Pret’s 2020 Christmas sandwiches are here (along with the rest of the festive menu!)

And there are some pretty unusual 'festive' options...

Updated on 03 November 2020 • Written By Rosie Conroy

Pret’s 2020 Christmas sandwiches are here (along with the rest of the festive menu!)

Christmas sandwich lovers, rejoice, the holy grail of all options - the Pret Christmas sandwich - launched at the start of November and is back for the rest of the festive season. The best news of all though is that this year Pret's Christmas sandwich is on delivery within certain ranges of various stores, so you fan get a festive fix without leaving the house. 

As with previous years, the sandwich shop's special is sure to be a sell-out. There are six different Christmas sandwiches to choose from in 2020, meaning you could try a different one each day of the week while doubling up on your favourite for Sunday - a genius option we're sure you can agree since it's basically a roast dinner anyway.


The six sandwich choices offer up options for veggies and vegans, as well as there being a regular Christmas dinner special of course. The sandwiches themselves are made in the shops each morning to ensure you get a fresh sarnie come lunchtime. And despite these short-lived sandwiches only gracing the shelves for a few weeks each year, the prep that goes into them is quite intense with planning happening for them way back in July. 

Pret's Christmas Lunch 2020 sandwich

So, what are the sandwich options? The regular Pret Christmas Lunch sandwich sees turkey with a port and orange cranberry sauce and herby pork stuffing squashed into thick-cut bread with baby spinach, mayo and crispy onions. For vegans there's the Vegan Christmas Nut Roast which combines sweet roasted butternut squash with peppery rocket and a Christmas pesto made with pine nuts, chestnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, parsley & rosemary. All of this is finished off with a spoonful of vegan sage mayo, crispy onions and crunchy pecan nuts. New for this year there is also a Pigs in Blankets Hot Roll which sees bacon wrapped mini sausages stuffed into a soft white bap and topped with carmalised onion chutney with a little mustard mayo. Gluten free? No problem, there's also a straight up pot version where you just get a handful of the bacon-wrapped gluten free sausages without the bread. 

The 2020 Christmas Pret veggie special 

The new Christmas menu will also see the return of three Christmas baguettes, the Brie, Pistachio and Cranberry Baguette, a Smoked Salmon and Dill combination and Pret’s Christmas Baguette. Treats haven't been forgotten either; there will be mince pies, Christmas tiffen and gingerbread snowmen, as well as Christmas coffees and hot chocolates on sale. 

Pret Christmas menu 2020

If you're a loyal fan and want to read up on the full offering, here's what Pret is offering in terms of festive treats this year. And don't forget, most of these are available on delivery if you're in need of a lockdown working from home treat!

• Pigs in Blankets Hot Roll
• Pigs in Blankets Pot
• Vegan Christmas Nut Roast sandwich
• Pret's Christmas Lunch sandwich
• Christmas Lunch Baguette
• Smoked Salmon, Soft Cheese & Dill Baguette
• Brie, Pistachio & Cranberry Baguette
• Gingerbread Latte
• S'mores Hot Chocolate
• Salted Caramel Latte
• Christmas Tiffin
• Melvin, Pret's Melting Gingerbread Snowman
• Pret's Mince Pie

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