Good Food, Good Wine – Good Times!

Want to give wine dinners a go but worried about the seriousness of it all? Well, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy one of the organised wine evenings at Vivat Bacchus. With a large glass-encased ‘cellar’ taking centre stage in the dining room, there’s no doubt this restaurant is serious about its wines, but it does take a relaxed approach to enjoying them – ‘we drink the stuff, not taste it,’ as they like to put it themselves. An ongoing series of wine dinners combines a five-course meal (including cheese from the deliciously stinky cheese room) with generous servings of wine from a producer who’s on hand to give an informal talk on the chosen bottles. We bet you (like us) have such a good time you’ll forget you’re actually learning something. Check out the following confirmed dates: Hamilton Russell Wines, South Africa (10 May), Jordan Wines, South Africa (17 May), Waterford Wines, South Africa (19 May), Ken Forrester Wines, South Africa (24 May).