Three Michelin-starred The Fat Duck launches reduced-price tasting menu

One of the UK’s best restaurants has introduced a cheaper menu for a limited time only.

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Three Michelin-starred The Fat Duck launches reduced-price tasting menu

One of the UK’s most notorious restaurants, The Fat Duck, is offering a lower priced alternative to its signature 'Sensorium' menu in January and February. The full meal would usually set diners back between £295 and £395, but for a limited time only, guests can enjoy a meal here for £225.

The reduced price menu is slightly shorter than the standard, but still gives guests a chance to experience the best of what The Fat Duck has to offer. Diners will be able to enjoy an abbreviated eight-course offering, rather than the standard 11 courses. 


The restaurant sent an email to customers to explain: 'For a limited period, the Fat Duck is offering an alternative, shorter menu – the Sensorium Select - giving the opportunity to experience a specially curated series of dishes that capture the creative core of the Sensorium menu – what you might call a taster of the tasting menu. A simple, intense way of exploring exactly what the Fat Duck is all about.'

The Sensorium menu is described as ‘a series of exciting, inventive, surprising and delicious dishes that also offer an opportunity to explore your own relationship with food. To see just how much the senses and the mind combine to create our perception of flavour.’

On the menu you can expect dishes like mock turtle soup, aerated beetroot and ‘like a kid in a sweet shop’, all of which showcase original and highly creative ideas.

The Fat Duck is a three Michelin starred restaurant that was opened by Heston Blumenthal in 1995 in Bray, Berkshire. It gained its first star in 1999, followed by a second in 2002, and a third in 2004.

With just 14 tables, and a total of 42 seats, spaces are limited for diners hoping to try the Sensorium menu at a reduced price. 

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