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38 Muswell Hill , London, N10 3RT

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Founded by Greek-Cypriot émigré Andrea Toffalli in 1968, Toff’s has carved out a rock-solid reputation as one of London’s top chippies, attracting hordes of Muswell Hill locals as well as punters from further afield. More than four decades down the line, it’s still run by the original owner’s compatriots, which may explain the presence of calamari, taramasalata and Greek salad alongside crab cocktail and mushy peas. Fish comes direct from British docks and the menu trawls its way through cod, haddock, rock, sea bass, lemon sole and suchlike; have it battered, grilled or fried in matzo meal, and decide whether you want chips or boiled spuds on the side. Fans of saveloys and spotted dick won’t be disappointed, either. Queues are a given at the takeaway counter, while the packed dining room is suitably decked out with signed celeb photos and sepia prints of Victorian fish markets.

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38 Muswell Hill , London N10 3RT

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Mon-Sat 11.30am-11pm

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13 September 2015

I don't know anything about The Fish & Chip Industry,The Owner is very experienced. However my take away'watery fish soup' was so hot it burnt my tongue that lasted several days Also the "fish"in the soup were about three sugar cube sized bits of skinny salmon with a load of vegetable bits in boiling water..At first I had difficulty finding it & thought Id been served the alternative "vegetable soup"instead! No spoon was provided (it would have probably melted)and I was left with a burnt tongue and a sump of ingredients at the bottom of the tray.I ended up throwing these away. The chips look OK as does the rest of the fish in as far as one can excel in 'posh' fish & chips. Well earned Certificates and Cuttings line the wall. The locals seem to like it and the restaurant area was packed out so they must know a thing or two. Just maybe think twice about the Bouillibalaise eh?