James Martin speaks out about "the biggest low of his career"

The Yorkshire chef explains the huge personal sacrifice he has made for his career

Updated on 06 April 2020

James Martin speaks out about

James Martin has confessed not having a family is the biggest sacrifice he has made for his successful career as a restaurateur and celebrity chef.


Speaking to Prima magazine, the Yorkshire-born chef explained "The biggest low of my career is that I’ve given up everything for it. I look at my mates and they’re all married with kids, and that’s not the case for me because I’ve been so focused on work."

Despite reflecting and speaking out on this huge sacrifice, the chef revealed that if he could go back and have his time again, he wouldn’t do anything differently. 

He continues: "The level of commitment it requires and the choices you have to make have a huge impact. But would I do the same thing again? Probably, because it’s made me who I am. And why does everybody have to follow the norm anyway?"

The Yorkshireman fronted popular BBC television show Saturday Kitchen for ten years, from 2006 to 2016, before announcing he was stepping down from the show and its gruelling filming schedule. Since 2017, the chef has presented lifestyle show Saturday Morning for ITV, filmed from his idyllic home and allowing for a much better work-life balance.

James explains: "I might be busier than ever, but now I can have time with my dogs, time at home, where we record James Martin’s Saturday Morning, and I can decide what to do and when. 

"That puts you in a much better place in your head, and in life. In many ways, it feels like I’ve got my life back."

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