Costa Christmas menu: Everything you need to know about its festive food and drink offering for 2021

There are lots of newbies on the menu including a Toffee Penny latte and a Pigs under Blankets panini

Updated on 04 November 2021 • Written By Ellie Donnell

Costa Christmas menu: Everything you need to know about its festive food and drink offering for 2021

Every year, the nation waits in anticipation for the launch of UK coffee chain’s Christmas menus – or is that just us? From Pret's pigs in blankets pots to Starbucks’ pumpkin-spiced latte, each store offers an exclusive selection of festive fare every year. And if Costa is your coffee shop of choice, then you're in luck because it’s just released its Christmas menu for 2021. Of course, we’ve dug up all the details including when it launches, what you can expect to find on the menu as well as the low-down on its limited-edition red cups.  


There are plenty of newbies across the range to get excited about including a brand new addition to its Quality Street hot drinks. One things for sure, though, they're guaranteed to be deliciously indulgent and all come with the option of being topped with whipped cream. Posting its limited-edition Christmas cups on Instagram, Costa will be serving its drinks in more environmentally-friendly red cups decorated with penguins, snowmen, rabbits and gingerbread people.  

There are plenty of hot and cold savoury options available too, from Christmas sandwiches to mac 'n' cheese, inspired by classic Christmas flavours. There will also be Pigs and Blankets flavoured Burts Crisps to fill the stop-gap between lunch and dinner. 

Commenting on the range, a Costa Coffee spokesperson said: “Christmas is such a magical time of year at Costa Coffee and we are excited to launch such a spectacular food range, which features both new choices and returning iconic favourites we know our customers will love. Whether they are enjoyed over a catch up with a friend or during time-out from a busy day Christmas shopping with the family, we wanted to create a festive range that encapsulated great flavours and quality products.” 

Find out everything you need to know about the Costa Christmas menu below, where we answer all your FAQs.

When does the Costa Christmas menu launch? 

Costa Coffee’s Christmas menu is available to buy from Wednesday 3 November 2021.  

What drinks are on the Costa Christmas menu? 

Let’s face it, we're all dying to know which drinks Costa have introduced to rival Starbucks’ pumpkin-spiced latte. This year, it's offering a selection of old and new hot chocolates and coffees, many of which are inspired by Quality Street favourites.  

On offer is a new limited-edition Toffee Penny Latte which it describes as a ‘rich golden sauce topped with light dairy swirl and crunchie caramel vermicelli’’. It’s also announced the return of the Purple One Latte, flavoured with hazelnut and chocolate, and the After Eight hot chocolate. Customers can purchase a canned version of its Gingerbread Latte from 11 November, for an on-the-go fix this season. 

Check out the full festive drinks' menu below:  

  • Quality Street Toffee Penny Latte 
  • Quality Street the Purple One Latte 
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange hot chocolate  
  • After Eight hot chocolate  
  • Gingerbread latte and cream 
  • Gingerbread latte in a can 
  • Blackforest hot chocolate and cream  

What food is on the Costa Christmas menu? 

The food menu includes a range of sweet and savoury options to get you in the festive spirit. Christmas sandwiches include new additions such as a Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese toastie and a Pigs under Blankets panini, while other well-loved options include a British Turkey and the Trimmings toastie, Pigs and Blankets Mac ‘n’ Cheese and a Vegan Turkee, Cranberry and Stuffing toastie.  

Added to its sweet range is a Winter Frosted Marble Cake, Clementine and Cranberry Loaf Cake, Reindeer Cake and a Golden Billionaire's - so there’s plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth. There is also a new Rocky Road with Aero Peppermint Bubbles. 

Or, why not pair one of its hot chocolates with an After Eight muffin or Terry’s Chocolate Orange muffin, which are also making a come-back this year? The full line-up of festive food can be found below:  

  • Chocolate sparkle cake 
  • Winter frosted marble cake 
  • Clementine and cranberry loaf cake 
  • Reindeer cake 
  • Rocky road with Aero Peppermint Bubbles 
  • Golden billionaire's 
  • Florentine mince tart 
  • Chocolate and salted caramel torte 
  • All butter mince pie 
  • Mince tart 
  • After Eight muffin 
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange muffin 
  • Crispy chocolate star 
  • Chocolate and caramel bun 
  • Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese toastie 
  • Pigs under Blankets panini 
  • Brie, Maple Bacon and Cranberry panini 
  • Vegan Turkee, cranberry and stuffing toastie 
  • British turkey and the trimmings toastie 
  • Pigs and Blankets Mac ‘n’ Cheese 
  • British turkey feast sandwich 
  • Pork and apple sausage roll 
  • Pigs and blankets mac ‘n’ cheese 
  • Jammy Rudolph shortcake 
  • Vegan Santa gingerbread 
  • Decorate your own gingerbread snowman  
  • Christmas cake 
  • Biscuit selection 
  • Gingerbread coffee shop (build your own) 
  • Italian cake selection  

In other festive food news, Starbucks has also announced its Christmas menu here.