Jamie Oliver wins praise for new show 'Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On' in response to COVID-19

Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On

Updated on 27 March 2020 • Written By Rosie Conroy

Jamie Oliver wins praise for new show 'Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On' in response to COVID-19

Jamie Oliver has launched a new cooking programme, Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On, in response to Coronavirus and has in return won praise from viewers.

The show first aired on Monday 23 March, and will run for five 30-minute episodes each consecutive evening until the following Friday.

The popular celebrity chef turned around a whole new concept in record time to help home cooks manage meals with just a few fresh ingredients. In collaboration with Channel 4, the concept sees simple recipes mainly made from a handful of store cupboard things. As well as complete meals, the chef offers handy tips, tricks, hacks and shortcuts to ensure people are being creative with the things they already have in their homes.

From using tinned produce to making the most of freezer foods, Jamie Oliver and his team hope to inspire the nation and dissuade from stockpiling, instead offering ideas for how to use existing things we all commonly have in our kitchen.


Viewers have been quick to voice their appreciation of the chef's efforts, labelling the programme as 'fantastic' and 'priceless'. One fan, @cla1rymary on Instagram, said, 'My two boys have had a great time making some homemade pasta with smoked bacon and used your recipe for the sauce. It’s a fantastic, the kids loved it. No more shop bought pasta in this house', while '@rajanrussell' commented that, 'Times like now, this sort of thing is absolutely priceless.'

Speaking about the show before it aired, Jamie said, ‘Cooking nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones has never been more important.’

Hinting at the quick-fire format he continued, saying, ‘This show will be packed with easy and delicious recipes that the whole family can enjoy, plus loads of tips, tricks and hacks for simple swaps and ways you can make the recipes work with what you’ve got.

‘Let’s big up those store cupboard and freezer faves and hero recipes you can take lots of ways.'

If you’ve missed out on some of your favourite dinner staples due to empty supermarket shelves, you might want to use extended time at home to learn how to make the basics. Throughout the programmes Jamie tutors people through how to make popular fillers like bread and pasta from scratch.

The show supposedly went from pitch to production in a matter of days, in direct response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Zoe Collins, chief content officer at the Jamie Oliver Group has expressed how proud she is of the team to create a show so quickly.

‘I’m extremely proud of our team, who has responded to this challenge to turn around a brand new series in a matter of days,’ she said.

‘The show is a direct response to thousands of requests we have been receiving from people who are looking for some inspiration and assurance to help them through this difficult time – and Jamie is a trusted voice to deliver that. We intend the show to be uplifting and very, very useful.’

Keep Cooking and Carry On by Jamie Oliver: Episode One

During the first programme viewers were treated to a whole range of quick recipes in just half an hour. A versatile veggie chilli kicked things off which can be made in bulk and frozen. Jamie then showed viewers how to make speedy fresh pasta that doesn't require a machine, as well as a simple tomato sauce and a step-by-step for carbonara. A pea pesto finished things off for a healthy way to get veg into little ones while also ensuring they polish off what's on their plates. All recipes are on Jamie Oliver's website. 

Keep Cooking and Carry On by Jamie Oliver: Episode Two

The second episode of Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On saw the celebrity chef rustle up a whole host of classics in a jiffy. We're talking a clever fish pie that makes use of frozen peas for a sweet and savoury topping as well as homemade bread that can be knocked up in just over half an hour. Jam jar dressings were also talked through, with Jamie making a few different suggestions for ways to pep up crunchy veggies and salad ingredients at home with only a handful of ingredients. As with episode one, recipes are all on Jamie's website. 

Keep Cooking and Carry On by Jamie Oliver: Episode Three

In the third episode of Keep Cooking and Carry On, Jamie has a handy hack for anyone running low on fresh produce. His freezer-raid risotto utilises pre-chopped veggies to top up your five-a-day without you having to hit the shops, which results in a popular family meal. Other recipes include a veg-packed tomato sauce which can be used for pastas, pizzas, soups, curry bases and more as well as an eggless chocolate cake that only needs six ingredients. Find the recipes all on Jamie’s website if you’re feeling inspired.

Keep Cooking and Carry On by Jamie Oliver: Episode Four

Towards the end of the week, in episode three, Jamie kicks things off with a weekend family favourite: pizza. The chef shows how to make a cheat’s version of a deep pan crust by knocking up a from-scratch pizza dough base and then cooks it in a frying pan with lots of lovely toppings for a crisp bottom and soft top. Taking things to a slightly more grown up level, Jamie then showed viewers how to make a rich beef and oxtail stew, perfect for serving with mash for a comforting Saturday night feast.

Keep Cooking and Carry On by Jamie Oliver: Episode Five

The final episode of Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry (which he apparently filmed in just three hours) rounds things off nicely with a couple of all-time classics. The popular celebrity chef whips up a warming chicken curry as well as a rich minestrone soup, both of which can be made in bulk and frozen for homemade ready meals to defrost on any night of the week.

When is Keep Cooking and Carry On by Jamie Oliver aired?

Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On first aired on Monday 23 March on Channel 4 at 5.30pm and 8.30pm, and four further episodes will be shown on the consecutive Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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