Literary Dinners at The Savoy

Currently enjoying his tenure as Writer in Residence at The Savoy, Frank McCourt is hosting two light hearted and informal literary dinners at the stylish Savoy. On 26 April, Robert McCrum, literary editor of The Observer and author of Wodehouse: A Life, will join McCourt. Based on research throughout Britain, Europe and the US, Wodehouse: A Life goes beneath the surface of Wodehouse’s extraordinary career and reveals the fascinating complexity of a writer who liked to maintain, against all the evidence, that his life was a ‘breeze from start to finish’. Lynne Truss, author of the best seller Eats Shoots and Leaves, joins McCourt on Monday 9 May to discuss ‘The State of English in the Age of Text Messaging’. Contributions and anecdotes from members of the audience are positively encouraged. Each evening will kick off with a Champagne reception, followed by a three-course dinner with wine.