18 of the best wine gifts for lovers of vino

When you're looking for something a little more thoughtful than a bottle of red

Updated on 11 November 2020 • Written By Caroline Hendry

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18 of the best wine gifts for lovers of vino

Buying presents really can be a rather stressful affair. There are so many different options out there, and unless you go into the buying process knowing exactly what you’re looking for, it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed and end up not buying anything at all. It’s always good to be imaginative when it comes to buying someone a present as well, but with a lot of useless tat flying around on the internet, it’s equally important to know the sort of thing that the person you’re buying for will actually use. Otherwise, your gift might find its way to a charity shop, or worse, being regifted to someone else!


One type of gift that you can be sure will never go to waste is a bottle of wine. It may be one of the most classic presents around along with flowers and chocolates, but that’s for a good reason – wine never fails to please, unless, of course, you give it to a non-drinker, which we don’t suggest! The only issue with just buying a bottle of wine as a gift is that there is a risk of it looking like you haven’t gone to a huge amount of effort. Let’s face it, a bottle bag doesn’t stand out among a mountain of quirkily shaped presents.

However, if you know that the person you’re buying for is a wine drinker, there are a number of other gift options, which are slightly more creative and more of a mystery to open. These days there a huge range of wine gadgets and gizmos around to help make drinking and serving wine easier and more enjoyable. These, along with the many different wine racks, ice buckets and glasses on offer, make fantastic gifts when you’re wanting to go the extra mile for a wine lover. We’ve put together a guide below to the best wine gifts around, and have tried to include a range of products covering all price points.

Wine gifts

Looking for the perfect prezzie for a wine obsessive? One of these gadgets, accessories and ornaments is bound to go down an absolute treat.

Cuisinart electric wine opener

What: We've all been there before when the time comes to open a bottle of wine and for one reason or another it's a bit trickier than it should have been - the cork won't budge or perhaps the foil won't cut. Well that's no longer a worry thanks to this elegantly designed electric wine bottle opener from Cuisinart, which does all the work for you at the press of the button. This is certainly a gift for the forward-thinking wine drinker rather than the traditionalist.
How much: £45
Buy the Cuisinart electric wine opener at John Lewis

Marks & Spencer wine aerator

What: A number of wines famously taste better after they’ve been left to breathe, as it allows more of the flavours to slowly emerge. However, this requires preplanning and is all too easy to forget to do, meaning that you often end up opening the wine just before you serve it. This wine aerator provides the ideal solution. Simply pour your wine through it on its way into the glass and it will come out tasting like it’s been breathing for hours. This is great gizmo for those who really appreciate their wine.
How much: £15
Buy the Marks & Spencer wine aerator here

BarCraft deluxe lever-arm corkscrew set

What: For people who don't quite feel the need to go all out and go for the electric wine opener, this is the next best thing. Coming in a convenient stand which also features a foil cutter, this ultra-smart lever-arm corkscrew will change anyone's wine opening game, and makes a fantastic gift for both serious winos and more casual drinkers.
How much: £25.99
Buy the BarCraft deluxe lever-arm corkscrew set at The Bottle Club

Octopus wine holder

What: Looking for something a little bit quirky but still wine related to give a friend? Well, this octopus wine holder not only looks incredibly stylish but also would make a great centrepiece for any dinner. Made from resin, this holder is guaranteed to add an extra level of class to the table of anyone lucky enough to receive it.
How much: £34.95
Buy the octopus wine holder at Not on the High Street

Coravin model 1

What: With its fairly hefty price tag, there's no denying that the Coravin model 1 is a present perhaps best reserved for seasoned wine drinkers. However, for those who are wine obsessed, this is a bit of a game changer. Put simply, using a sharp needle which goes right through the cork, the Coravin system allows you to pour individual glasses from a bottle, without uncorking it. This means that particularly special bottles of wine can be enjoyed over a series of months or even years without losing any freshness.
How much: £120
Buy the Coravin model 1 at Majestic

BarCraft wine pourer and stopper

What: Sometimes the simplest things make the best presents and that’s certainly the case with BarCraft’s stainless steel wine pourer. Coming in at under £5, it’s a great little add on if you’re wanting to get someone a little extra, and is incredibly useful too. Just pop it in the end of any bottle and you’ll forever avoid getting drips of red wine everywhere.
How much: £3.49
Buy the BarCraft wine pourer and stopper at Ocado

Leather wine and Champagne bottle sleeve

What: No one could fail to be thrilled when receiving something as beautifully made as this leather wine and Champagne sleeve. Handmade from natural leather and featuring an embossed tan leather closure at the top, this luxury gift comes in either brown or black, and ensures that the owner will always look brilliantly stylish when arriving anywhere with a bottle of wine.
How much: £84
Buy the leather wine and Champagne bottle sleeve at Not on the High Street

Vacu Vin wine preserver gift pack

What: You might not have realised that there were quite so many wine-related gadgets out there, but the fact is that wine obsessives really will do anything to keep a bottle as fresh as possible. This Vacu Vin wine preserver is a relatively simple contraption which removes the air from an open bottle of wine before resealing it with a rubber stopper, hence stopping the wine from oxidising. This is a great cheap present option compared to some of the other more serious gadgets on offer.
How much: £10.99
Buy the Vacu Vin wine preserver gift pack at Ocado

Wine Hive

What: While we're sure that a lot of people dream of having a wine cellar to store their many bottles in, sadly they are, these days, somewhat of a rare luxury. However, there are plenty of other stylish storage options for wine including this rather elegant wine hive which can store up to 36 bottles at a time. Hand made from sustainably sourced wood, you can be guaranteed that this will look goo in anyone's home.
How much: £295
Buy the wine hive at Not on the High Street

BarCraft deluxe wine bottle thermometer

What: A lot tends to be made of what the right temperatures to serve different types of wines at are, yet the fact is that even if you do know your stuff, there does still tend to be an element of guesswork involved. That is, unless you have one of these fantastic thermometer sleeves, which does all the hard work for you. Coming marked with the right serving temperatures not only for the different colours of wine, but also the different grape varieties within those, this is a steal at just £6.99 but is a lot more of an imaginative gift than just another bottle.
How much: £6.99
Buy the BarCraft wine bottle thermometer sleeve and stopper at The Bottle Club


Personalised wine gifts

When it comes to a gift, what could be more special than giving someone something that's unique to them? Below are some of our favourite wine-related personalised gift options.

Personalised wine cooler

What: There's no better gift for a special occasion than a wine cooler to go alongside the bottles of bubbles which will inevitably be popped. However, if you're wanting to make your gift that extra bit more special, then why not opt for this personalised wine cooler, so that you can leave a meaningful message on it to mark the occasion.
How much: £25.99
Buy the personalised wine cooler at personalise.co.uk

Monogram wine glass

What: Everyone needs to own a wine glass that is theirs to use and only theirs, which is why this monogram wine glass makes such a great present. We find that too much text on a wine glass can look a little tacky, but a monogram has a touch of class to it, and still importantly makes it very clear who the glass belongs to.
How much: £20
Buy the monogram wine glass at Not on the High Street

Wine carafe with personalised oak stopper

What: A particularly good present for red wine drinkers, this elegant carafe with an oak stopper is impressive enough by itself. However, with the option to also have a short message (max 22 characters) engraved on the wooden stopper, this really is a gift that will stand out from the crowd.
How much: £49
Buy the wine carafe with personalised oak stopper at Not on the High Street

Personalised portrait wine labels

What: If you've already bought someone a bottle of wine as a gift but want to put in a little bit of an extra effort to make it a more special present, these personalised wine labels our just the ticket. Simply supply an image of whoever you want to appear on the label, and a portrait will be hand drawn of them alongside a message of your choice. Then all you need to do is stick the label on the bottle of wine you've bought, and Bob's your uncle!
How much: £15.95
Buy a personalised portrait wine label at Not on the High Street

Wine hampers and gift sets

There's no doubt that some of the best wine gifts out there still involve a bottle or 12. Here are our favourite wine gift sets and cases to give as presents.

Twelve wines in wicker

What: If you're looking for a case of mixed wine to give someone as a present but don't want to go through the hassle of picking every bottle, this selection covers all bases. Featuring a mixture of red, white and sparkling wines, the bottles also come beautifully presented in a charming wicker basket, meaning that you don't even need to wrap it up.
How much: £150
Buy twelve wines in wicker at ihampers.co.uk

Marks & Spencer's round the world mixed case

What: For people who like their wine but perhaps haven't had the chance to try wines from many different regions, this mixed case from M&S is a great option. Featuring wines from all around the world, it's a great introduction to bottles from further afield than just France.
How much: £90
Buy Marks & Spencer's round the world mixed gift case

Top Cuvée's Christmas hamper

What: North London wine bar, restaurant and shop Top Cuvée stocks a vast array of different natural wines, making it a brilliant spot to visit if you're looking for a particularly special bottle to give someone. However, if you're looking for a Christmas present for a wine lover, its hamper not only features a few bottles of wine, including its very own mulled wine, but also includes a premixed bottle of negroni and various snacks to have on the side. This is certainly a present for those who enjoy top quality produce.  
How much: £85
Buy Top Cuvée's Christmas hamper

Bollinger rosé Champagne gift set

What: There are certain occasions which call for one thing and one thing only when it comes to presents, and that’s Champagne. Bollinger is widely regarded as one of the top brands out there and this gift set not only includes a bottle of its rosé Champagne, but also comes with two Bollinger glasses so you can start drinking as soon as you pop the cork. With pink fizz seeing somewhat of a resurgence at the moment, this gift set is a no-brainer when celebrations are in order.
How much: £95
Buy the Bollinger rosé Champagne gift set at John Lewis

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