Brownie delivery: 12 of the best ways to send brownies in the post

There's no greater taste than chocolate you haven't even had to leave your house to get

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Brownie delivery: 12 of the best ways to send brownies in the post

We thought about writing out a list of why you might want to get brownies by post, but the shorter list was when you wouldn’t want a brownie delivery. It’s quite short and it goes like this: never. We literally cannot think of a reason why you wouldn’t want these beautiful little chocolate morsels sent to you via the mailman. Now that is service.

There’s something so soul gratifying about receiving a little box of brownies by post. There’s the anticipation once you’ve ordered, watching the clock as the minutes go by until you can get your teeth into them. Then there’s that wonderfully satisfying thud as your box of treats hits the doormat. And finally, there’s the eating: the absolute peak of the experience. Whether you like to savour your baked goods and have one each evening with a cuppa, or instead you like to get through the brownies at breakneck speed, one thing’s for sure – you’re in for a delicious experience with one of our handpicked bakeries below.


When weighing up the merits of the best brownie delivery companies we took into consideration a few factors. We looked at the flavours they offered, the packaging everything was presented in, whether there was next day delivery and of course if dietary requirements were catered for.

If you’re a plant-based eater you might be keen to get a vegan delivery company, and happily the below has a few options which send vegan brownies by post. While lots of companies have them as one of their spread, Cake or Death has an entire range that doesn’t contain dairy or animal products. And let us just drop a note here that against all competitors these stood up to the best of the rest, so definitely aren’t just for vegans.

If you’re a purist you might be tempted to stick to the classic rich chocolate brownies, but there are so may amazing flavours out there too. We’d urge you to try a little bit of everything by purchasing one of the mixed boxes below which allow you to discover the breadth of each company’s range.

Gower Cottage Brownie

Quite possibly the best baking we have ever tasted, these Gowar Cottage goodies are the perfect way to send brownies in the post to friends or family. While there are a handful of options – from vegan and gluten free to coffee and chocolate orange – it’s the original ones that have our heart. With that signature papery top that melts in the mouth and a rich buttery centre that’s only-just cooked, these rich and fudgy little cakes will perk up any teatime. Handmade by a tiny team in the heart of wales, these are as close to homemade as you will get without cracking out your mixer. We’re giving these guys extra points too, for offering next day delivery – a much better last-minute gift than supermarket flowers.
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Bad Brownie

Bad Brownie began life as a market stall and quickly grew as word spread about the team’s delicious chocolate-based baking. If you like your brownies soft and squishy, these are the guys for you. These brownies by post come in all shapes and sizes, to suit any occasion. Choose between 12, 16 or 24 bites in each box, with flavours to pick from including things like salted caramel, triple chocolate and Ferrero Rocher. If you’re sending these as a gift, you’re able to add wrapping and a note, and if you’re more of a DIY baking enthusiast, you can also buy ‘brownies in a mug’, which delivers you all the ingredients to make your own chocolate pud in just minutes using your microwave.
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Lola’s cupcakes

Chances are – if you live in a city – you’ve seen Lola’s Cupcakes at one of the major railway stations. Famed for their buttery, light-as-air cupcakes, Lola’s has been hiding a secret all these years – they also make great brownies (including a vegan brownie delivery if you’re plant based and craving an indulgent treat). The main offering is a brownie box which can include either six or 12 brownies in a choice of your flavours. A couple of our top picks are the mint choc chip ones and a wonderfully indulgent red velvet edition. We love that as well as their classic brownie recipe, Lola’s experiments with more unusual flavour combinations. Aside from the main selection boxes you’re also able to send a single brownie from £5.99 (either classic or vegan), which makes the perfect little postal token to let someone know you’re thinking about them without blowing the bank.
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Bear's Brownies

With a whole range of brownie flavours, Bear's Brownies offers creative and moreish serves in a variety of styles. You can pick and mix your own box to come up with the perfect pairings, with some of our favourites being the salted caramel and pretzel brownies or the raspberry ripple, cheesecake-topped ones. Each box can hold a double layer, so make the perfect generous gift, and inside you'll find your selection of brownies and blondies wrapped in layers of tissue paper for a luxurious finish. Gluten-free and vegan brownies are also available and with next day nationwide delivery, these are the perfect sweet treat to have in your armoury for last-minute presents. 
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B is for Brownie

We love how many postal brownies are handmade by passionate small businesses, and these ones happen to be made by Lou. Lou started her business to fill a gap she saw in the market, for luxury grown-up treats. After spending weeks on end testing and tweaking her recipe she finally realised that what the batter was missing was more… chocolate. Adding more of the good stuff (single origin chocolate from Madagascar & Colombia to be precise), Lou’s results were rich and truffly, as well as being entirely gluten-free. While the classic is plain and simple, the BFD ones are where things really ramp up a notch. Topped with sea salted butterscotch, baked fudge and dulce de leche, these are a dream for anyone with a sweet tooth. Each box of brownies comes beautifully wrapped and postage is included, making it an easy gift, even if it’s yourself who is most deserving of a present this time.
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Blondies Kitchen

Once you’ve made your way through a good cross-section of all the standard best delivery brownies across the UK, you may be looking to mix things up a little. We can’t get enough of these cookie dough brownies which combine two of our favourite treats. On the bottom and the top is the brand’s signature soft cookie dough with a layer of brownie sandwiched in the middle, topped with chocolate chips. While these may not be for the die-hard classic chocolate fans, they deliver a wonderful vanilla flavour alongside the rich cocoa centre.
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Exploding Bakery

Run by childhood friends Tom and Oliver, the Exploding Bakery supplies restaurants and cafes with their high-end baking, as well as offering mail-order brownies to old joe blogs like our good selves. Each of the letterbox brownies come in one single tray, allowing you to cut your own portion sizes as you see fit. Pick from various toppings like pecan or sour cherry, and most of the recipes are gluten free too, which is great for sending to a household who might have mixed dietary needs, but who have a collective love of chocolate.
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Cutter & Squidge

These sweet treats come in a slimline box that fits through most letterboxes so that they make a lovely surprise when they hit the doormat of the lucky recipient. There are a few flavours to choose from, and even the classic has been given a little bit of love with crispy milk chocolate pearls dotted over the top. A small addition maybe, but it makes them seem extra special. For allergy sufferers (or those who just don’t like them) there’s a no-nuts edition, as well as lots of other flavours which range from things like millionaire’s shortbread to peanut butter fudge.
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Wow Brownie

Founded by a couple from Kent, these brownies by post have a gorgeous homemade look and taste and are wickedly rich. Made fresh each day you know you’ll be receiving something really special with these ones, with a sweet fudgy centre and a gloriously flaky top. Delivery is usually completed within a day locally and just two days for the rest of the UK. Pick between a tray of 12, 16, 24 or 48 pieces. The only slight drawback is that there aren’t different flavours, so these are for pudding purists only who hold unadulterated chocolate in the highest regard.
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Cake or Death

Following a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on chocolatey treats, and one company on a mission to prove just that is Cake or Death. These planet-friendly packages are wrapped up in fabulous hot pink leopard print wrapping and each box contains your choice of six or ten vegan brownies. Flavours include classics like salted caramel and more sea salt as well as more unusual options such as Biscoff. Our favourite is the surprise box, which delivers you a mystery selection of Cake or Death’s latest flavours.
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Lily Vanilli

Lily Vanilli might be best known for her intricate celebration cakes, but this baking queen also makes a pretty mean brownie – and what’s more, she’ll delver them to your door. While there are vegan brownies for plant-based eaters, there are also indulgent salted caramel ones which are so luxurious they’d make the perfect dinner party dessert. Sweet and fudgy, all they need is a large dollop of extra thick cream on the side.
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Chummys Bakery

We love that Chummys Bakery allows you to build your own box, letting you handpick your favourite flavours. The flavour mixes here are all centred around cult favourite chocolate and biscuit brands, so you’ll be choosing between things like Mars, Mint Aero and Oreo. If you can’t choose then you can leave it up to the experts and instead plump for a box of tried and tested best-sellers. For an extra £1 you can pop a ribbon on the box, to give it an extra special twist, and the team will write out a gift note for you too.
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