Leg it to Camino for a jamón 101

Camino bar jamon masterclass london

What does Spain have over Britain - apart from the gorgeous beaches, afternoon naps and constant sunshine? Well, there’s its ham, obviously - it’s probably the best in the world and several major steps up from your honey-roast variety.

If you’re waking up to the delights of jamón, then Camino Bankside’s new masterclass might be for you. Learn the tricky art of carving this delicacy straight from the leg, munching on or taking home everything you carve on the night - and if that’s not a challenge, we don’t know what is.

The first masterclass takes place on Wednesday 23 September. Tickets cost £30; you’ll also have the opportunity to buy a leg of ham on the night, from £112. To book, email info@camino.uk.com.