Bombay Sapphire Gintelligentsia

Bombay sapphire globe trolley gintelligentsia

The alfresco pop-up bar at Somerset House, Bombay Sapphire Dusk, will be holding a series of masterclasses entitled Bombay Sapphire Gintelligentsia. The gin’s ambassador, Sam Carter, will be imparting his gin knowledge, as well as teaching aspects of the art of cocktail mixing. Carter will also teach specifics about Bombay Sapphire as well.

The £20 ticket price gets you private tuition, with between four and eight people in each class, and includes cocktails.

In addition to the classes, the pop-up bar is also offering a different cocktail collection each month, devised by some of London’s finest mixologists.

To book a Gintelligentsia masterclass, call 020 7845 4653 or e-mail