Best food and drink subscription gifts that deliver nationwide

If you’re looking for a present that has actual longevity, then consider a food subscription gift this year.

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Best food and drink subscription gifts that deliver nationwide

We know it’s been said countless times before, but food subscriptions are, quite literally, the gifts that keep on giving. There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a bag of your favourite coffee beans, or a hand-selected box of cheese straight to your door every month. We all deserve something to look forward to, and a monthly foodie parcel is one of the best gifts you can give, in our opinion. So, if you’re looking for a present that has actual longevity, then consider a food or drinks subscription gift this year.

Nowadays, there’s a subscription for pretty much everything. From chocolate to cheese, beer to wine, tea to coffee, and everything in between, you can get your favourite gourmet goodies delivered on a monthly basis so that you never have to go without again. That’s why we’ve included a wide range of delicious products in our round-up of the best food subscription gifts right now, to ensure there’s something for everyone, and to prove the astounding breadth of choice on offer.


Alongside the thrill of receiving a present in the post every month, subscriptions are a great way to discover new products and brands, with many offering an ever-rotating roster of artisan products. Beer52, for example, promises that you’ll ‘never drink the same beer twice’, so you can always be sure to try something new. Many also give customers the option to pause or skip their subscription at any time, giving you greater flexibility over when you receive your delivery. To make things nice and easy, we've separated out the best food subscriptions and the best drink subscriptions, so you can quickly skip to the section that's right for you. Got a coffee-lover in your life, for example? You know where to head for a gift they'll love.

Discover all our top-rated food subscription gifts to buy right now, then go ahead and order one for a friend, family member or colleague.


Best food subscription gifts

If the thought of a monthly food package delivered direct to your door sounds like some sort of fantasy, then keep on scrolling. From cheese to brownies to tinned fish, we've included a comprehensive selection of tasty food subscription gifts so you're sure to find something for everyone - including yourself! 

Discovery Club Food Gift Subscription by Fodabox

Selection of premium products against green backdrop

What: This Discovery Club box is perfect for someone who likes to try a bit of everything. The team at Fodabox put together a curated selection of premium snacks every month so you’re always sure to try something new. Each box contains 7-10 foodie items, spanning spreads, condiments, biscuits, chocolate, snacks, drinks and more. For a taster of what to expect, examples of previous items include Tracklements Piccalilli, Peter’s Yard Sea Salt Flatbreads, Perello Olives and Soffles Pitta Chips. It’s always a surprise and always fun!  
How much: From £103.99 
Buy now: Discovery Club Food Gift Subscription by Fodabox

Bold Bean Co

Beans in jars

What: Whether you're on the hunt for a prezzie for a budding a chef, a newbie vegan or someone who just really appreciates high quality ingredients, a Bold Bean Co subscription is the perfect gift for anyone who's barmy about beans! Every month, your recipient will receive a box packed with six jars of beans, including butter beans, white beans, black beans, red beans and two types of chickpeas. They don't contain any added preservatives and are all slowly-cooked and perfectly seasoned. Chuck 'em into stews and salads, blend into homemade dips, or roast with oil and spices for a crispy snack.
How much: From £75 for three months
Buy now: Bold Bean Co

Nonna Tonda

Top down shot of pasta dishes

What: Nonna Tonda is something of a passion project between husband-and-wife founders James and Rebecca, born out of a road trip around Italy in 2017. Three years later and Nonna Tonda emerged out of the duo's shared love for fresh pasta, bringing high quality produce and fresh pasta sauces straight to your door. Choose the number of portions you would like to receive each week, select a meat, seafood or veggie option, and that’s it! Dishes change weekly, but examples include bucatini with prawns, pangrattato and parsley oil, and fusilli with ragu alla Napoletana and pecorino romano. 
How much: From £8.25 per portion (for two portions a week) 
Buy now: Nonna Tonda

Pip & Nut

Pip and nut - nut butters

What: We're die-hard peanut butter fans here at SquareMeal HQ, so the thought of a rolling subscription of nut butters delivered to our door every month sounds like a dream come true. If you know anyone else who’s nutty about the stuff, we suggest gifting them a subscription to Pip & Nut’s delicious range. Simply select the products you’d like to receive on a monthly basis, plus how often you’d like to receive them, and voila! You can amend your subscription preferences any time, and subscribers receive a 10% discount off every purchase. Because loyalty pays off, you know. Our favourites include the sweet and salty peanut butter, and coconut almond butter. 
How much: Jars start from £2.96 
Buy now: Pip & Nut subscription

The Fine Cheese Co.

Cheese selection

What: Everyone has a die-hard cheese-lover in their life who would go weak at the knees for a cheese subscription gift, and we think we’ve found the perfect one. We like that The Fine Cheese Co. offers lots of flexibility with its subscription, as many people consume cheese at differing rates. You can choose which month you’d like to receive each box, and whether you’d like to buy a three-month, six-month or year-long subscription. There are extra ways to personalise the offering, too, like selecting a vegetarian-only cheese box, or to opt out from receiving blue cheese or goat’s cheese, for instance. Each box contains four artisan cheeses (about 800g in total) and a pack of crackers, as well as tasting notes and a cheese card guide.
How much: From £108 for three months
Buy now: The Fine Cheese Co

Paxton & Whitfield

A selection of cheeses on a board

What: When someone asks you to join a cheese club, you do it. Paxton & Whitfield’s Cheese Club is a tiered subscription service (choose bronze for three months, silver for six months or gold for 12 months), which sees four artisan cheeses and a pack of biscuits delivered in the post every month. It works out at about £40 per box, but also includes a tasting notes card, a video of one of its cheesemongers talking through each cheese, and a personalised welcome letter – making it a really special gift!
How much: From £120 for three months
Buy now: Paxton & Whitfield

The Tinned Fish Market

Tinned fish selection

What: This is the subscription you didn’t know you needed. Wonderfully niche and delightfully useful, this unique offering sees three tins from artisan canneries in Portugal, Spain, France and Denmark delivered every month. True lovers of tinned fish will be able to tell the difference in quality from the supermarket stuff. Plus, we love the gorgeous design of each tin! The classic option includes a mixture of mackerel, tuna and sardines, but you can always opt for just anchovies, sardines or spicy varieties if you prefer.
How much: From £58 for three months
Buy now: The Tinned Fish Market

Bauce Brothers

Bauce Brothers hot sauce

What: Chilli-lovers are sure to appreciate this craft hot sauce subscription from Bauce Brothers. It was originally founded in 2018 by two brothers and their love for the hot stuff, and every small-batch bottle is totally natural and preservative free. So, what do ya get? Join the club and receive three craft bottles every three months, plus three collectable fact cards and one mystery treat, all for £23.99.
How much: From £23.99 for three months
Buy now: Bauce Brothers

Friday Night Curry

Spice kit

What: Everyone loves a proper curry and this flavour-packed box is filled with everything you need to create tantalising curries every month! Each box is unique, so you’ll always have something new to try, and contains recipes and spices to feed four people (about six or seven spices). Don’t expect your usual Wednesday night korma either. Examples of recipes include a Javanese chicken curry, a Goan pork balchao and a Kashmiri lamb curry.
How much: £28 for three months
Buy now: Friday Night Curry

Cake or Death Brownies

brownie box

What: Starting at just £15 per month, Cake or Death lets you build your own personalised box of postal brownies and have them delivered every two, four, six or 12 weeks. Aside from the flexibility of this indulgent subscription, it’s the flavours we fell totally in love with. Nutella hazelnut, coffee bourbon, Oreo, Biscoff and simply sea salt are all on the menu, as well as a few limited-edition options to keep things interesting. Choose two of your favourites, or go all different! It’s up to you.
How much: £17 for six, or £21 for 10 per month
Buy now: Cake or Death Brownies

Pizza Purists Membership

pizza making meal kit

What: From the team behind much-loved Pizza Pilgrims comes this Pizza Purists membership for die-hard fans of their Neapolitan pizzas. Choose to subscribe every two or four weeks, and receive a margherita kit complete with 48-hour prove dough, crushed tomatoes, basil pesto, fior de latte mozzarella and even a dip for your crusts! 
How much: From £24 per month
Buy now: Pizza Pilgrims

Bread Box

bread making kit

What: Any keen bakers out there? This wholesome box is perfect for any aspiring or novice bread-makers looking to expand their repertoire. Each month, you’ll receive all the dry ingredients you need to make a delicious loaf of bread – just add a couple of fresh bits to bring it to life. Past recipes have included bao buns, soda bread and pretzels, so you can look forward to something new every month. You’ll also receive step-by-step recipes which you can keep if you want to make the bakes again.
How much: £52 for three months
Buy now: Bread subscription box

Best drink subscription gifts

Addicted to coffee? Love discovering new natural wines? There's a beverage for everyone in our line-up of the best drink subscription gifts, including loose leaf teas, indulgent hot chocolates and boozy options. 

The Cocktail Society

The cocktail society box

What: The Cocktail Society offers the best all-round selection of any cocktail box we’ve seen. Each box includes a 500ml Cocktail Society bottle, a ready-to-drink cocktail from a surprise brand, 4 DIY cocktails, two tasty snacks and monthly recipe cards. So, whether you prefer a cocktail that’s pre-mixed and ready to drink, or enjoy having fun making your own creations, this box lets you do both! If you’re choosing to purchase as a gift for someone else, simply choose the number of boxes you want (either three, six or 12 months) and receive a gift card by email which you can forward on or print out to give to a mate. Easy.  
How much: From £120 for three boxes (£40 a box) 
Buy now: The Cocktail Society


coffee beans

What: There are lots of artisan coffee brands out there, but we like Tambia because it owns its own farms in Colombia, so rather than sourcing from suppliers across the globe, it has total oversight over the entire farm-to-cup process. Its single origin beans are hand-planted, hand-picked and hand-processed, ensuring the most delicious beans and a really honest product. We like its Castillo medium roast ground coffee, with notes of dark chocolate and summer berries. Choose to have a packet delivered every two or four weeks, depending on how fast you drink it.
How much: From £6.75 per month
Buy now: Tambia

Batch Coffee

batch coffee packet

What: Batch Coffee does a fine job of sniffing out the best smaller, micro-roasters in the UK, rather than the more major companies that everyone knows. For real fanatics, it’s a great way to broaden your coffee horizons, and each box contains lots of information about what’s included that month. Boxes contain two 200g bags of coffee, so you can try a couple of different types and compare. A great one for keen coffee addicts (sorry, enthusiasts).
How much: £17.99 per month on rolling contract
Buy now: Batch Coffee Club

Good & Proper

tea and mug by good and proper

What: When you subscribe to Good & Proper’s tasty tea subscription, you get an extra 10% off for being a loyal customer. What else is great about these guys? All their teas are sourced from 13 trusted suppliers across the globe, that pay well above Fairtrade prices. They’re also big on brewing, and you can expect your parcel to include notes on how to achieve the best possible flavour from each cup. Finally, all its packaging is fully compostable and 100% plastic-free. Simply choose your favourite teas, and the frequency you’d like to receive them, then sit back and look forward to your monthly tea care package.
How much: From £6.50 per month
Buy now: Good & Proper

Bird & Blend

bird and blend tea

What: This wholesome offering by Bird & Blend includes three loose leaf teas per month for the modest price of £9. Its all-natural teas are a favourite amongst those in the know, with three box types on offer (three, six or 12 months). The blends are different every month and curated by resident tea expert Krisi Smith. Plus, each neatly-sized box is 100% compostable and small enough to fit through your letterbox.
How much: From £9 per month
Buy now: Bird & Blend

Majestic Wine Club

majestic wine selection

What: Majestic’s wine subscription includes 12 bottles delivered every three months, which feels like a manageable amount when it’s nice and spread out. There are three case types available – Discovery, M.W Tour and M.W Grand Tour – which can be tailored depending on what level of seasoned wine explorer you are. The Discovery Case is £99 for 12 bottles, which works out at £8.25 per bottle, and includes recipes, food pairings, wine tasting tips and more. You can choose to receive only reds or only whites too, if you have a preference.
How much: From £99 for three months
Buy now: Majestic Wine Club

Shop Cuvee

box of wine

What: Natual wine is a phenomen that’s been around for thousands of years, but it’s only recently that it’s started gaining the attention it deserves. If you’re not sure what it is, go and have a little read of our guide to natural wine. If you do, or know someone who does, then this natural wine subscription will go down a treat. It’s a little expensive, but if you’re a true natural wine lover then you’re already aware that you have to shell out for the good stuff. We like that you can manage your subscription from your phone, skip or cancel anytime, and you can choose to receive one, three or six bottles in the post.
How much: From £30 per month
Buy now: Shop Cuvee

Little Gin Box

mini gins

What: This affordable gin subscription is a low-commitment, high-reward offering that sees independent, artisan and craft brands delivered to your door for as little as £10 a month. Choose between monthly rolling or fixed term subscriptions, which see the team carefully select two 50ml bottles of gin for a package compact enough to fit through your letterbox. There’s also the option to swap one bottle of gin for rum instead, if you prefer to mix and match.
How much: £10 per month
Buy now: Little Gin Box


beer52 gift box

What: Beer52 is one of the most well-known beer subscriptions on the block, and for good reason. These guys put some serious time into tasting the best brews on the market, with a promise to customers that ‘you’ll never drink the same beer twice’. Each monthly box includes eight exciting beers, plus salty snacks and a magazine. You can also choose whether you receive mixed beers or light beers, although if you’re not a fan of stouts, then we recommend going for the light beers option.
How much: £27 per month
Buy now: Beer52

Hotel Chocolat

hot chocolat sachets

What: Hotel Chocolat are here to broaden your hot chocolate horizons with their range of indulgent flavours, from peanut butter to black forest gateau. Simply choose your favourite flavour and have it delivered to your door every one, two or three months. Subscribers also get free standard delivery, as well as a £15 voucher with your 10th subscription item. We love a package with perks.
How much: From £13.50 per month
Buy now: Hotel Chocolat

After more prezzie inspiration? Check out our ultimate gift guide for foodies which is sure to satisfy the keen cook in your life. 

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