Wagyu beef and Asahi at The Cabin


Throughout July Japanese beer, Asahi, is sponsoring a Wagyu promotion at The Cabin Bar & Grill in Fulham, allowing diners sample the legendary beef at affordable prices.

Sourced from Wagyu cattle reared in Wales (the only herd in the UK), the unique flavour and texture of the beef is thanks the herd’s rich diet of grain and beer. The cows are also routinely massaged, which helps marble the fat throughout the meat, as opposed to it forming in layers, and in turn helps to keep it tender while cooking.

Dishes on offer include Waygu steak tartar (£6.50), Wagyu 7oz rump steak with chips (£21.95) or Wagyu burger and fries (£14.50) – with a free Asahi Wagyu t-shirt for every beef order during the promotion (while stocks last).