Mexican Independence Day at Green & Red

‘Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe, & Death to the Spaniards!’ – that’s what Father Don Miguel Hidalgo shouted as he led the great Mexican revolt against Spain in 1810, which led to a war of independence liberating Mexico from the Spanish. Now every September 15th at 11pm the celebrations of Independence Day begin with ‘El Grito’ (the cry) ‘Mexicanos, Viva Mexico’!

At Green & Red there aren’t many virgins, we quite like the Spaniards & celebrations will last all weekend, but you can be certain that there will be no more patriotic fervour in all of Mexico than on Bethnal Green Road. On offer will be the usual supply of incredible Latin DJs, cheap Mexican beer & tequila, a new tortas stand in the bar & special dishes on the menu.

Sample dishes

Tortas Ahogada: Guadalajaran sandwich literally drowned in either hot or sweet salsa filled with black beans & either carnitas (pork belly) or champinones (portabello mushrooms)

Pozole Estilo Jalisco: A hearty soup of Hominy (dried maize), guajillo chilli, garlic & your choice of either pork or vegetables, served with coriander, cabbage, oregano, radishes, arbol chilli, cream & tostadas

Helado con Bunelos y salsa de Guayaba: Vanilla ice cream served with guava sauce & a sweet fritter