Thai New Year Celebrations at Mango Tree


Getting sprayed in water isn’t the most charming of restaurant receptions, unless, of course, the restaurant in question is celebrating Songkran. Also known as Thai New Year, Songkran marks the end of Thailand’s dry season and is a time to pay respects to elders, friends and family, and give them all a liberal sprinkling of water in celebration. To mark the occasion, Belgravia restaurant Mango Tree has created a tasting plate drawing inspiration from the four corners of Thailand.

This features the northern Thai nam prik ong, a mild pork mince dip served with fresh vegetables; the more eastern gang ohum, a beef soup with fresh herbs and vegetables; and the western hor mok, a fish paste served in a banana boat and topped with coconut cream, lime leaf and chilli. And finally, a spicy and aromatic dish from the south is khor gring, a turmeric corn-fed chicken stir-fry with a strong spiced aroma and essence of lime.

Mango Tree’s Thai New Year Tasting Plate, priced at £12, is served alongside the à la carte menu for those who want to further explore executive chef Mark Read’s cooking. To book, contact 020 7823 1888.