18 of the best coffee gifts, coffee gift sets and coffee subscription services to buy for java obsessives

From coffee flavoured treats to stylish espresso cups, these are the ideal gifts for coffee lovers

Updated on 26 November 2020 • Written By Henry Coldstream

18 of the best coffee gifts, coffee gift sets and coffee subscription services to buy for java obsessives

There are so many important rules when it comes to choosing the right gift for someone – pick something you know the person doesn’t already have or wouldn’t mind more of; avoid low quality and badly made items etc. However, one of the most important has to be to know the interests and likes of whoever you’re buying for, a choose your present accordingly. Obviously this can be tricky if you don’t know someone incredibly well, but there are a number everyday things which most people tend to enjoy, and one of these is coffee.


According to the British Coffee Association, around 95 million cups of coffee are drunk every day in the UK alone, so it’s fair to say it’s pretty universally popular. This means that coffee gifts not only tend to go down a treat, but also don’t have a habit of sitting unused in a corner months after they’ve been opened.

You may be wondering how many different coffee-themed gifts there actually are, particularly as you might be looking for something a little more exciting than just a bag of coffee beans. Well, there are actually a huge variety of different options when it comes to coffee-related gifts. From coffee gift sets and flavoured coffees, to coffee subscription services and coffee accessories, there’s bound to be something which’ll put a smile on the face of your java crazy friend or family member.

With so many different types of coffee gifts to choose from, it can be difficult knowing where to look and what to buy. To give you a hand we’ve put together a guide below to the best coffee gifts on the market. We’ve included a range of different styles of coffee gift, covering all price points, so there’s guaranteed to be something that fits the bill.


Best gifts for coffee lovers

Given that coffee is just one type of hot drink, there are so many different accessories and coffee-related gifts on the market. These are our picks of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

BODUM pour over coffee maker with filter and cork band

What: We know that there are a number of different coffee makers and machines out there, but for its simplicity, elegance and low price-point, we think BODUM’s pour over coffee machine is hard to beat. Featuring a lovely cork band around the centre, it also has a stainless steel mesh filter meaning you’ll never need to buy paper filters again. Another perk of this coffee maker is that it’s incredibly easy to clean.
How much: £30
Buy the BODUM pour over coffee maker at John Lewis

Personalised coffee o'clock latte glass

What: Everyone has a favourite coffee mug or glass, which is theirs and only theirs to use. Well with this personalised latte glass, there’s no doubt as to who it belongs to as you can have any name up to 12 letters printed on it. This is a great option if you’re looking to by someone a gift which shows a lot of thought, and is bound to go down a treat with any coffee lover.
How much: £12.99
Buy the personalised coffee o'clock latte glass at personalise.co.uk

Coffee scoop with clip

What: This stylish stainless steel coffee scoop is a must for anyone who usually struggles to get coffee out of the bag with a teaspoon. It’s also been cleverly designed so that it has a built-in crocodile clip so that it not only can stay constantly attached to your coffee ground, but also re-seals the bag so that your coffee stays ultra-fresh.
How much: £16.75
Buy the coffee scoop with clip at Not on the High Street

Coffee guide print

What: These days there are so many different types of coffees out there, that even for coffee obsessives it can be difficult to remember the correct amounts and proportions for the perfect cuppa. That’s why this coffee guide print makes such a fantastic present for any java lovers in your life. Not only is it an incredibly useful thing to have hung on your kitchen wall, but it looks rather nice too and comes in a variety of different sizes.
How much: From £18
Buy the coffee guide print at Etsy

Grow your own coffee plant kit

What: Not many people can say that they’ve grown a coffee plant from scratch. Well this kit comes with everything you need to do just that, and makes a wonderful prezzie for coffee lovers and plant fanatics alike. Coming with two small terracotta plant pots, a saucer, and the all-important seeds, whoever you choose buy this for will be growing their own coffee in no time!
How much: £17.95
Buy the grow your own coffee plant kit at Not on the High Street

Ember temperature control smart mug

What: It’s up for debate whether a coffee mug really needed modernising but we can’t help but love this particular gizmo. The Ember smart mug allows you to choose the temperature you’d like your coffee to stay at via an app and will keep it at that heat for up to an hour wirelessly, or if you leave it on the charging coaster it’ll stay hot all day. It may cost a pretty penny, but can you put a price on the end of cold coffee?
How much: £99.99
Buy the Ember temperature control smart mug at Firebox

Set of six coloured espresso cups

What: We’re of the belief that no kitchen is complete without a set of espresso cups, and they also happen to make fantastic gifts. This set of six stoneware espresso cups are full of 70’s character and are all finished slightly differently meaning that they’re particularly funky. As if they weren’t a good enough gift anyway, they also benefit from being both microwave and dishwasher safe.
How much: £42
Buy the set of six coloured espresso cups at Not on the High Street

Best coffee gift sets

If you’re struggling to choose what coffee gift to buy someone, a coffee gift set could be a great option. Here are our favourite coffee gift sets available.

Whittard coffees of the world gift set

What: There are so many different coffee blends out there, that it can be hard to know where to start if you’re choosing coffee for someone else. This wonderful gift set from Whittard of Chelsea means you don’t have to choose, as it includes nine different types of coffee, all of which hail from different corners of the world. This is a particularly good present for people who are new to coffee and yet to discover their favourite types.
How much: £25
Buy the coffees of the world gift set at Whittard

Coffee Box gift set with reusable glass coffee cup

What: As everyone becomes more and more aware of reducing the amount of waste they’re producing, reusable coffee cups are becoming an essential item to own. This gift set from Coffee Box not only contains a lovely glass reusable cup but also includes two bags of Source Climate Change coffee, as well as a packet of biscotti for dunking. To top it all off, this all comes packaged in a smart gift box.
How much: £24.99
Buy the Coffee Box gift set with reusable glass coffee cup here

Rise Coffee gourmet gift box

What: If you’re looking to buy someone some premium quality and sustainable coffee, then Rise Coffee’s gourmet gift box could be just the thing. Every box contains two bags of either ground or whole bean coffee from some of the UK’s finest independent roasters. Rise Coffee particularly prides itself on being super eco-friendly, so even the box which the coffee arrives in is made of recycled cardboard.
How much: £19.99
Buy the Rise Coffee gourmet gift box at Not on the High Street

Artisan coffee gift set

What: You may be looking for a present for someone who is a big coffee drinker but doesn’t make much coffee at home. If that is the case, this artisan coffee gift set is a great introduction to home coffee brewing. As well as coming with two bags of premium brand ground coffee, the set also includes an espresso cup percolator, and a measuring scoop-cum-bag clip, meaning that whoever you give it to can get brewing straight away.
How much: £27.50
Buy the artisan coffee gift set at Etsy


Best coffee subscription services

If you're wanting to buy something a little bit different as a gift, why not treat someone to a coffee subscription? What coffee subscription services basically do is regularly deliver fresh coffee straight to your door, ensuring that you never run out. There are plenty of different services out there but these are a few of our favourites.

Rave Coffee subscription

What: Rave Coffee’s subscription service is all about simplicity, sustainability and affordability. Pick between traditional coffee, and discovery coffee and then say how you prefer to brew your coffee and you’re on the way. You can choose how much coffee you want to be delivered every month and there’s even the option of free gift wrapping. The coffee also comes with great little note cards which tell you about the origin and tasting notes.
How much: From £23.85 for a three month subscription
Sign up to the Rave Coffee subscription here

Union Coffee subscription

What: If you’re buying a subscription for someone who really knows their coffee, Union Coffee’s service could be just the one you’re looking for. Offering a huge range of speciality coffees, the flexible service allows you to either choose the exact coffee you want or have it chosen for you, with the option to have it delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. There’s also the choice to upgrade to the fine and rare plan which gives you access to particularly special coffees from micro lots.
How much: From £38.85 for a three month subscription
Sign up to the Union Coffee subscription here

Caravan Coffee Roasters subscription

What: Caravan has long been one of our favourite coffee shops in London, and now has multiple branches. However, it’s now added another string to its bow with a fantastic coffee subscription service. The ordering process is one of the easiest out there; simply choose from a selection of blends and decide how often you want the coffee to be delivered and you’re sorted. The fantastic quality of Caravan’s coffee is also undeniable.
How much: From £28.50 for a three month subscription
Sign up to the Caravan Coffee Roasters subscription here

Best flavoured coffee and coffee-flavoured food gifts

There are more and more companies these days making unusual flavours of coffee, as well as coffee-flavoured treats, both of which make lovely presents. These are some of our favourite flavoured coffee gifts and coffee-flavoured food gifts.

Whittard flavoured coffee gift set

What: It can be tricky to know what sort of flavours people like in their coffees as everyone tends to have quite specific preferences. That’s why this flavoured coffee gift set from Whittard of Chelsea is such a great option. Containing boxes of hazelnut, vanilla, amaretto and salted caramel flavoured coffee, you can be sure that whoever you choose to give it to will be a fan of at least one of these flavours.
How much: £16
Buy the flavoured coffee gift set at Whittard

Milk, dark, and white chocolate espresso beans

What: A bit of chocolate never fails to go down well as a present. So, what could be a better gift for coffee lovers, than these chocolate coated espresso beans? The crunchy beans come coated in either milk, dark or white chocolate and make the perfect after-dinner treat. These also make a great extra gift if you’re looking for something small to go alongside a bigger present.
How much: £6.50
Buy the milk, dark and white chocolate espresso beans at Whittard

Beanies flavour coffee

What: If you’re wanting to be a bit more adventurous with the flavours of coffee you’re buying someone, Beanies flavour coffee could be just the thing. Their jars of instant coffee come in all sorts of different flavours ranging from mint chocolate and toasted marshmallow all the way through to Jaffa Cake and sticky toffee pudding.
How much: £10 for four jars
Buy Beanies flavour coffee here

Luxury handmade Italian coffee chocolates

What: No one’s going to be complaining if they receive a box of chocolates which are as special as these. Coming elegantly packaged in a transparent cube box, there is an assortment of different coffee-flavoured chocolates inside, including espresso pearls which have a liquid coffee core, as well as coffee creams, and chocolate-coated coffee beans. This box is therefore bound to be a hit with any coffee lover.
How much: £12.50
Buy luxury handmade Italian coffee chocolates at Not on the High Street

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