Best pies in London: 17 brilliant restaurants to feast your pies on

The pie's the limit, after all.

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Best pies in London: 17 brilliant restaurants to feast your pies on

Pie is a British institution that has been around for centuries, and as a nation we certainly know how to make and eat a proper pie. It should come as no surprise then, that there are loads of incredible restaurants in London that are dedicated to pie, or at least serve up the good stuff. Whether you're after the best pie shop in London steeped in decades of tradition, or the latest opening with an extravagant take on the dish, there's a little something for everyone.

Believe it or not, the first kind of pie recipe recorded in history came from Rome, when the dough was made from rye flour and oil, and was baked with goat’s cheese and honey. While this was a great idea, the north of Europe didn’t have ample access to olive oil - but fats like lard and butter were in great supply. So with a combination of Roman ideas and locally available ingredients, cooks were able to create a different type of pie dough.


These new pies were typically filled with meat, and soon it was discovered that they were ideal for storing food for long voyages and journeys at sea – gone was the need to carry livestock on board and employ a butcher. However the pastry was not designed to be eaten, it was used as a makeshift pot for cooking, and then thrown away once the filling was eaten (outrageous, right?).

The pie has drastically evolved since its beginning as a disposable container and is now a million pound industry in the UK. Nowadays, we have many varieties made from different types of pastry (which can thankfully be eaten) and all sorts of fascinating fillings, from plant-based to traditional steak and kidney.

We hold an immeasurable amount of love for these pastry parcels, and thankfully London is full of them. Take a look through our guide to the best pies in London, and then you're just a couple of clicks away from tucking in. 

London’s best pies

We’ve sourced some of London’s best pies and have certainly covered our bases when it comes to the delicious dish, featuring everything from classic versions to contemporary spin-offs, as well as high-end takes featuring truffle shavings. Enjoy!

Bistro Freddie, Shoreditch

Pie table candles

What: Bistro Freddie comes from the team behind Crispin and Bar Crispin, so it was always bound to put on a pretty good spread. The pies here change regularly depending on the seasons and what ingredients are available, but you’ll have to partner up for this one because they’re big and made for sharing. Don’t expect any mash here though, this one’s served alongside a bowl of fries.
Where: 74 Luke Street, EC2A 4PY
Book now: Bistro Freddie

The Pie Room at Holborn Dining Room, Holborn

Pies on table

Why: The Pie Room is a must for any proper pastry enthusiast, with entire menus dedicated to the humble dish. The pies on offer include curried mutton, steak and kidney, chicken and tarragon and hand raised pork, plus there’s a tasting menu of others. You’ll have to allow 30 mins as each pie is handmade to order, served fresh from the oven.
Where: No. 252 High Holborn, WC1V 7EN
Book now: The Pie Room

Darby’s, Nine Elms

Table with dinner

What: Darby’s aims to be the ultimate neighbourhood restaurant, and the team come with a wealth of experience under their belt having previously opened the likes of The Dairy, Sorella and Counter Culture in Clapham. As far as the pies go, they’re nothing short of extraordinary. The pastry is made using croissant dough, it’s filled with a beef and bone marrow filling, and there’s even a giant bone sticking out the top just for good measure.
Where: 3 Viaduct Gardens, SW11 7AY
Book now: Darby’s

St John Bread and Wine, Spitalfields

Pie part eaten
Photo credit: Sam A Harris

What: St John is known for its hearty British classics and unapologetic use of offal, so it comes as no surprise that the pies here can include some slightly unusual ingredients. Whether it’s chicken, ox tongue and mushroom or beef and trotter pie, you’re guaranteed to try something you won't find elsewhere - and we promise you it’ll be delicious.
Where: 94-96 Commercial Street, E1 6LZ
Book now: St John Bread and Wine

The Devonshire, Soho

Beef suet pudding

What: The Devonshire really hit the ground running when it opened in late 2023 - with reservations booking up within minutes of going live. Not only do you have a wood panelled pub downstairs where theatre-goers rub shoulders with city workers, but there's an intimate restaurant on the floor above. The big hit here is the beef cheek and Guinness suet pudding that goes perfectly with a pint of the good stuff.
Where: 17 Denman Street, W1D 7HW
Book now: The Devonshire

Mount St. Restaurant, Mayfair

Lobster pie

What: There’s a chance that the Mount St. Restaurant lobster pie took over your Instagram feed for a good chunk of 2023. Not only does it hit the brief for an aesthetically pleasing plate of food (a lobster head poking out the top is enough to catch anyone’s attention), but it tastes equally as impressive too. This is a pie for when you’re looking to push the boat out and indulge in something a little different.
Where: 41-43 Mount Street, W1K 2RX
Book now: Mount St. Restaurant

Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

Pie on plate

Why: Only somewhere as glamorous as Bob Bob Ricard would add a Champagne filling to a chicken and mushroom pie. To add to the decadence, the pastry topping is branded with the restaurant’s name and served alongside truffle gravy – a superbly posh pie. Plus, you can push the 'press for Champagne' button for fizz to go with your food, which is an experience in itself.
Where: 1 Upper James Street, W1F 9DF
Book now: Bob Bob Ricard

Quo Vadis, Soho

Pie and restaurant
Photo credit: Greg Funnell

Why: Quo Vadis is a delightful historic gem serving up traditional British fare, with a special pie of the day featured on the hand-drawn menus. The eclectic restaurant and members club oozes class and you can’t go wrong with its rich meats and intense flavours encased in a gorgeously buttery, crispy pie.
Where: 26-29 Dean Street, W1D 3LL
Book now: Quo Vadis

Putney Pies, Putney 

Pie mash gravy

Why: The clue’s in the name of this Putney joint, which specialises in all different types of the pastry-clad item. Upstairs, the restaurant resembles a run-of-the-mill pie shop, but head downstairs to The Vault, a cave-like room accentuated by an arched ceiling, and you can groove out to live music and DJs post-pie and mash. Look out for the beef bourguignon, chicken and chorizo, and pulled pork pies - they are our favourites.  
Where: 2 Putney High Street, SW15 1SL 
Book now: Putney Pies

The Camberwell Arms, Camberwell

Pie cabbage chips

What: The Camberwell Arms tends to have a bit of a cult following among South Londoners, with its legion of loyal fans expanding by the day. We’re sure you’ve heard a thing or two about the Sunday roasts, but did you know the pies are worth shouting about too? The beef, onion and Guinness pie is served alongside greens and chips and it’s made for two, so grab your favourite eating partner because they’re going to have to be pretty special to share this with.
Where: 65 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8TR
Book now: The Camberwell Arms

Willy’s Pies, London Fields

Beef potato pie

What: Okay so this one isn’t technically a restaurant, but they’re too good to miss off our best pies in London list. Willy’s Pies is one of those remarkable lockdown stories that started selling food to keep the pennies coming in, but became so popular that it’s now a fully fledged business. These pastry parcels are packed with filling and you can expect anything from ox cheek and Guinness to cauliflower, leek and Neal’s Yard Dairy cheddar.
Where: 13, 23 Westgate Street, E8 3RL

Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill, Mayfair

Fish pie

What: Bentley’s pie proves that you don’t need a golden pastry crust to make it onto this list; we value a potato top just as much. Of course this one is filled with fish (cod, smoked haddock, prawn and salmon to be precise), before being layered with creamy, buttery mash, and is wonderfully indulgent. This is definitely a restaurant worth visiting when you’re looking for something a little fancy.
Where: 11-15 Swallow Street, W1B 4DG
Book now: Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill

Kanishka, Mayfair

Pie in dishPhoto credit: Jodi Hinds

Why: Kanishka only does one pie and it is unlike anything you will find anywhere else. Chef-owner Atul Kochhar was the first Indian chef to hold a Michelin star and it’s easy to see why with his innovative approach to the baked dish. His take on the classic involves a flavourful tikka masala and cumin scented berry compote – a must try.
Where: 17-19 Maddox Street, W1S 2QH
Book now: Kanishka

Manze’s, Deptford

Baked pies

What: Manze’s is an East London institution, and has been serving up pies to locals since 1890 - with a recipe that’s not changed since. It’s a proper family run establishment, and you can clearly see the love that is put into this place. Unfortunately George Junior (grandson of founder Michael Manze) will be retiring in March 2025, so be sure to get your pie and mash fix before it’s too late!
Where: 204 Deptford High Street, SE8 3PR
Book now: Manze’s

J Sheekey, Covent Garden

Fish pie

Why: Even if you’re not hankering for a pie, J Sheekey is an outstanding choice, and if you are, then you’re in for a real treat at this historical establishment. The centuries old seafood restaurant is a favourite among famous faces and you’ll understand why when you order the highly-praised fish pie, decadently filled with carefully-sourced cod, salmon, and a creamy sauce.
Where: 28-32 St Martin's Court, WC2N 4AL
Book now: J Sheekey

The Guinea Grill, Mayfair

Pie in a case

Why: The Guinea Grill is a fine steakhouse establishment so it only makes sense that the restaurant offers up decadent hunks of pie – made from those stunning cuts of meat. The pies are topped with a suet-crusted lid and have been for decades, as punters consistently come back for more of the restaurant’s signature steak, kidney, and mushroom pie.  
Where: 30 Bruton Place, W1J 6NL
Book now: The Guinea Grill

The Spread Eagle, Homerton

Pie and mash

Why: This 100% vegan pub on Homerton High Street serves all your favourite British pub classics, only plant-based, and that includes pie, mash and liquor. Perfect for a mixed group, we bet meat-eating pals won't even miss their usual order. 
Where: Homerton High Street, E9 6AS
Book now: The Spread Eagle

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