Summer tea-tox at Bam-Bou

If you’re crying out for a healthy alternative to afternoon tea – substituting calorific clotted cream and processed scones with something a little more zen – look no further. Swanky pan-Asian favourite Bam-Bou, part of the Caprice Holdings stable, has just launched an eastern afternoon ‘tea-tox’ that won’t harm your wallet or your waistline. For a mere £12.95, you’ll get a personal consultation as to which of the 10 therapeutic teas will most suit your needs, a choice of eight exotic juices to further help cleanse and vitalise, and three ‘khon wan’ – oriental small plates. You might team a pot of jasmine green tea (known for its anti-oxidant qualities) with a chilled glass of fresh coconut water, while nibbling on a refreshing lemongrass granita or a slice of caraway seed cake. Tea sessions are held on the first floor, which boasts the same French-Vietnamese colonial styling as the main restaurant (think sexy opium-den chic), making it the perfect spot for fashion-conscious locals to get away from the hustle and bustle.