Take a seat at the chef’s table

Take a seat at the chef’s table

Posted on 24 August 2017 • Written By Ben McCormack

Take a seat at the chef’s table

Watching your food being prepared in front of you, seeing the ingredients in their raw form and the processes used to transform them, undoubtedly adds another dimension to dining out. We’re not just talking teppanyaki here: chef’s tables are the hot ticket.

Words: Ben McCormack

Marcus Chef's Table

Some, like MARCUS (above), Pétrus and, just to prove it’s not just Gordon Ramsay restaurants (and ex-Ramsay chefs) who have chefs tables, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal are up close and personal in the kitchen itself, giving you a ringside seat to all the cheffing action.    

Others, like City Social, Maze and Murano have a view into the kitchen through a window, so you can absorb all of the atmosphere without the heat that goes with it.

And it’s not just the modern European big names that offer a chef’s table: you can brush up on your Chinese kitchen skills watching the chefs at HKK, or go Indian at Benares (below).

Benares Chef's Table

See a full list of London’s ultimate chef’s tables here. Or, if you just love communal dining (whether the chef is present or not), then click this way for London’s best restaurants for group dining.

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