavoured truffles will add a decadent touch to any gift and also make a great addition to the office party if you’re ordering them anyway (hint hint).
How much: £15
More info: charbonnel.co.uk


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