Michaelmas Goose at The Goring, Victoria

The Goring Dining Room

Fancy a traditional seasonal treat? The Dining Room at The Goring Hotel is one of very few places that will be serving Michaelmas Goose this autumn. It will be on the menu in The Dining Room for one week only, from Monday 28 September to Saturday 3 October 2009. Lunch and dinner are priced at £35 and £47 respectively for three courses.

In past centuries, the traditional connection between Michaelmas and the goose was as strong as today’s link between Christmas and turkey. In a tradition going back to the 15th century, everybody who could afford to ate a goose on St Michael's Day (29 September).

Michaelmas was one of the most custom-rich days of the year and marked the turn of the seasons. At the end of the harvest it was customary for tenants to present their landlords with a goose. St Michael’s feast was celebrated with a traditional ‘green’ goose fed on the stubble after harvest. The Michaelmas goose is also known as the ‘green' goose because it is reared on grass, as opposed to the Christmas goose which is a larger, older bird brought into the farmstead later in the autumn to be finished on corn.