20 of the best wine delivery and wine subscription services in the UK

Bottles of the latest and greatest wines delivered straight to your door – wine not?

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20 of the best wine delivery and wine subscription services in the UK

Let us start this off by saying that we all owe a massive round of applause to delivery drivers across the UK. These days, barely a week goes by where you don’t have something delivered to your door – whether it be clothes you need for that birthday party on Saturday, the recipe box you signed up to after committing to improving your kitchen skills this year, or the part-blender, part-food processor, part-slow cooker you bought for 50% off on Black Friday that will sit in the kitchen cupboard for two years before you actually use it.  


Although some of our online purchases may be a little questionable, there’s no denying that the advent of being able to have goods delivered direct to your door is one of the greatest perks of modern society. While food and fashion might get most of the attention, there are plenty of other subscription services out there. The one that we are most interested in? Yep, you’ve guessed it – it's the wine box delivery services. 

A cheeky glass of wine is a lovely way to relax after a long day, while it can also pair brilliantly with home-cooked dinners, with leftovers even being able to be used in the dishes themselves. Wine is notoriously marked up in restaurants and bars, and while that is fine on occasion, more regular wine drinkers may well be better off enjoying it at home. If you don’t have the necessary time or knowledge required to traipse around wine merchants and stock up, why not join one of the UK's wine clubs and let someone else do all of the hard work for you? There are a whole host of wine subscription UK services to choose from, which can deliver wines straight to your door and often come with tasting notes or recipes for accompanying dishes too.  

Check out our pick of the best wine subscription and wine delivery services below – happy subscribing!    


What: Starting out life under a railway arch in Windsor, Laithwaite’s has since gone on to become a multi-million-pound company. Subscribers can choose from three different levels of membership, with the entry level option priced at £99 for a case of 12 white wines. Members receive a 10% discount on the usual price and cases are delivered quarterly.   
How much: From £99.99 every three months
Sign up to Laithwaite's wine club

Majestic Wine 

What: Majestic Wine, until recently run by Naked Wines founder Rowan Gormley, may be best known for its strong presence on the high street, but the retailer also offers a wine subscription service. Sign up to Majestic Wine Concierge to get a delivery every quarter, which will include one free bottle. Membership also guarantees you 20% off regular prices, plus invitations to VIP events and tastings.
How much: From £99 per quarter
Sign up to Majestic Wine Concierge 

Waitrose Cellar 

What: If you are nervous about the financial commitment of joining a wine club, why not ‘pay as you go’ thanks to Waitrose Cellar. This online shop from the popular supermarket offers mixed cases of wine, with the content chosen by factoring in both value for money and how easy it is to match the wines with food – you can save up to £51 off regular prices too. 
How much: However much you choose to spend
Explore Waitrose Cellar

Sunday Times Wine Club 

What: More than 30 years old, The Sunday Times Wine Club is somewhat of an institution. Wines are sourced from all around the world, although you’ll often find UK exclusives on the list of wines available which is regularly sent on to you via email or post. You are also free to amend or cancel your membership at any time, so you don’t need to fret over financial commitments.  
How much: £24 registration fee and then whatever you choose to spend on wines
Sign up to The Sunday Times Wine Club 

Naked Wines  

What: If you want to enjoy a glass of wine while also doing you bit for small businesses, Naked Wines is the answer. This crowd-funded wine subscription service sees the ‘angels’ (that’s you) donate £25 a month, which is invested into helping independent winemakers. The wines that are produced are then sold back to customers, at 33% off the retail price. 
How much: £25 a month, plus the cost of any wines ordered
Sign up to Naked Wine Club

Virgin Wines 

What: The beauty of Virgin Wines is that there is no fixed cost or monthly installment that you need to pay. Virgin Wines offers a variety of membership plans, but the easiest one to commit to is the Wine Bank Membership – simply add a financial amount of your choice and for every £5 you put in, Virgin Wines will give you an extra £1.   
How much: Whatever you choose to invest
Sign up to Virgin Wines  

Averys of Bristol  

What: One of the oldest wine merchants in the UK, Averys beginnings can be traced back to 1793. These days, subscribers receive a 12-bottle case of wines each quarter, which are discounted from their usual price and also come with tasting notes. Averys will also throw in a free bottle of wine too, which they’ll determine by matching it to bottles you’ve previously ordered. 
How much: £79.22 each quarter
Sign up to Averys Wine Club 

The Vintner  

What: There is no registration fee to join The Vintner’s Vault Club, with subscribers instead just having to regularly top up their ‘vault’ account by £50, which they can then use to spend on wines. Members get a 10% discount on all wines, while it’s super flexible too – there are no minimum order limits and you don’t have to choose from pre-made cases. 
How much: A regular payment of £50
Sign up to The Vintner's Vault Club 

Berry Bros & Rudd 

What: There are four different levels of membership to choose from at Berry Bros & Rudd’s wine club. The entry level membership includes a 12-bottle case of wine delivered to your door every other month and being a member means you will also be invited to tastings and other events. The best bit? There’s no joining fee and you can skip or swap cases whenever you need. 
How much: From £60 per month
Sign up to Berry Bros & Rudd's Wine Club 

The Wine Society 

What: One of the most popular wine subscription services in the UK, The Wine Society blends fine wines with everyday classics, which means it has a little something for everyone. There is no minimum spend on orders either (although there is a delivery charge), and guests are able to mix and match wines in their cases as they please. 
How much: £40 registration fee, plus £85 a month
Sign up to The Wine Society Club 

Wanderlust Wine Club 

What: Wanderlust specialises in biodynamic and unusual wines from lesser-known producers. A Silver membership will get you six bottles a month while a Gold means you will receive 12. There is also a Platinum level which offers 12 unique fine wines, while additional perks include 15% off wines bought from the online shop and free tickets to tasting events.  
How much: From £30 per month
Sign up to Wanderlust Wine Club 

Corney & Barrow 

What: Established in 1780, and still sprightly even at 240 years old (or perhaps because of it), C&B have recently invested in a new modern warehouse, with temperature and humidity control, where they offer storage facilities for customers wanting to build their own cellar. The majoirty of their wines are exclusive to them in the UK, and for customers who live anywhere within the M25, they can deliver the following day. 
How much: Whatever you choose to invest
Sign up to Corney & Barrow


Savage Vines 

What: Organising at home deliveries can be tricky, but Savage Vines has come up with a nifty solution thanks to its handy carry cases, which means you can have your wine delivered to work and carry it home. Choose between either two, three or six bottles a month, depending on how good your biceps are.  
How much: From £29.95 per month
Sign up to Savage Vines Wine Club 

The Grape Reserve 

What: Designed with serious foodies in mind, The Grape Reserve sends outs two bottles of wine a month to its members, along with tasting notes, food pairing ideas and a recipe of a dish that you can whip up to enjoy with your wine. You can also expect to encounter wines you haven’t come across before, as The Grape Reserve tries to shine a light on lesser-known varieties. 
How much: £33 per month 
Sign up to The Grape Reserve's Wine Club 

Stone, Vine and Sun 

What: Keeping things simple, the Doorstep Dozen club from Stone, Vine and Sun sends two bottles a month to its members. The list of wines to choose from come from both the old and new worlds, while you also have the option to have your wines delivered monthly, every other month, or quarterly. You’re also able to skip a month should you need to do so.  
How much: From £90 per month
Sign up to Stone, Vine and Sun's Doorstep Dozen Club 

The Wine List

What: Billing itself as ‘the first wine subscription focused on learning’, The Wine List is undoubtedly one for the novices. If you want to improve on your knowledge of all things wine, this monthly delivery of wines comes complete with interactive tasting cards and a breakdown of key wine principles, covering everything from how wine is made to how different bottles are priced.
How much: £39 per month
Sign up to The Wine List 


What: Previously supplying restaurants, Drop75’s collection of bottles is now available to be delivered direct to the general public’s front door. This subscription is great for winos who prefer tasting independent or hard to find natural wines, while you will even find a few in your box that were previously exclusively available at top UK restaurants.
How much: From £120 per month
Sign up to Drop75

Wine Buyers

What: Ok, so this isn’t a subscription as such, but Wine Buyers is a free-to-join website which gives members access to more than 50,000 wines. Prices are fair (no sneaky mark ups here) and you can order wines by bottle or crate. There’s even the option to add in a gift if you’re looking to treat someone special to a wine subscription gift.
How much: However much you want
Sign up to Wine Buyers

Wine Post

What: On the more affordable end of the wine subscription spectrum is Wine Post, a delivery service which lets you choose between boxes of three, six or 12 high-quality wines to be delivered to your door each month. The best part is that you’re not tied into any contract, as you can pause or stop your subscription anytime you please.
How much: From £29.95 per month
Sign up to Wine Post


What: If you want to try a variety of wines without having to commit to a lengthy subscription, check out Vinatis. This online wine merchant offers up mixed cases of six bottles of wine, each packaged by theme, with current themes to try including ‘pink wines’ and ‘the best of Bordeaux’.
How much: Mixed cases from £53
Sign up to Vinatis

Shop Cuvée's natural wine subscription service

What: For those of you who like your natural wine, Shop Cuvée's natural wine subscription could be the perfect way to discover some new and unusual bottles. With each monthly box curated by the team in Highbury shop and restaurant Top Cuvée, the service ensures that you will always be treated to something exciting. Expect real variety too; when we tried the service, we were treated to natural wines from France, Spain and Italy, all of which had interesting qualities but were wonderfully drinkable too.
How much: Three bottles £55; six bottles £110
Sign up to Shop Cuvée's natural wine subscription

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