Doubling up at Parker McMillan

City favourite Parker McMillan is hosting a square mile tennis tournament to coincide with the Wimbledon Championship beginning on 25 June. Bringing lawn tennis to the city, summer revellers can play ball on the swing ball court, & enter into the city tennis tournament, the first of its kind that the square mile has seen. Set up to bring a touch of SW19 spirit to EC1, Parker McMillan’s mixologists will be serving up ‘Wimbledon woozers’ to the crowds, as well as traditional Wimbledon favourite strawberries & cream. As some guests watch their colleagues challenge each other to a highly competitive game of swing ball tennis, the more serious observers can enjoy al fresco style live coverage beamed in live from the courts. A competition to win a VIP booth with Champagne will be judged on the merits of the best individual or team entered into the tennis tournament. With all the benefits of being close to the office, no rain stopping play & the thought of Sir Cliff bursting into song, it’s sure to be game, set and match at Parker McMillan this summer.