Latest London restaurant & bar openings

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Check out all of the fantastic new restaurants and bars that have opened their doors to London recently with this Square Meal list of the Latest London Restaurant & Bar Openings. New bars and restaurants are constantly opening their doors in London so it’s often hard to keep track of things. Square Meal keeps everyone informed of the latest fab new restaurants and bars to hit London with this helpful guide to the latest London restaurant & bar launches. You’ll never be the last to find out about London’s latest big restaurant launch or London’s newest drinking destination again with this Square Meal guide.

With every London area covered, discover all the latest new restaurants and bars to open recently all over the capital with Square Meal. Of course, London already has many great restaurants and bars to boast of so if you don’t fancy any of these new restaurants, check out restaurants and bars in popular London areas such as Covent Garden; Soho; Mayfair and Oxford Street.

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