London’s chefs go the whole hog for Nose-to-Tail Fortnight

Top London restaurants including The Cinnamon Club, Nopi and Dock Kitchen will celebrate all things offal this May as part of Nose-to-Tail Fortnight.

The celebration, organised by Ethical Eats (a network for London’s restaurants and caterers that’s part of the charity Sustain), will promote offal and other less-popular cuts of meat to encourage people to be more thoughtful and less wasteful when cooking with meat.

From 30 April to 14 May, participating restaurants will serve at least one special on their menu that features offal or a cheaper cut. Some will ‘go the whole hog’ and order a whole beast with which to test their creative cooking skills each day.

So get ready for dishes using offal favourites such as liver, kidney, black pudding, tail and tongue, plus lesser-loved ingredients including tripe, sweetbreads and brain.

Contact Ethical Eats for more details on all participating restaurants.