Best Easter gifts 2021: 18 amazing Easter egg alternatives for adults and kids

From bunny-themed biscuits to high-end hampers

Updated on 18 February 2021 • Written By Henry Coldstream

Best Easter gifts 2021: 18 amazing Easter egg alternatives for adults and kids

As Easter fast approaches, it’s time to start thinking about whether there are people you want to buy gifts for and what exactly you’re going to get them this year. Now we know Easter isn’t traditionally a time where gifts are exchanged other than the classic Easter egg, but let us remind you that a) some people don’t like chocolate (we know it’s hard to believe) and b) everyone loves an excuse to buy and receive presents. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy your friends and family Easter eggs as well; it just means that there are a few extra surprises to be had on Easter Sunday morning.


Edible gifts are probably the first things that leap to mind when you’re trying to think of the perfect Easter prezzie but there are plenty of other options, particularly for children, such as bunny-related toys and Easter-themed picture books. Easter gifts aren’t exclusively reserved for kids though; with everything from beautiful Easter hampers to Springy houseware available, you won’t struggle to find something which will. For those who aren’t chocoholics and therefore won’t be receiving eggs, there are of course loads of other edible Easter treats which will still have the recipient grinning from ear to ear. Whisper it, but sometimes we actually prefer a box of sugary sweets to yet another chocolate egg…

With so many incredible Easter gift options out there, it can be difficult to know exactly where to look and what sort of present you’re looking for. To give you a hand, we’ve put together a guide below to the best Easter gifts on the market taking into account all ages and preferences. So, whether you’re looking for a few extras to buy your children to accompany their Easter eggs, or have a loved one or friend who just can’t stand the taste of chocolate, one of these Easter gift ideas is bound to be on the money.

Best Easter gifts for adults

It can be tricky trying to thing of things to buy for other adults at Easter if you're wanting to avoid Easter Eggs but there are plenty of different options out there which are bound to please. These are our picks of the best Easter gifts for adults.

Toast rack and egg cup set

What: All great Easter days start with a good breakfast in our books. That’s why we think this beatifully crafted porcelain toast rack and egg cup is a great gift for any adult, as they’ll be able to use it straight away. With the option to add a monogram to each of the egg cups, this is a particularly sweet Easter gift for a loved one. It’s up to the recipient as to whether the first they eat out of it is chocolate or not.
How much: £98
Buy the toast rack and egg cup set

Sipful Easter for the grown ups box

What: This is definitely a present for the adults out there as is made very clear by the name of the box from canned cocktail company Sipful. Featuring three brunch cocktails, which are ready to drink as soon as they’re cracked open as well as two glorious bars of salted caramel-flavoured Tony’s Chocolonely, this box really does include everything you need for a proper grown-up Easter morning.
How much: £17.95
Buy Sipful's Easter for the grown ups box

Floral gardening set

What: For many, Easter marks the real start of Spring which in turn means it’s gardening season. Decorated with a colourful floral pattern, this gardening set is the perfect Easter present for any green-fingered friends. The set includes gloves, a trowel and pruners and makes a nice alternative from the classic consumable Easter presents, as it’ll last you for years.
How much: £14.95
Buy the Floral gardening set

Egg bath fizzies

What: Edible eggs might be a common gift at Easter, but we think these egg bath fizzies will go down just as much of a treat and their chocolatey counterpart. Coming playfully presented in an egg box, the six bath bombs all have a different sweet scent with smells ranging from parma violet to pineapple. If the person you’re buying for loves a good pampering session, these bath fizzies are a no-brainer.
How much: £15
Buy egg bath fizzies

Gava Easter äggs

What: We know that this is meant to be a guide to Easter egg alternatives, but we don’t think these Easter äggs from Gava really count. We mean, they aren’t even made of chocolate. What they are though, is beautifully designed. Coming in a range of different colours and patterns, the reusable card äggs can be filled with everything from Swedish pick and mix to chocolate pralines, making them very adult friendly.
How much: From £8
Buy Gava Easter äggs

Knoops Easter gift bundle

What: Hot chocolate lovers out there get excited, because cocoa connoisseurs Knoops have released a special bundle for Easter. Containing the milk chocolate flakes required to make Knoops' signature creamy hot choc, alongside a pouch of hot cross bun spice to make your mugful a little more seasonal and bunny shaped marshmallows to finish, this bundle is sure to seriously up anyone's at-home hot chocolate game.
How much: £28
Buy the Knoops Easter gift set

Best Easter gifts for kids

The options are endless when it comes to Easter gifts for kids, so it can be hard narrowing it down to the right present for your own child. Here are our picks of the best Easter gifts for kids.

Meri Meri bunny pocket necklace

What: Look away if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by cuteness. Young children will fall in love with this bunny pocket necklace from Meri Meri. Featuring an adorable felt bunny which can be removed from its glittery leather pocket, children can be sure that this rabbit will never leave their side thanks to it being attached to a chain made of pink beads.
How much: £12.50
Buy the Meri Meri bunny pocket necklace

Carton of Easter biscuits

What: It may surprise you to know that not all children love chocolate, and if that is the case with your child, it can make Easter a bit tricky. Luckily these delicious egg-shaped Easter biscuits don’t contain any chocolate at all. Hand decorated to look like an egg or a chick, the biscuits are individually baked in a Northamptonshire bakery and come carefully packaged in an egg carton.
How much: £25
Buy the carton of Easter biscuits

Easter bunny felt bucket

What: The best thing about this amazing Easter bunny felt bucket from Waitrose is that you can fill it with whatever you want and it will still look Easter-y through and through. That means that you can buy mountains of your kid’s favourite sweets, chocolates, toys or whatever you fancy, and pop them inside this charming guy. This bucket is also great for Easter egg hunts!
How much: £3
Buy the Easter bunny felt bucket

Easter mug with chocolate eggs

What: You get the best of both world with this fantastic enamel Easter mug stuffed with goodies – a bag of caramel-filled chocolate eggs which your children can demolish over the course of Easter Day, and something for them to keep too. There’s even the option to have your child’s name added to the back of the mug for that extra personal touch.
How much: £13
Buy the Easter mug with chocolate eggs

Personalised hand-knitted bunny rabbit

What: Small children may have little understanding of what Easter really is but you can be sure that if you buy them one of these gorgeous hand-knitted bunny rabbits, they’ll be a fan. Made using eco-friendly bamboo blend yarns, you can order the bunny in blue or pink and can also choose to have a name printed on its little jumper at no extra cost.
How much: £28
Buy the personalised hand-knitted bunny rabbit

We're Going on an Egg Hunt book

What: A book may seem like a bit of an unusual present to give a child for Easter but this interactive board book is bound to go down a treat. ‘We’re Going on an Egg Hunt’ has wonderful illustrations and requires children to search for ten Easter eggs underneath flaps on the pages. Designed to be read allowed by an adult, this is probably a present best enjoyed by those under the age of 5.
How much: £6.99
Buy We're Going on an Egg Hunt book

Best Easter hampers

Hampers are a fantastic alternative to some of the more traditional Easter gifts as they usually contain a whole host of different things, but there are so many to choose from. These are our picks of the best Easter hampers on the market.

Easter basket gift hamper

What: Costing under £30, this attractively packaged basketful of Easter goodies is one of the most affordable in our guide, but that doesn’t mean that you still don’t get plenty of bang for your buck. Featuring hot cross bun fudge, lemon drizzle melt biscuits, decorated chocolates and a milk chocolate Easter egg, this hamper should last a good few weeks.
How much: £29.99
Buy the Easter basket gift hamper

Hotel Chocolat Easter hamper

What: We all know someone who is a complete chocolate fiend; someone who needs more than just a couple of Easter eggs to be appeased on the most chocolate-fueled day of the year. That someone is who you should be buying Hotel Chocolat’s Easter hamper for. Containing no less than five different boxes of award-winning chocolates, we’d suggest maybe saving at least a few for Easter Monday.
How much: £40
Buy the Hotel Chocolat Easter hamper

Laura's luxury Easter hamper

What: Whoever you buy this luxury hamper for might be a little overwhelmed when they first open it, due to the sheer amount of different sweet treats inside. The special Easter box from Laura’s Confectionary contains mini eggs, foil-wrapped eggs, clotted cream fudge, hot cross bun fudge, millionaire fudge, jelly beans, vegan meerkats and milk chocolate peanut clusters. And yes, this is one is for people with a sweet tooth.
How much: £45
Buy Laura's luxury Easter hamper

Fortnum & Mason Easter hamper

What: For those of you wanting to buy someone a particularly special hamper, you can never go wrong with Fortnum & Mason’s offering. Its wicker Easter hamper comes filled with everything from loose leaf tea and rhubarb and raspberry jam, to an array of high-quality sweets and chocolates. If that wasn’t already enough, Fortnum’s has chucked in one of its happy bunnies Easter eggs for good measure.
How much: £100
Buy the Fortnum & Mason Easter hamper

M&S Easter family hamper

What: Sometimes you just want to deal with all your Easter presents in one fell swoop, and that’s why we think this hamper from M&S is such a fantastic option. Buy it for your whole family and you can be sure there’ll be something in there for everyone whether it’s the bunny-shaped crumpets, the luxury hot cross buns or the limited-edition fried egg whips.
How much: £50
Buy the M&S Easter family hamper

The Gentlemen Baristas x Rococo Easter box

What: This Easter collaboration between London coffee afficionados The Gentlemen Baristas and luxury chocolatiers Rococo has everything you might want for a chocolate-filled Easter Day. Baked goods in the box include chocolate brownies and caramel slices, while it also contains a crate of salted caramel seagull eggs, a tin of dark hot chocolate, and a bag full of chocolate-coated coffee beans. You also don't need to worry about feeling sleepy once you've scoffed the lot, as there's also a bag of The Gentlemen Baristas' single origin coffee to keep you going.
How much: £55
Buy the Gentlemen Baristas x Rococo Easter box

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